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Mexico: Human rights defender kidnapped and tortured

Thailand: Free Somyot

UK: First employer lock-out in over 50 years

Colombia: End harassment of trade unionists

Iran: Stop the execution of Abdolreza Ghanbari

Egypt: Drop the charges against Kamal Abbas

Bahrain: Free jailed trade union leader Mahdi 'Issa Mahdi Abu Dheeb


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Tuesday 26 September 2017, 18:12:56

Top news stories from Egypt

CTUWS condemns the arrest of trade unions and workers’ leaders and requests their immediate release [CTUWS] 2017-09-25

La raison d’État avant la justice pour Giulio Regeni [Orient21] 2017-08-31

Draft bill would target Brotherhood workers in EgypT [Al-Monitor ] 2017-08-28

Four workers referred to trial for attempted call to strike [The Independent] 2017-08-22

16,000 Mahalla spinning and weaving workers end strike [The Independent] 2017-08-21

Other labour news from Egypt

Caso Regeni. i frutti malati della realpolitik italiana [Il Manifesto ] 2017-09-25

Egitto : forze di polizia e servizi scatenati contro i lavoratori e le loro lotte [Contro la crisi ] 2017-09-22

Un après la mort de Giulio Regeni, retour à la normale entre Italie et Egypte? [rfi] 2017-09-06

Durante (Cgil), impossibili rapporti normali con l'Egitto [RS] 2017-09-05

Regeni, Alfano: 'L'Egitto è partner ineludibile dell'Italia' [La Repubblica] 2017-09-04

Hundreds of Spinning and Weaving Company workers move sit-in to Giza’s Talaat Harb Square [Egypt Independent ] 2017-08-16

Textile workers go on strike in Egypt's Mahalla over salary raise [Ahram Online] 2017-08-15

وقائع ما جرى فى جنيف [CTUWS] 2017-06-15

Report on the Violations of Trade Unions’ Freedoms:In the Darkness of the Tunnel , January to June 2017 [CTUWS] 2017-06-08

HRW: New law will crush civil society [Human Rights Watch] 2017-06-08

Solidarity with the Tora Cement Workers [CTUWS] 2017-06-06

'في النفق الـمعتم' تقرير حول انتهاكات الحريات النقابية من يناير حتى يونيو 2017‎ [CTUWS] 2017-06-05

Report on the pros and cons of Egypt's new labour law [Zawya] 2017-06-03

על רקע התסיסה הגוברת: המשטר המצרי מצר צעדיהם של פעילים חברתיים [המפלגה הקומוניסטית הישראלית] 2017-06-02

Community dialogue over new Labour laws to start [DNE] 2017-05-27

Empowering Egyptian women by turning homes into factories [Al-Monitor] 2017-05-25

Al Nasr For Weaving and Textiles Fires a worker for the Crime of Conducting a Poll [CTUWS] 2017-05-17

Des attaques incessantes contre les droits des travailleurs et des syndicalistes [amnesty] 2017-05-03

Labour Day 2017: Workers in Egypt still call for their rights [dailynewsegypt] 2017-05-02

Finance Ministry to add 10% social allowance to workers' salaries from May [Egypt Independent ] 2017-04-27

Egypt makes progress on new labour laws: ILO country director [dailynewsegypt] 2017-04-20

Festival del giornalismo, i genitori di Regeni: 'Cambridge rompa il silenzio' [La Repubblica] 2017-04-08

Caso Regeni, l'immobilismo dell'Egitto: 'Ora intervenga tutta l'Europa' [La Repubblica] 2017-04-03

Stunning images show life as an Egyptian limestone worker [Green Prophet] 2017-04-03

Против оправданных судом лидеров профсоюза работников IFFCO заведены новые уголовные дела [IUF] For more info Image 2017-03-15

21 striking IFFCO workers acquitted by Suez appeals court [MadaMasr] 2017-03-13

HRW: Egypt stifling the right to strike [Middle East Monitor] 2017-03-13

A-Z of progress and setbacks for Egyptian women between two international women’s days [Mada Masr ] 2017-03-09

IWD - Steps forward achieved in Egypt, but big challenges remain [Abram Online] 2017-03-09

Répression d’une grève des travailleurs du textile – signe d’un durcissement en Égypte [Equal Times] 2017-03-01

