English list grows, manual unsubscribes, and who’s the sender (continued)

I’ve just added addresses of new subscribers to the list who came through the Oak Harbor campaign. The total in the last few days is 199 which is a nice gain. This is for the English list only.

I also spent some time today going through 26 emails I’ve recently received from people asking me to either unsubscribe them, subscribe them, or change their addresses. Yes, people can do all of this themselves, but I’ve long followed a policy of doing this for individuals when asked.

The results are always the same — only a few of the people are on the list because between when they email me and when I get around to unsubscribing them, they figure out how to do it themselves. Or it turns out that they are not on our mailing list at the address they think and I can’t find them. It’s time consuming, but it’s important to keep people happy.

It still surprises me how many of our 57,000 subscribers write to me personally, asking me to note their change. This sense of being a small community will eventually change. What will happen when we have a million subscribers?

Finally, following upon the advice given to me by Nick Holden from Unionlists, I’ve now gone into every one of our mailing lists and changed the email address from which messages are sent. It should no longer mention unionlists and from now on, in all lists, come from LabourStart <ericlee@labourstart.org>.

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