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Ghana Transport Ministry starts negotiation to get workers back 2016-09-17 [Pulse]

Ghana Railway workers to demonstrate after strike 2016-09-16 [Ghanaweb]

Ghana ECG concession will protect workers for 5 years- MiDA 2016-09-15 [Citi FM]

Ghana EC staff demand 50% of salary as allowance, free fuel 2016-09-15 [Ghanaweb]

Ghana GES teachers declare indefinite strike from Monday Sept 12 2016-09-14 [Ghana web]

Ghana Sacking ‘inefficient’ ECG staff is ‘wrong’ – PUWU to ACEP 2016-09-13 [Citi FM]

Ghana NLC summons Transport Minister over railway workers' intended strike 2016-09-13 [Ghanaweb]

Ghana Building workers power for decent work and Chana's national development 2016-09-10 [Stronger Unions]

Ghana Government urged to save ailing power firm amid strike 2016-09-09 [The News]

Ghana Railway workers suspend intended strike 2016-09-09 [Ghanaweb]

Ghana Railway Workers to strike 2016-09-06 [Pulse]

Ghana PUWU concerns over ECG privatization yet to be addressed 2016-09-02 [Citi FM]

Ghana ECG workers begin two-day strike over privatization 2016-09-02 [The Statesman]

Ghana Don’t Sell ECG – Group Warns Gov’t 2016-09-01 [Peace FM]

Ghana Power Ministry to meet PUWU over ECG privatization 2016-08-31 [Citi FM]

Ghana ECG Workers Appeal To President 2016-08-31 [The News]

Ghana ‘ECG privatization’ won’t lead to lay-offs – MiDA 2016-08-31 [Citi FM]

Ghana Mantrac Ghana sacks 70 workers 2016-08-29 [Ghanaweb]

Ghana Day 3 of ECG workers' strike: Consumers denied service 2016-08-26 [Joy]

Ghana ECG workers threaten nationwide blackout 2016-08-26 [GBN]

Ghana Striking ECG workers to face sanctions - Power Ministry 2016-08-25 [Ghanaweb]

Ghana President assures ECG employees 2016-08-20 [ESI]

Ghana Anthony Yaw Baah elected new TUC General Secretary 2016-08-13 [StarrFM]

Ghana CLOGSAG unsure of strike’s end, waiting on MOU with Gov’t 2016-08-13 [Ghanaweb]

Ghana Ghana Gas workers to lay down tools over BOST takeover 2016-08-11 [Pulse]

Ghana Extend Maternity Leave to Six Months 2016-08-10 [The Chronicle]

Ghana Mining workers dismiss reports on strike action 2016-08-09 [Ghanaweb]

Ghana Ignore Jinapor, we’re still on strike – VRA staff 2016-08-06 [Citi FM]

Ghana 300 Petroleum Workers Set To Lose Jobs 2016-08-04 [Peace FM]

Ghana Mid-year budget review: Give us hope – GAWU 2016-07-25 [Ghanaweb]

Ghana Workers of Ghana's state broadcaster stage protest, threaten strike 2016-07-22 [Africa News]

Ghana GCAA workers deny sabotaging domestic airlines 2016-07-16 [Ghanaweb]

Ghana Pharmacists call for resolution of service condition issues- threaten strike by July 20 2016-07-14 [The Graphic]

Ghana Aviation workers' strike to hit International operations if... 2016-07-12 [Joy]

Ghana Accra floods again. And again. And… 2016-07-06 [Equal Times]

Ghana Disabled public, civil workers threaten strike 2016-06-27 [Ghanaweb]

Ghana ECG workers kick against privatization 2016-06-24 [NewsGhana]

Ghana Dangote workers in Tema protest against low salaries 2016-06-18 [Citi FM]

Ghana Tema Shipyard workers petition Mahama over ECO 2016-06-02 [GhanaWeb]

Ghana JUSAG 'using election year to hold gov’t to ransom' 2016-05-21 [Joy]

Ghana Tema Shipyard Workers Call for Gpha Take Over 2016-05-20 [The Chronicle]

Ghana KATH workers want probe into alleged misuse of GHC92,000 union dues 2016-05-20 [Ghanaweb]

Ghana Halt ECG Privatisation- Trade Unions 2016-05-19 [Peace FM]

Ghana Workers of COCOBOD protest against Dr Opuni 2016-05-14 [YEN]

Ghana COCOBOD workers affirm support for Opuni after ICU demo 2016-05-13 [Ghanaweb]

Ghana Union says Mahama must walk the talk on ECG privatisation 2016-05-02 [Joy]

Ghana COCOBOD workers fire ICU, GAWU 2016-04-26 [Ghanaweb]

Ghana Worker put in chains by Italian supervisor 2016-04-10 [Concord]

Ghana Ghana: DSWU Capacity Building Workshop 2016-04-06 [Vicky Kanyoka]

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