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Swedish Metalworkers Union Pledges 1 Million Kronen to the victims in S E Asia

The natural disaster in the South-East Asian region claimed tens of thousands of victims. Metall’s union committee has subsequently decided to donate SEK 1M (100 000 euro) towards helping the victims. The donation will be divided between the Red Cross and Radiohjälpen respectively.
The committee has also recommended Metall’s local offices donate SEK 3 per member towards the victims of the natural disaster in the region. If the local offices follow the recommendations, a further SEK 1M(100 000) will be generated towards helping the relief efforts.
Metall would like to strongly encourage union organisations across the globe to follow their lead in providing these devastated regions and people with donations towards the massive relief effort.

For more information, contact Juhani Kulo at Swedish Metalworkers union.
Cellphone +46705840694

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