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Mexico: Human rights defender kidnapped and tortured

Thailand: Free Somyot

UK: First employer lock-out in over 50 years

Colombia: End harassment of trade unionists

Iran: Stop the execution of Abdolreza Ghanbari

Egypt: Drop the charges against Kamal Abbas

Bahrain: Free jailed trade union leader Mahdi 'Issa Mahdi Abu Dheeb


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Friday 25 April 2014, 06:59:27

Top news stories from Egypt

From Cairo to Suez, Egypt workers defy government with labor strikes [The Post] 2014-04-11

Independent worker unions pose challenge to Sisi [WSJ] 2014-03-28

Alexandria transport workers launch partial strike [The Daily News] 2014-03-09

Strike by 6,000 workers at Ceramica Cleopatra enters 2nd week [IndustriALL Global Union] 2014-03-07

Cargill attaque les droits syndicaux [UITA] 2014-03-04

Other labour news from Egypt

Defiant Egypt Workers Pose Challenge to Next President [Naharnet] 2014-04-23

Injury of journalists raises questions on job safety [Daily News Egypt] 2014-04-16

Journalists Syndicate head calls for a freeze in field coverage after two journalists were shot and injured while covering clashes at Cairo University [Ahram Online] 2014-04-15

New investment law ignites controversy [Ahram Online] 2014-04-15

Toujours soumis au lock-out, les travailleurs de Cargill tiennent bon [UITA] 2014-04-13

Локаут на «Cargill» продолжается, но рабочие не сдаются [IUF] 2014-04-13

Egyptian photojournalists go on strike, demand better security [Ahram Online] 2014-04-08

Why a 1950s Egyptian Film Is More Relevant than Ever [Reelpolitik] 2014-04-08

Al Jazeera calls for release of journalists detained in Egypt [Al Jazeera America] 2014-04-08

Journalists mark 100 days since arrests of Al Jazeera Three [NUJ] 2014-04-07

Massive strike wave poses dilemma for Al-Sisi [In Defence of Marxism] 2014-04-05

Death of female Al-Dostour journalist stirs controversy over journalist safety [Daily News Egypt] 2014-03-31

State-backed trade union federation backs El-Sisi: Official [Ahram Online] 2014-03-28

Égypte : Les organisations de droits humains s’élèvent contre les peines de mort collectives [Equal Times] 2014-03-27

Egypt: human rights groups rally against mass death sentences [Equal Times] 2014-03-26

Police arrest Alexandria workers as strikes continue nationwide [libcom] 2014-03-26

Cairo central distribution point joins postal workers strike [The Daily News] 2014-03-26

Suez residents lambast postal worker strike [The Daily News] 2014-03-25

‘70%’ of Postal Authority workers striking nationwide: Union leader [The Daily News] 2014-03-24

Striking doctors and pharmacists take on government [MENA] 2014-03-20

Alexandria bus and tram workers suspend strike [Ahram] 2014-03-19

Doctors refuse Egyptian PM's request to suspend strike The partial strike will continue, although talks between doctors' representatives and the cabinet will start on Monday [Ahram Online] 2014-03-18

Doctors refuse cabinet's request to suspend strike [Daily News] 2014-03-18

Tell Cargill to stop its anti-worker attacks [UFCW] 2014-03-13

L'escalade des grèves et leurs conséquences [NPA] 2014-03-11

Alexandria public transport workers strike [Ahram Online] 2014-03-09

מצרים צועדת 
על קיבתו של הצבא [הארץ] 2014-03-07

Engineers Assembly to boycott Engineers’ Syndicate elections [Daily News Egypt] 2014-03-07

В Суэце бастуют работники керамической компании [IndustriALL] 2014-03-06

Huelga de trabajadores de la cerámica en Suez [IndustriALL] 2014-03-06

Grève des travailleurs de la céramique à Suez [IndustriALL] 2014-03-06

Strikes sweep Egypt; Cargill locks out then fires workers [Left Labor Reporter] 2014-03-05

Les grèves continuent de plus belle [Mediapart] 2014-03-05

Public buses resume as workers end strike [Ahram Online] 2014-03-04

Teachers’ Syndicate takes legal action against Ministry of Education undersecretary and Fayoum governor [Daily News Egypt] 2014-03-04

Head of Textile Workers’ Union proposes initiative to halt strikes [Daily News Egypt] 2014-03-04

Cargill attacks workers' rights in Egypt [IUF] 2014-03-04

Strikes sweep Egypt as economy struggles [The Financial Times] 2014-03-03

המשטר המצרי דורש להפסיק את השביתות - 'להגביר את הייצור' [אתר המפלגה הקומוניסטית הישראלית] 2014-02-28

Succès historique de la grève des médecins et professions de santé [NPA] 2014-02-27

שלוש שנים לאחר המהפכה, למצרים עדיין אין תוכנית אב כלכלית שתתווה את הדרך ליציאה מן המשבר הכלכלי החמור שבו היא שרויה [דה מרקר] 2014-02-27

L'amorce de grève générale fait tomber le gouvernement [NPA] 2014-02-26

Face aux grèves et à Al-Sissi, le gouvernement démissionne [Courrier International] 2014-02-25

Egypts public transport workers strike for 3rd day [El-Ahram] 2014-02-25

Doctors strike back with escalatory decisions [The Daily News] 2014-02-23

La grève des ouvriers du textile s'étend peu à peu [Inprecor] 2014-02-22

Strikes for higher wages spread [The Gleaner] 2014-02-22

Doctors' union member referred to prosecution by health minister over strike call [Ahram Online] 2014-02-21

