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Mexico: Human rights defender kidnapped and tortured

Thailand: Free Somyot

UK: First employer lock-out in over 50 years

Colombia: End harassment of trade unionists

Iran: Stop the execution of Abdolreza Ghanbari

Egypt: Drop the charges against Kamal Abbas

Bahrain: Free jailed trade union leader Mahdi 'Issa Mahdi Abu Dheeb


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Sunday 14 February 2016, 21:52:24

Top news stories from Egypt

Flowers Laid for Murdered Italian Student Writing About Egyptian Union Movement [Egyptian Streets] 2016-02-09

Journalist who wrote for Italian left-wing media about Egyptian trade unions murdered [ANSA] 2016-02-06

Preachers demand end to precarious employment [DNE] 2016-01-08

55 trade unions submit memo to NCHR over restrictions [The Independent] 2015-12-23

Long time labour activist Abu-Eita defends himself against corruption allegations [Ahram Online] 2015-12-22

Other labour news from Egypt

Miloj da kuracistoj manifestacias kontraŭ la polico [www.lorientlejour.com] 2016-02-13

Autopsy Reveals Giulio Regeni Suffered ‘Inhuman Violence’ in Egypt Killing [Egyptian Streets] 2016-02-09

Photojournalist Shawkan Transferred to Solitary Prison Cell, Hearing Postponed [Egyptian Streets] 2016-02-09

Egitto, la seconda vita dei sindacati indipendenti di Giulio Regeni [FIOM] 2016-02-08

Doctor's Syndicate leaders summoned by prosection over Matareya Hospital incident [Mada Masr] 2016-02-07

Doctors threaten strike [Al-Ahram] 2016-02-06

Matariya doctors threaten to submitt mass resignations [Aswat Masriya] 2016-02-05

Doctors Syndicate supports strike at hospital where police assaulted doctor [DNE] 2016-02-01

Professional syndicates continue confrontation with Interior Ministry [DNE] 2016-02-01

Interior Ministry suspends policemen over alleged attack against doctors [Egypt Independent] 2016-01-31

Doctors' Syndicate plans emergency meeting over alleged police 'assault' on 2 doctors [Egypt Independent] 2016-01-30

Civil Service Law’s fate uncertain amid push for reissuance [The Daily News] 2016-01-28

Three construction workers die in Alexandria after scaffolding fails [Ahram Online] 2016-01-12

65 Petrotrade workers suspended as strike escalates [Daily News Egypt] 2016-01-12

The Press Syndicate: Campaigning for freedom of expression [Al-Ahram] 2015-12-31

Aluminum Company workers stage protests against corruption [Egypt Independent] 2015-12-29

In video: Doctors syndicate protest demanding equal pay treatment for medicos in different sectors [DNE] 2015-12-24

Journalists' syndicate votes for disciplinary action against TV host Moussa [Ahram Online] 2015-12-22

President fake for Tourism Syndicate [http://tourismworkers.blogspot.com.eg/] For more info Image 2015-12-19

List of worst nations for jailing media workers puts China and Egypt on top [AFP] 2015-12-15

Journalists protest colleagues’ detention [DNE] 2015-12-10

6 Egyptian workers injured in restaurant fire in Amman [Egypt Independent] 2015-12-10

14 Palestinian workers lost in Gaza tunnel drowned by Egypt [PNN] 2015-12-09

Worker dies from smoke inhalation in Jordan [DNE] 2015-12-08

Govt accused of lobbying against independent trade unions in official bulletin [Egypt Independent] 2015-12-07

Journalists Syndicate launches campaign against journalists detention [Egypt Independent] 2015-12-05

18,000 members may lose jobs: tour guides union [Egypt Independent] 2015-11-28

Al-Shorouk newspaper journalists continue strike [Egypt Independent] 2015-11-22

Annual Gender Equality Report Ranks Egypt Tenth Worst [Egyptian Street] 2015-11-22

Public Transportation Authority drivers demand inclusion with Ministry of Transportation [Daily News Egypt] 2015-11-15

Attacks in Paris harms Egyptian tourism: Tourism workers [Daily News Egypt] 2015-11-15

Journalists union defends media's right to criticism following Sisi's complaints [Ahram Online] 2015-11-04

Mahallah Workers End Strike, After Written Guarantee of Demands [Egyptian Streets] 2015-11-03

Striking worker threatens suicide in protest in front of Journo Syndicate [Cairo Post] 2015-11-02

Alexandria textile company employees strike over delayed salaries [Egypt Independent] 2015-11-02

Journalists' Syndicate to hold conference on forced disappearance Monday [Egypt Independent] 2015-11-02

Mahalla workers end strike as govt promises resolution [Egypt Independent] 2015-11-02

Ten-day strike ends, Egypt's Mahalla workers return to work [Albawaba] 2015-11-02

Textile workers’ strike enters 10th day [MEMO] 2015-11-01

Mahala Spinning and Textile workers resume open strike over bonuses [Cairo Post] 2015-11-01

Govt to disburse 10% bonus to public business sector workers, excludes protesting workers [Egypt Independent] 2015-10-31

Mahalla textile workers say will continue strike on Saturday [Ahram Online] 2015-10-31

Ultimatum Expires but Mahallah Workers Continue Strike [Aswat Masriya] 2015-10-30

