We close the Hanjin campaign

With the agreement of the IMF, we’re today closing the Hanjin campaign – which was not one of our largest, having gotten only 3,160 supporters. ¬†However, this campaign – like all others in the last 4 months – has gotten a considerably greater amount of attention on Facebook (644 recommendations), thanks to the prominent placing of a Facebook ‘recommend’ link on the campaign page.

Campaigns earlier in the year that got considerably more support (such as Bangladesh: Free Moshrefa Mishu, Pakistan: Reinstate sacked trade union leader at Syngenta, Mexico: Defend trade union rights, and Chile: Government Reneges on Mine Safety Standards; Demand Reform) all got far fewer recommendations on Facebook.

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  • Isn’t the logic behind Facebook recommendations to bring in more signatures? Can’t see how they actually put pressure on a company or government especially in low numbers.

    Facebook recommendations aren’t internationalized.

    The Facebook group has 4709 members, nearly as many as UnionBook, without promotion. We need a policy on our Facebook presence!

    Comment | October 15, 2011
  • Exactly – we use FB as a tool to draw in supporters for the real campaign. Companies do not see, or care, how many people recommend a campaign.

    As for the FB group, at the moment we let people join up freely, some use it, many (probably most) never look at it again. From time to time, we use it as another mailing list, though I’m fairly certain the vast majority of people there are on our real mailing list as well.

    It is growing, as you point out, but not as fast as UnionBook.

    Our FB group has gone up from 3,814 a year ago to 4,709 now, a growth of less than 900, just shy of 25%.

    UnionBook however has gone up from 2,082 a year ago to 4,555 today – more than doubling in size, a gain of nearly 2,500.

    So UnionBook is growing considerably faster than our group on FB.

    Comment | October 16, 2011

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