Represión de una huelga textil: signo de los tiempos que corren en Egipto [Equal Times] 2017-03-01

Workers Charged Over Protests [allAfrica] 2017-02-10

Workers at Egypt's Mahalla El-Kobra end strike, production resumes [Abram Online] 2017-02-09

IFFCO не пускает лидеров профсоюза на предприятие [IUF] For more info Image 2017-02-08

3,000 workers go on strike in Egypt's Mahalla [Abram Online] 2017-02-08

IFFCO инициирует уголовные дела против членов независимого профсоюза [IUF] For more info Image 2017-02-04

Media- Act Now!.. A Labour solidarity Film with IFFCCO workers [CTUWS] 2017-02-01

Regime continues to squash January 25 Revolution demands [Egypt Independent] 2017-01-30

Cambridge students take to the streets to demand justice for Giulio Regeni [Cambridge News] 2017-01-27

Egitto, 6 anni dopo la piazza Tahrir.Chi ne fu coinvolto lavora alla prossima rivoluzione. [La Repubblica] 2017-01-27

La société civile se mobilise en Italie pour réclamer la vérité sur la torture et l'assassinat de l'étudiant italien au Caire [Libé] 2017-01-26

La notte dei sindacati egiziani. Con Kamal Abbas, fondatore CTUWS [Radioart1] 2017-01-26

Letter to Excellency Mr. Prime Minister in solidarity with IFFCCO Workers- Signatories [CTUWS] 2017-01-23

Daqahleya governor refers 240 hospital employees to investigation over absence during inspection visit [DNE ] 2017-01-18

Pharmacists Syndicate postpones partial strike after call from presidency [DNE] 2017-01-18

Court postpones Press Syndicate leaders’ appeal against imprisonment, final verdict on 25 February [DNE] 2017-01-18

IFFCO Workers Face Court After the Management, Security and The General Union United Against Them [CTUWS] 2017-01-16

'We Want to Live' campaign holds conference to challenge 'harsh economic policies' in Egypt [Ashram Online] 2017-01-15

Consolidating Repression Under al-Sisi [HRW] 2017-01-15

عمال «إفكو للزيوت» يروون تفاصيل اقتحام الأمن للشركة وإحالة 27 منهم للمحاكمة في 15 يوما.. والتهمة: الإضراب [CTUWS] 2017-01-11

اجتماع لجنة الدفاع عن الحريات النقابية 10-1-2017 [CTUWS] 2017-01-11

Sisi ratifies law establishing first ever media workers’ syndicate [Egypt Independent ] 2017-01-07

بلد الممنوع والوقوع في خانة ”اليك“ - تقرير حول انتهاكات الحريات النقابية ديسمبر 2016 [CTUWS] 2017-01-04

Country of the Forbidden and Being Squeezed in the Corner- Report of Violations Against the Freedom of Trade Unions, December 2016 [CTUWS] 2017-01-04

فض اعتصام عمالي بالقوة [CTUWS] 2017-01-03

A Labour Sit In is Forcibly Dispersed [CTUWS] 2017-01-03

The dilemma of Egypt’s public wages from Abdel Nasser to Al-Sisi [DNE] 2017-01-02

1st female certified bodyguard breaks gender barriers in Egypt [Al-Monitor] 2017-01-02

Call to free Al-Jazeera producer [IFJ] 2016-12-30

Giulio Regeni:' la segnalazione del sindacalista era già nota'. Intanto i rapporti Italia-Egitto si normalizzano [Il fatto quotidiano ] 2016-12-29

Caso Regeni, il leader degli ambulanti: «Ho denunciato io Giulio, faceva troppe domande» [Corriere della Sera] 2016-12-29

Regeni: il capo del sindacato egiziano degli ambulanti confessa: sono stato io a consegnarlo all'Interno [Il fatto quotidiano ] 2016-12-29

Il capo del sindacato degli ambulanti: 'Orgoglioso di avere denunciato Regeni' [L'Espresso] 2016-12-28

Egitto, promulgata legge che supervisiona la stampa [La Repubblica] 2016-12-27

Al-Jazeera producer arrested in Egypt for 'broadcasting false news': Interior ministry [Ahram Online] 2016-12-26

Regeni, il Cairo indaga su due poliziotti accusati di omicidio [Repubblica] 2016-12-09