TeN TV channel employees strike [DNE] 2015-10-30

Port Said engineering company workers demand annual bonus [Egypt Independent] 2015-10-30

Mahallah Strike Continues, Cracks Between Management and Striking Workers Appear [Aswat Masriya] 2015-10-28

More textile workers join strike over absent bonus [Egypt Independent] 2015-10-27

Le Syndicat australien demande à l'Egypte d'étendre son pardon [FIJ] 2015-09-24

Le SCFP demande justice pour Mohamed Fahmy [SCFP] 2015-09-11

CUPE demands justice for Mohamed Fahmy [CUPE] 2015-09-09

Social security workers protest civil service law [Ahram Online] 2015-09-07

Strike called for Oct 1: Low salaries root cause of unrest in health sector [Daily News Egypt] 2015-09-07

Arab World unions shape first climate change plans [ITF] 2015-09-02

Policemen back to work [al-Aharam] 2015-08-31

Govt workers in fresh protests over civil service law [Egypt Independent] 2015-08-28

A look at the protest campaign by low-ranked police officers [Ahram Online] 2015-08-28

Teacher Union calls on members to protest against new Civil Service Law [Egypt Independent] 2015-08-25

Cops call off sit-in protest over working conditions [Ahram Online] 2015-08-25

Police strike demanding better working conditions [Aswat Masriya] 2015-08-25

Muslim Brotherhood behind strike by hundreds of lower ranks cops: Security source [Ahram Online] 2015-08-24

Public sector workers call for million man protest against civil service law [The Daily News] 2015-08-24

Striking Police Officers Storm Sharqiya’s Security Directorate, Clash With Riot Police [Egyptian Streets] 2015-08-23

Achieving a balance between the rights of employees and employers is the aim of a draft new labour law [al-Aharam] 2015-08-20

Civil servants up in arms [al-Aharam] 2015-08-20


Egypt’s anti-terrorism law muzzles freedom of expression [Equal Times] 2015-08-18

New labour law in Egypt [Zawya] 2015-08-15

Govt insists on implementing new civil service law despite big worker protests [Ahram Online] 2015-08-12

Lawyers union to appeal 25 year terms for members in 'insulting judiciary' case [Ahram Online] 2015-08-12

Following big public sector worker protests, Finance Minister says law achieves 'justice' by linking bonuses to productivity [Ahram Online] 2015-08-12

Dozens of ceramic factory workers protest factory closure [Egypt Independent] 2015-08-12

Head of Journalists Syndicate demands investigation of police violations [Egypt Independent] 2015-08-12

Workers protest civil service law in one of the largest street action since 2013 [Mada Masr] 2015-08-12

Hundreds of Egypt's tax authority employees protest 'unjust' civil service law [Ahram Online] 2015-08-11

Gvt employees at state-controlled Customs and Tax Authorities demand Minister of Finance’s resignation [Daily News Egypt] 2015-08-11

Civil servants protest law they fear will cut ranks [Associated Press] 2015-08-11

5 die in Shubra factory fire, 3 in 6th October factory fire [Mada Masr] 2015-08-10

10 people died while working on new Suez Canal: Health minister [Ahram Online] 2015-08-08

63 minor injuries during New Suez Canal celebrations [Daily News Egypt] 2015-08-08

The 41,000 pillars of the New Suez Canal [Daily News Egypt] 2015-08-08

History Repeats Itself [Africa in Fact] 2015-08-01

Doctors Syndicate asks for arrest powers in medical violations [Ahram Online] 2015-07-29

Fire kills dozens in Egypt factory [Daily News Egypt] 2015-07-29

Sacked cement workers demand reinstatement [Egypt Independent] 2015-07-21

Tax workers concerned over new civil service law [Daily News Egypt] 2015-07-21

Dozens Detained Secretly [HRW] 2015-07-21

Cairo drops two-year jail penalty for journalists in proposed anti-terror law [Guardian] 2015-07-16

Journalists' syndicate says new anti-terror law will curtail press freedoms [Ahram Online] 2015-07-06

Labor Minister denies additional conditions for Egyptian workers [Egypt Independent] 2015-07-06

Union centre collects 1.5 mill signatures withdrawing confidence in Manpower Minister [Egypt Independent] 2015-07-06

Journalists' Syndicate rejects counter-terrorism bill [Egypt Independent] 2015-07-06

2,000 workers in Misr-Iran Company temporarily suspended: Labour groups [DNE] 2015-07-01

Over 45,000 quarry workers may be suspended: Syndicate leader [DNE] 2015-06-29

Unprecedented Number of Journalists Behind Bars in Egypt - Watchdog [rFI] 2015-06-27

Maximum wage law has yet to be applied in Egypt [Al-Monitor] 2015-06-26

Family of detained journalist call for Iftar protest at Egypt’s press syndicate [Ahram Online] 2015-06-25

Company breaches agreement with ministry, disburses 10-month bonus to workers [Egypt Independent] 2015-06-25

Journalists' union: 'Mansour must not be extradited' [Deutsche Welle] 2015-06-23

IFJ welcomes release of veteran al-Jazeera reporter from detention in Germany [IFJ] 2015-06-23

KCTU and other union activists tand in solidarity with Egyptian detainees [Daily News Egypt] 2015-06-20