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Mexico: Human rights defender kidnapped and tortured

Thailand: Free Somyot

UK: First employer lock-out in over 50 years

Colombia: End harassment of trade unionists

Iran: Stop the execution of Abdolreza Ghanbari

Egypt: Drop the charges against Kamal Abbas

Bahrain: Free jailed trade union leader Mahdi 'Issa Mahdi Abu Dheeb


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Friday 29 April 2016, 14:05:42

Top news stories from Egypt

Police Are Going After the Journalists Who Linked Them to Italian Student’s Murder [VICE] ActNOW! 2016-04-26

Reuters journalist investigated over Regeni report [Guardian] ActNOW! 2016-04-25

Reuters stands by its Regeni report, denies claims its bureau chief fled Egypt [DNE] ActNOW! 2016-04-25

'My right? What right?' New Study Sheds Light on Women’s Unpaid Work in Egypt [Egyptian Streets] 2016-04-12

Giulio Regeni et les disparitions forcées [Vif] ActNOW! 2016-04-06

Other labour news from Egypt

Regeni: arrestato consulente della famiglia , presidente del Cda della Commissione egiziana dei diritti e delle libertà [Repubblica ] 2016-04-27

Egyptisk minister rasar mot Reuters [Arbetet] 2016-04-25

Re geni , arrestata giornalista egiziana che indagò sul caso del ricercatore italiano [Il fatto quotidiano ] 2016-04-25

Egitto: gas lacrimogeni su proteste contro al- Sisi: fermati 35 reporter [Repubblica] 2016-04-25

Doctors Syndicate urges tougher penalties for attacks on hospitals, medics [Egypt Independent ] 2016-04-25

Regeni: in duecento a Cambridge per chiedere verità sull' omicidio [il fatto quotidiano ] 2016-04-23

Regeni: I verdiniani alla TV egiziana scagionano Al Sisi [HP] 2016-04-22

Visita lampo di Kerry in Egitto con omissis su Regeni [HP] 2016-04-22

Egitto, ecco perché Al-Sisi si accanisce contro i sindacati [RS] 2016-04-21

Regeni, vicecancelliere tedesco: 'Casi che preoccupano e spaventano [Repubblica] 2016-04-18

Mahalla Textile Workers Strike Demanding Overdue Salarie [Egyptian Streets] 2016-04-17

Nile Cotton Ginning Company workers on strike [Daily News Egypt] 2016-04-17

Sharm El Sheikh tourism workers lament loss of Tiran and Sanafir islands [Egypt Independent] 2016-04-17

Caso Regeni, Al Sisi scagiona i Servizi [Repubblica] 2016-04-13

Regeni, l'Egitto ipotizza apertura su consegna dei tabulati [Repubblica ] 2016-04-12

Regeni, anche l'ILO chiede spiegazioni [RS] 2016-04-12

Regeni preso in piazza Tahrir'. Ecco le prove contro la polizia egiziana [Repubblica ] 2016-04-11

Caso Giulio Regeni, fallita la collaborazione: è rottura tra Italia ed Egitto. Paolo Gentiloni richiama l'ambasciatore al Cairo [HP] 2016-04-08

Italy recalls ambassador from Egypt for talks about death of student [The Guardian] 2016-04-08

Giulio Regeni murder: Italy recalls ambassador to Egypt [BBC] 2016-04-08

Caso Regeni: fallito incontro con l' Egitto [La Repubblica ] 2016-04-08

Caso Regeni, l'incontro con la delegazione egiziana il 7 e 8 aprile a Roma [Repubblica ] 2016-04-04

Egyptian state takes on independent trade unions [Al-Monitor] 2016-03-31

La madre e il generale [HP] 2016-03-29

Investigation Extended into Death of Italian Student Following Pressure, Italy Says [Egyptian Streets] ActNOW! 2016-03-28

Dozens Demonstrate in Cairo Against Repassing Civil Service Bill [Egyptian Streets] 2016-03-24

Former (state-aligned) trade union leader sworn in as Minister for Manpower [Ahram Online] 2016-03-24