In Egitto continua la repressione contro gli attivisti per i diritti umani. L'ultimo caso segnalato da Amnesty, quello di Azza Soliman [Internazionale] 2016-12-09

מצרים: ראשי העיתונאים נשלחו למאסר; א-סיסי תומך בנשיא ארה'ב הימני הנבחר [אתר המפלגה הקומוניסטית הישראלית] 2016-11-25

رسالة حملة الدفاع عن الحريات النقابية إلى اجتماع الاتحاد العربى للنقابات المنعقد فى تونس [CTUWS] 2016-11-24

Message from the campaign to defend Trade Union Freedoms (Egypt) to the Arab Trade Union Confederation (ATUC) [CTUWS] 2016-11-24

Le président du syndicat de la presse condamné à deux ans de prison [Monde] 2016-11-20

Court finds members of the journalists union guilty of sheltering fugitives [Ma'an News Agency] 2016-11-20

Eighty Thousand Join Ranks of Unemployed in 3rd Quarter of 2016 - Capmas [Aswat Masriya] 2016-11-17

À bas la répression contre les salariés des chantiers navals ! [NPA] ActNOW! 2016-11-01

ח'כ חנין על מותו של הנער בגבול מצרים: החלשים הם הנפגעים הראשונים של ההפרטה [אתר המפלגה הקומוניסטית הישראלית] 2016-10-28

Egitto: la collera di un popolo contro il regime nella denuncia di un tassista di ' tuk tuk' [La Repubblica ] 2016-10-24

«Ma vie n’était rien mais maintenant je me sens forte» [OIT] 2016-10-11

Regeni per noi è un eroe. Parla Kamal Abbas, segretario Ctuws Egitto [Radio Articolo 1] 2016-10-10

International Solidarity From CCOO with the Navy shipyard workers [CTUWS] 2016-10-03

Where Are Our Children?! [CTUWS] 2016-10-01

International Solidarity with the Navy shipyard workers [CTUWS] 2016-09-29

A Serious Development that is Cause for Worry.. The Cairo Criminal Court Rules for the Freezing of the Funds of Five Human Rights Workers and Three Organizations [CTUWS] 2016-09-29

مؤتمر صحفي لأهالي عمال النقل العام المقبوض عليهم [CTUWS] 2016-09-29

إيقاف عامل اكسون موبيل عن العمل لمدة شهرين [CTUWS] 2016-09-29

تضامن دولى مع عمال الترسانة البحرية [CTUWS] 2016-09-29

خبر عاجل/ التقدم ببلاغ للنائب العام بشأن إلقاء القبض على 6 من عمال هيئة النقل العام [CTUWS] 2016-09-29

اختطاف قيادات عمالية [CTUWS] 2016-09-29

تطور خطير ومثير للقلق.. محكمة جنايات جنوب القاهرة تقضى بالتحفظ على أموال خمسة حقوقين وثلاثة منظمات [CTUWS] 2016-09-29

نداء: تضامنوا مع عمال الترسانة البحرية [دار الخدمات النقابية والعمالية CTUWS] 2016-09-21

A Call: Solidarity with the Shipyard Docks [CTUWS] 2016-09-21

Court session for removal of Press Syndicate barricades set for 18 October [DNE] 2016-09-11

Violations against freedoms reach highest levels under Al-Sisi rule: AFTE [DNE] 2016-09-11

La police a enquêté sur l’étudiant italien assassiné, avant sa disparition [jeune afrique] 2016-09-09

Egitto : processo militare contro ventisei operai accusati di aver scioperato nei cantieri navali di Alessandria [Contro la crisi ] 2016-09-08

Egitto: solidarietà con gli operai processati [FIOM] 2016-09-07

Press Syndicate Freedoms Committee demands medical release for detained journalists [DNE] 2016-09-03

Revolutionary Council Urges Workers to Participate in Civil Disobedience [Ikhwan Web] 2016-09-03

Solidarity with Alexandria shipyard workers and Egypt's threatened lawyers [Egypt Solidarity Initiative] 2016-08-23

Egypt: 282 unionists dismissed in less than two months for their union activities [Arab Trade Union Confederation] 2016-08-16

Débat autour de la liberté syndicale [Al-Ahram] 2016-08-10