PHOTO GALLERY: Mahalla textile workers' strike enters eleventh day [Ahram Online] 2014-02-21

In Mahalla: Striking workers insist on CEO's removal [Ahram Online] 2014-02-21

Egypt Urged to Free Al Jazeera Journalists [Tempo] 2014-02-21

NUJ demonstrates outside Egyptian embassy as journalists are accused of spreading false news [UnionNews] 2014-02-19

Delegation of spinning and weaving workers to meet with Minister of Investment [The Daily News] 2014-02-19

IFJ Backs UK Protest to Demand Release of Journalists Jailed in Egypt [IFJ] 2014-02-18

Mahalla textile workers’ strike enters eighth day [Daily News Egypt] 2014-02-18

The renationalisation of Tanta Flax returns it to public sector [Ahram Online] 2014-02-17

Cops occupy head office after their union demands ignored [Egypt Independent] 2014-02-17

Spinning and weaving workers at Kafr Al-Dawar strike in solidarity with Mahalla workers [Daily News Egypt] 2014-02-17

Thousands of workers strike at two Mahalla textile factories [Daily News Egypt] 2014-02-17

Decision to allocate LE157 million to meet the financial demands of textile workers has not convinced the Mahalla worker [Al-Ahram] 2014-02-15

IndustriALL demande au gouvernement égyptien de répondre aux demandes des grévistes [IndustriALL] 2014-02-13

IndustriALL призывает правительство Египта отреагировать на требования бастующих [IndustriALL] 2014-02-11

La IndustriALL pide al Gobierno egipcio que responda a las demandas de los huelguistas [IndustriALL] 2014-02-11

Sidang 20 wartawan di Mesir akan dimulai [BBC Indonesia] 2014-02-11

Strike at Egypts largest public textile factory [El-Ahram] 2014-02-11

Mona Mina resigns as secretary-general of Egypts' Doctors sundicate [El-Ahram] 2014-02-10

Doctors syndicate and health ministry dispute strike numbers [Ahram Online] 2014-02-07

Union studies Health MInistry decree on doctors' pay [Ahram Online] 2014-02-07

#FreeAJstaff: ‘If you silence one journalist, you silence all of us’ [Daily Maverick] 2014-02-06

Al-Sissi est-il le prochain président de l’Égypte ? [Equal Times] 2014-02-05

פעילת איגוד מקצועי: המשטר המצרי משלה את עצמו שניתן לרסן את העם [אתר המפלגה הקומוניסטית הישראלית] 2014-02-05

Journalists urge freedom for Al Jazeera staff [AJ] 2014-02-05

Journalists protest Egypt jailing of Jazeera colleagues [CNA] 2014-02-05

Video of Al-Jazeera journalists arrested in Egypt released [Press Gazette] 2014-02-04

Is Abdel Fattah al-Sisi Egypt's next president? [Equal Times] 2014-02-04

Rights groups condemn Egypt over Jazeera crew trial [Ahram Online] 2014-02-01

Charges against Australian Al Jazeera journalist Peter Greste in Egypt are vague, United Nations says [Radio Australia] 2014-02-01

Journalist Peter Greste may face trial in Egypt on 'false news' charges [Fairfa Media] 2014-01-30

IFJ Demands Release of Al Jazeera Journalists Referred to Trial in Egypt [IFJ] 2014-01-30

Four foreign and 16 Egyptian Aljazeera journalists face charges that include belonging to a terrorist organisation [Ahram Online] 2014-01-30

‘Marriott Cell’ members referred to criminal court [Egypt Independent] 2014-01-30

Press Syndicate demands an end to crackdown on journalists [Daily News Egypt] 2014-01-30

Al Jazeera employees accused of creating ‘terrorist media network’ [Daily News Egypt] 2014-01-30

20 Al-Jazeera journalists on trial in Egypt [Associated Press] 2014-01-30

Peter Greste: Journalist's 2nd letter smuggled from Cairo prison [Fairfax Media] 2014-01-30

Al Jazeera journalist Peter Greste's case referred to Egyptian criminal court [Radio Australia] 2014-01-30

All Egyptian journalists arrested Saturday released: Press Syndicate Board Member [Daily News Egypt] 2014-01-27

Imprisoned Australian journalist smuggles out letter to tell world of plight [Fairfax Media] 2014-01-26

Peter Greste: Egypt detention is 'attack on press freedom' [BBC] 2014-01-26

Why Tunisia’s Transition to Democracy Is Succeeding While Egypt Falters [Truth Dig] 2014-01-26

Conditions deteriorate for Egypt’s journalists [Daily News Egypt] 2014-01-26

Cops disperse anti-military, anti-Brotherhood protestors outside Journalists Syndicate office [Ahram Online] 2014-01-26


La révolution égyptienne a-t-elle trahi les travailleurs ? [Equal Times] 2014-01-24

26 labour protests during the first half of January: ECESR [Daily News Egypt] 2014-01-24

Journalist faces two years without charge in Cairo jail [The Times] 2014-01-24

Egypt extends detention of Australian Al Jazeera journalist Peter Greste [ABC] 2014-01-24

Has Egypt's revolution failed workers? [Equal Times] 2014-01-23

מדוע קראנו להצביע לאו במשאל העם על החוקה במצרים [הגדה השמאלית] 2014-01-21

Parents of Australian journalist detained in Egypt call for release [ABC] 2014-01-21