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Mexico: Human rights defender kidnapped and tortured

Thailand: Free Somyot

UK: First employer lock-out in over 50 years

Colombia: End harassment of trade unionists

Iran: Stop the execution of Abdolreza Ghanbari

Egypt: Drop the charges against Kamal Abbas

Bahrain: Free jailed trade union leader Mahdi 'Issa Mahdi Abu Dheeb


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Sunday 26 April 2015, 17:40:10

Top news stories from Egypt

Workers at Egypt’s limestone quarries risk amputation at one of the world’s most dangerous jobs [news.com.au] 2015-04-14

Media reacts after Egypt reporter brings child to work [Al-Arabiya] 2015-04-11

1,000 workers at Ain Sokhna port on strike [Egypt Independent] 2015-03-26

Workers worried new drive for investment will benefit business over labor [Egypt Independent] 2015-03-14

600 workers on strike in Suez demanding profit share [The Independent] 2015-03-11

Other labour news from Egypt

‘Work conditions compare favourably in market’: AUC on workers’ strike [DNE] 2015-04-22

AUC workers on strike against administration [Egypt Independent] 2015-04-20

EGAS workers strike over ‘discrimination’ [The Daily News] 2015-04-19

1,700 Construction Company workers strike over unpaid salaries [Daily News Egypt] 2015-04-17

Rights groups condemn firing 480 workers [Egypt Independent] 2015-04-17

IFJ calls for the release of 13 journalists sentenced to life imprisonment and one to death in Egypt [IFJ] 2015-04-17

La FIJ demande la libération de 13 journalistes condamnés à la réclusion à perpétuité et d'un autre journaliste condamné à la peine de mort [FIJ] 2015-04-15

PM Underlines Value of Work, Greets Workers On May Day [Egypt State Information Services] 2015-04-14

Government working on resolving the issues of hampered factories: Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb [Daily News Egypt] 2015-04-13

Powder-covered workers toil in Egypt’s quarries [Saudi Gazette] 2015-04-13

Journalists Syndicate campaigns for release of jailed media workers [Ahram Online] 2015-04-12

עובדי מחצבות הגיר במצרים [הארץ] 2015-04-07

Powder-covered workers toil in Egypt's quarries [Times Union] 2015-04-06

Civil services law expected to displace workers: Revolutionary Socialists [Daily News Egypt] 2015-03-30

Quarter of Alexandria bakeries halt work over pay delay [Ahram Online] 2015-03-28

Teachers protest in front of education ministry, demanding contracts [Cairo Post] 2015-03-25

Steel workers protest in Suez [Steel Guru] 2015-03-18

Labour rights undermined to attract investment: Rights campaign [The Daily News] 2015-03-16

Workers fear repeat of past woes in investment drive [Associated Press] 2015-03-14

Workers Fear Repeat of Past Woes in Investment Drive [The Times] 2015-03-12

Are Egypt's women really better off under Sisi? [Al-Monitor] 2015-03-08

Why Egyptian workers are endangered in Libya [Al-Monitor] 2015-03-07

Court to decide on appeals against postponement of Press Syndicate elections [Daily News Egypt] 2015-03-03

Court releases Al Jazeera journalists Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed but case not dismissed [Radio Australia] 2015-02-13

Independent union files 4 lawsuits to prevent the disassociation of Telecom Egypt from Vodafone [Daily News Egypt] 2015-02-11

Australian journalist freed from Egyptian prison; fight continues for colleagues [IFJ] 2015-02-06

Jobless and Desperate, Egyptians Risk All in Perilous Libya [JG] 2015-01-30

'Old People Are Not Revolutionaries!' Labor Struggles Between Precarity and Istiqrar in a Factory Occupation in Egypt [Jadalliya] 2015-01-26

La portée de la grève à l’aciérie géante d’Helwan [NPA] 2015-01-25

Al-Masry Al-Youm reporters referred to criminal court [Egypt Independent] 2015-01-23

Mahalla textile workers waiting after gov’t promise to pay late bonuses [The Post] 2015-01-20

Trade unionists, journalists and academics condemn confiscation of activists’ assets [MENA Solidarity Network] 2015-01-18

Mahalla Textile Factory Strike Continues [Sourcing Journal] 2015-01-17

Mahalla textile workers’ strike enters 2nd day [Daily News Egypt] 2015-01-16

Tax authority workers union vows to stop sending notifications until ministry meets demands [The Daily News] 2015-01-13

New trial offers hope for Al-Jazeera three [NUJ] 2015-01-02

Foreign minister promises support for Federation of Arab Journalists [Daily News Egypt] 2015-01-01

Press Syndicate chairman’s controversial statements shed light on press dilemma [Daily News Egypt] 2015-01-01

4 Killed, 35 Injured in Scaffold Collapse in Central Sinai [Asway Masriya] 2014-12-29

Long hard year in Egyptian jail - an anniversary Peter Greste didn't want [Fairfax Media] 2014-12-29

Al Jazeera America to mark the year anniversary of the arrest of their journalists [Middle East Monitor] 2014-12-28