Regeni: procuratore egiziano : tutte le piste restano aperte [La Repubblica ] 2016-03-14

Giulio Regeni death: Italian prosecutor arrives in Egypt [Guardian] ActNOW! 2016-03-14

EU MPs condemns killing of Giulio Regeni in Egypt [Guardian] ActNOW! 2016-03-14

Is Egypt doing enough to counter widespread sexual harassment? [Al-Monitor] 2016-03-08

Conflict intensifies between Doctors Syndicate and Health Ministry [Egypt Daily News] 2016-03-07

PHOTO GALLERY: Women make their debut as attendants in Cairo's gas stations [Ahram Online] 2016-02-29

Lawyers Syndicate calls for strike to confront police crisis [DNE] 2016-02-29

Doctors’ Syndicate assembly decisions come into effect [DNE] 2016-02-29

Dozens of Cambridge University PhD students stage protest at Egyptian Embassy in Rome: Demand truth behind killing of Giulio Regeni [Egypt Independent] ActNOW! 2016-02-27

Why Egypt's doctors are losing their patience [Al-Monitor] 2016-02-27

Meet the Female Truck Driver Breaking Stereotypes in Egypt [Egyptian Streets] 2016-02-25

‘Worth 100 Girls’: Social Campaign Empowers Women With Unconventional Career Paths [Egyptian Streets] 2016-02-25

Rome sit-in to demand truth about Giulio Regeni's death [ANSA] ActNOW! 2016-02-25

Why was he killed? Brutal death of Italian student in Egypt confounds experts [The Guardian] ActNOW! 2016-02-24

Doctors Protest Lack of Police Accountability in Purported Assault On Doctors [Aswat Masriya] 2016-02-23

Massaal artsenprotest tart Egyptisch regime [socialisme.nu] 2016-02-22

Newspapers in Italy condemn Giulio Regeni espionage accusation [Egypt Independent] ActNOW! 2016-02-22

Doctors Hold Nationwide Demonstrations Calling for Trial of Matareya Police [Egyptian Streets] 2016-02-22

Federation of Egyptian Workers in Italy Says Killing Italian Student Aims to Create Tension Between Two Countries [ESIS] ActNOW! 2016-02-20

מחאה נדירה במצרים: רופאים נגד שוטרים [YNET] 2016-02-19

Doctors Syndicate prepares for Saturday protests in hospitals across Egypt [DNE] 2016-02-19

Recession-stricken Red Sea tourism workers get LE3 mn assistance from govt [Egypt Independent] 2016-02-19

Investigators from Italy await Egyptian report on Regeni case [DNE] ActNOW! 2016-02-19

By cracking down, Sisi risks a new uprising in Egypt [FT,com] ActNOW! 2016-02-19

AUC Students, Professors Mourn Death of Giulio Regeni Amid Concerns Over Academic Freedom [Egyptian Streets] ActNOW! 2016-02-19

Why the UK government should care about Giulio Regeni [THE] ActNOW! 2016-02-17

Armed guards, CCTV to be placed in hospitals [Middle East Eye] 2016-02-17

Des milliers de médecins manifestent contre la police [Quotidien] 2016-02-17

Mystery surrounds killing of Italian scholar studying trade unions [Al-Monitor] ActNOW! 2016-02-16

Interior Ministry denies arrest of Italian student before death [Egypt Independent] ActNOW! 2016-02-16

Journalists union calls for general assembly to review new media laws [Ahram Online] 2016-02-16

Salafi preacher calls on Cairo University hospital staff and students to disobey face veil ban [Ahram Online] 2016-02-16

Health minister says doctors' reaction to alleged police assault 'inconsiderate' [Ahram Online] 2016-02-16

Thousands of Egyptian Doctors Protest As Syndicate Holds Emergency Meeting Over Police Abuse [Egyptian Streets] 2016-02-16

Doctors' Syndicate chief accuses Al-Jazeera of 'fraud' [Egypt Independent] 2016-02-16

