Halting workplace sexual abuses – The life story of a domestic worker

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Savanna Cement Company (SAVACEM) workers at Buipe up in arms against management 2019-02-17 [GhanaWeb]

Water delivery system under threat – GWCL workers warn 2019-01-29 [Ghanaweb]

Halting workplace sexual abuses – The life story of a domestic worker 2019-01-18 [Ghanaweb]

Investigative Journalist shot dead 2019-01-18 [IFJ]

Freedom and wages returned after seven years of hell 2019-01-05 [ITF]

UNICOF women give to sick children 2019-01-01 [GNA]

Ghanaian women urged to resist discriminatory practices at workplaces 2018-12-14 [GBN]

Resist discriminatory practices at workplaces - Women urged 2018-12-14 [Ghanaweb]

Education Minister did not verbally abuse CETAG members 2018-12-06 [Ghanaweb]

Support public services institutions to improve service delivery - PSWU 2018-12-01 [Business Ghana]

Support public services institutions to improve service delivery - PSWU 2018-11-29 [GNA]

Women are most likely to be affected by violence in the workplace, but we are all victims 2018-11-25 [GBN]

Mortuary Workers to Go On Strike 2018-11-12 [Peace FM]

Mortuary workers to strike tomorrow 2018-11-12 [Ghana Web]

KNUST: UTAG threatens November 19 strike ‘until further notice’ 2018-11-09 [Ghanaweb]

KNUST Imbroglio: KNUST TEWU declare 'indefinite strike' over government's new position 2018-11-07 [Ghanaweb]

KNUST: Government ‘undemocratic’ on Governing Council constitution - TEWU 2018-11-04 [Ghanaweb]

We’re not returning to the classroom until the council is restored – UTAG 2018-10-30 [Ghanaweb]

Minority slams gov’t “kneejerk reaction” to KNUST saga; backs UTAG strike 2018-10-30 [My Joy]

UTAG-KNUST’s strike threat is illegal – USAG 2018-10-30 [Ghanaweb]

Government gives in; includes UTAG, TEWU on KNUST interim council 2018-10-28 [Ghanaweb]

GRASAG Commends Gov't; Calls On UTAG To Call Off Strike 2018-10-28 [Peace FM]

KNUST saga: Kumasi chapter of UTAG strike in protest of gov’t action 2018-10-27 [My Joy]

How can National Cathedral be ‘priority among priorities’? – TUC rejects President’s position 2018-10-16 [Ghanaweb]

TOR Workers Fear Refinery Shut Down 2018-10-15 [Peace FM]

MUSIGA holds 1st biennial conference 2018-10-11 [Ghanaweb]

PMMC staff call off strike after meeting with MD, Board members 2018-10-07 [Ghanaweb]

PMMC Calms Down Workers Following Alleged Scandals 2018-10-07 [Modern Ghana]

Domestic Workers Call For Passage Of Labour Regulation 2018-09-29 [Modern Ghana]

Tanker Drivers Continue Industrial Action 2018-09-26 [Peace FM]

Tanker drivers call off intended strike 2018-09-25 [Ghanaweb]

Teacher Unions Meet on Privatization of Education 2018-09-05 [Business Ghana]

About 300 Consolidated Bank Staff Run To ICU 2018-08-22 [Modern Ghana]

GNAT plans to withhold future pension funds from NPRA 2018-08-22 [Ghanaweb]

GNAT to go hard on government over delays in releasing tier two funds 2018-08-20 [Ghanaweb]

Doctors, nurses at Tamale Teaching Hospital suspend strike 2018-08-17 [Ghanaweb]

We’re okay with Amewu substitution – VRA workers 2018-08-12 [Ghanaweb]

Government Confident NAGRAT Won’t Strike Over Pension Fears 2018-08-12 [Modern Ghana]

ICU goes to the rescue of staff of defunct banks 2018-08-11 [My Joy]

PSI holds workshop on Tax Justice 2018-08-10 [PSI]

Mineworkers Smashes Gov't Over Adherence To 8 Hours Working Schedule 2018-08-07 [Modern Ghana]

VRA staff angry over new power deal, say 15-yr extension needless 2018-07-30 [My Joy]

VRA Senior Staff Oppose New AMERI Deal 2018-07-29 [Modern Ghana]

Massive Dismissals Hit Metro Mass 2018-07-29 [Modern Ghana]

We won’t pay 1% NHIS levy: Labour unions tell government 2018-07-14 [Ghanaweb]

UNIWA Appeals To AMA For Access To Space 2018-07-14 [Modern Ghana]

Norwegian oil company to collaborate with Ghanaian unions 2018-07-13 [IndustriALL]

How collective action can bring about change to young urban women 2018-07-11 [Equal Times]

Kinaphama locks out agitated workers trying to form union 2018-06-29 [Ghanaweb]

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This month in labour history

18-02-2010 Sex workers in Accra, Ghana in the Commercial Workers' Union were fighting to collectively raise their prices in response to high inflation. [more]