Dozens injured and killed as scaffold falls in Sinai cement factory [Egypt Independent] 2014-12-28

Accident at Sinai cement factory leaves eight dead, 45 injured [Albawaba] 2014-12-28

Five dead so far in Sinai cement factory accident: Health Ministry [Ahram Online] 2014-12-28

Over half a million Egyptians offered work contracts abroad: Manpower Ministry [DNE] 2014-12-24

Scent of freedom. Al-Jazeera journalists might be home for Christmas [Al Ahram Weekly] 2014-11-30

UN to Expand Food Aid in Fight Against Child Labour [Thomson Reuters Foundatiom] 2014-11-30

Egyptian ironworkers suspend all production [Egypt Independent] 2014-11-25

Iron workers stop all production making massive demands on bosses [Egypt Independent] 2014-11-24

Lawyers union: Judge terrorizing attorneys [Ad Hoc News] 2014-11-22

Federation of Trade Unions condemns arrest of syndicate leader [Egyptian Daily News] 2014-11-17

Alexandria nurses threaten further strikes [Daily News] 2014-11-15

Journalists Syndicate to file claim against Mortada Mansour [Egypt Independent] 2014-11-15

Cairo Airport unionist investigated for Facebook posts [Ahram] 2014-11-12

Prosecution investigates deaths following nurses’ strike in Alexandria [Daily News Egypt] 2014-11-10

Arrest ordered for striking Alexandria medical workers [Egypt Independent] 2014-11-10

Sinai - offer for Egypts barnearbeid [LO] 2014-11-05

Doctors Syndicate warns of hosting African Nations Cup because of Ebola [Egypt Independent] 2014-10-27

Work conditions in Egyptian public sector better than private businesses: Report [Ahram Online] 2014-10-10

The obliteration of civil society in Egypt [Open Democracy] 2014-10-07

الباعة الجائلين [http://www.altahrir.com/] 2014-09-30

Trade union rights campaigners condemn police torture of workers [MENA Solidarity Network] 2014-09-26

המו'מ בדואר תקוע: עיצומים הבוקר גם בבתי המשפט [כלכליסט] 2014-09-21

Египетские профсоюзы борются за повышение минимальной зарплаты [IndustriALL] 2014-09-18

Los sindicatos egipcios luchan por salarios dignos [IndustriALL] 2014-09-18

Les syndicats égyptiens se battent pour un salaire vital [IndustriALL] 2014-09-18

Electoral coalitions, including unions, gear up for uncertain parliamentary elections [The Daily News] 2014-09-14

Egyptian Union Continues to Advance with Global Support [Talking Union] 2014-09-06




Around 2000 Misr-Iran Textile Workers Go On Strike [Asway Masriya] 2014-08-25

Central Security Forces go on strike in Ismailia [Daily News Egypt] 2014-08-25

Doctors’ Syndicate to take action against non-payment of dues [Daily News Egypt] 2014-08-25

Renforcement des capacités en Égypte [IndustriALL] 2014-08-21

Creación de capacidad en Egipto [IndustriALL] 2014-08-21

Профсоюзы наращивают потенциал в Египте [IndustriALL] 2014-08-21

L’UITA et Mondelez se félicitent de la résolution du conflit à Alexandrie [UITA] 2014-08-14

Former Press Syndicate chairman’s detention appealed [Daily News Egypt] 2014-08-05

International Support Enables Union Victory in Egypt [Talking Union] 2014-08-05

IUF and Mondelez International welcome the settlement of the Alexandria Egypt dispute [IUF] 2014-08-05

Jailed journalists say they will appeal [RTÉ] 2014-07-25

Maximum wages announced, regulations show no exemptions [Daily News Egypt] 2014-07-24

Executive interference in drafting media laws is inadmissible: Press Syndicate [Daily News Egypt] 2014-07-13

Maximum wage to be applied by end of July [Egypt Independent] 2014-07-12

Bank Workers Embark On Strike [Ventures Africa] 2014-07-11

Microbus drivers concerned over petrol price hikes [Ahram] 2014-07-06

Labor and the State [The Epoch Times] 2014-07-05

South Korean trade unions condemn repression in Egypt [MENA] 2014-07-01

Peter Greste jailed: Australian journalists deliver letter to Egyptian consulate calling for Al Jazeera reporter's release [ABC] 2014-06-30

NUJ shows solidarity with journalists jailed in Egypt [NUJ] 2014-06-28

Protesters demand Egypt embassy act over jailing of al-Jazeera journalists: union presses Tánaiste to summon Cairo’s ambassador amid international outrage [irishtimes.com] 2014-06-27

COSATU condemns the arrests and persecution of journalists and political activists [Cosatu] 2014-06-27

Stand up for freedom in Egypt: Release the Al-Jazeerah 3 [Socialist Aotearoa] 2014-06-27




In Pictures In Pictures: #FreeAJstaff [AlJazeera] 2014-06-25

Journalists protest over al-Jazeera trio [BBC] 2014-06-25

CMG condemns outrageous conviction of Canadian journalist Fahmy [CMG] 2014-06-24