Researcher’s death in Egypt spurs calls for inquiry [Education International] 2016-02-15

Pensiga rivelado pri la morto de la itala studento en Kairo [http://fr.euronews.com] 2016-02-15

אלפי רופאים הפגינו בקהיר במחאה על אלימות המשטרה: דרשו את התפטרות שר הבריאות [אתר המפלגה הקומוניסטית הישראלית] 2016-02-15

Taxi drivers protest 'unfair competition' from Uber [Al-Monitor] 2016-02-15

Angered Cairo Taxi Drivers To File Lawsuit Against Uber, Careem [Egyptian Streets] 2016-02-13

Miloj da kuracistoj manifestacias kontraŭ la polico [www.lorientlejour.com] 2016-02-13

Flowers Laid for Murdered Italian Student Writing About Egyptian Union Movement [Egyptian Streets] ActNOW! 2016-02-09

Autopsy Reveals Giulio Regeni Suffered ‘Inhuman Violence’ in Egypt Killing [Egyptian Streets] ActNOW! 2016-02-09

Photojournalist Shawkan Transferred to Solitary Prison Cell, Hearing Postponed [Egyptian Streets] 2016-02-09

Egitto, la seconda vita dei sindacati indipendenti di Giulio Regeni [FIOM] 2016-02-08

Doctor's Syndicate leaders summoned by prosection over Matareya Hospital incident [Mada Masr] 2016-02-07

Journalist who wrote for Italian left-wing media about Egyptian trade unions murdered [ANSA] ActNOW! 2016-02-06

Doctors threaten strike [Al-Ahram] 2016-02-06

Matariya doctors threaten to submitt mass resignations [Aswat Masriya] 2016-02-05

Doctors Syndicate supports strike at hospital where police assaulted doctor [DNE] 2016-02-01

Professional syndicates continue confrontation with Interior Ministry [DNE] 2016-02-01

Interior Ministry suspends policemen over alleged attack against doctors [Egypt Independent] 2016-01-31

Doctors' Syndicate plans emergency meeting over alleged police 'assault' on 2 doctors [Egypt Independent] 2016-01-30

Civil Service Law’s fate uncertain amid push for reissuance [The Daily News] 2016-01-28

Three construction workers die in Alexandria after scaffolding fails [Ahram Online] 2016-01-12

65 Petrotrade workers suspended as strike escalates [Daily News Egypt] 2016-01-12

The Press Syndicate: Campaigning for freedom of expression [Al-Ahram] 2015-12-31

Aluminum Company workers stage protests against corruption [Egypt Independent] 2015-12-29

In video: Doctors syndicate protest demanding equal pay treatment for medicos in different sectors [DNE] 2015-12-24

Journalists' syndicate votes for disciplinary action against TV host Moussa [Ahram Online] 2015-12-22

President fake for Tourism Syndicate [http://tourismworkers.blogspot.com.eg/] For more info Image 2015-12-19

List of worst nations for jailing media workers puts China and Egypt on top [AFP] 2015-12-15

Journalists protest colleagues’ detention [DNE] 2015-12-10

6 Egyptian workers injured in restaurant fire in Amman [Egypt Independent] 2015-12-10

14 Palestinian workers lost in Gaza tunnel drowned by Egypt [PNN] 2015-12-09

Worker dies from smoke inhalation in Jordan [DNE] 2015-12-08

Govt accused of lobbying against independent trade unions in official bulletin [Egypt Independent] 2015-12-07

Journalists Syndicate launches campaign against journalists detention [Egypt Independent] 2015-12-05

18,000 members may lose jobs: tour guides union [Egypt Independent] 2015-11-28

Al-Shorouk newspaper journalists continue strike [Egypt Independent] 2015-11-22

Annual Gender Equality Report Ranks Egypt Tenth Worst [Egyptian Street] 2015-11-22

Public Transportation Authority drivers demand inclusion with Ministry of Transportation [Daily News Egypt] 2015-11-15

Attacks in Paris harms Egyptian tourism: Tourism workers [Daily News Egypt] 2015-11-15