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Bahamas Laville Challenges Union To Provide Proof Of Claims 2015-10-23 [Tribune 242]

Bahamas Water Workers Want GM Fired 2015-10-16 [The Journal]

Bahamas General Post Office Back To Normal Today After Closure 2015-09-25 [Tribune 242]

Bahamas Laws Considered To Enforce Deduction Of Union Dues From Salaries 2015-09-25 [Tribune 242]

Bahamas 'Workers at Water and Sewerage Corporation ink new labour agreement' 2015-08-29 [Bahama Island Info]

Bahamas 'Utilities Union Signs Five-Year Agreement With Water And Sewerage ' 2015-08-28 [Tribune]

Bahamas Court Crushes Union Over Melia Gratuities 2015-07-18 [Tribune 242]

Bahamas 140 Btc Staff Get Extra Time Before Losing Jobs 2015-07-01 [Tribune 242]

Bahamas Union President Dismisses Btc's Security Concerns Amid Layoffs 2015-06-27 [Tribune 242]

Bahamas Union Backtracks On Position Over Ocean Club Job Cuts 2015-05-30 [Tribune 242]

Bahamas Melia Injunction Remains In Place After Adjournment In Gratuities Row 2015-05-02 [Tribune 242]

Bahamas Injured Container Port Worker Hits Out At 'Unfair Treatment' 2015-05-02 [Tribune 242]

Bahamas 10 Jobs To Go In Ocean Club Renovations; Union Seeks Meeting With Pm 2015-04-25 [Tribune 242]

Bahamas Act Enforcement Key To Union Recognition 2015-04-10 [Tribune 242]

Bahamas Tuc Leader Urges Fight For Industrial Agreements 2015-04-09 [Tribune 242]

Bahamas Air Traffic Union Waits To Decide Easter Action 2015-04-03 [Tribune 242]

Bahamas 'Teachers Union Again Suspends Its President' 2015-04-01 [Tribune]

Bahamas 'Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) to make workers redundant' 2015-04-01 [Nassau Guardian]

Bahamas Union Alarm As Envoy Air Lay Off 47 Employees 2015-03-28 [Tribune 242]

Bahamas Miller Wants Bec Privatised 2015-03-24 [Tribune 242]

Bahamas Btc And Unions To Meet Again On Separation Packages 2015-02-28 [Tribune 242]

Bahamas Union To Meet Btc Executives Over Cuts 2015-02-26 [Tribune 242]

Bahamas Pm To Meet Btc Ceo Over Layoffs 2015-02-21 [Tribune 242]

Bahamas Grand Bahama Immigration Offices Closed Due To “Mould Contamination” 2015-02-21 [Tribune 242]

Bahamas 'Sick Outs' Close Doors On Stores 2015-02-21 [Tribune 242]

Bahamas Miller Sues President Of Bec Union For Defamation 2015-02-07 [Tribune 242]

Bahamas Union Boss: Cable Staff Set To Take Strike Vote 2015-02-04 [Tribune 242]

Bahamas Hotel Union Says Injunction's Extension Just A Stalling Tactic 2015-01-24 [Tribune 242]

Bahamas Hotel Union Holds Strike Vote Against Meliá 2015-01-17 [Tribune 242]

Bahamas Hotel Union’S Strike Vote ‘Green Light’ 2015-01-16 [Tribune 242]

Bahamas Strike Vote Considered Amid Gratuities Row With Melia 2015-01-15 [Tribune 242]

Bahamas 'Hotel union wants strike vote' 2015-01-14 [Nassau Guardian]

Bahamas Melia’S Xmas Eve Injunction Bars All Union Action 2015-01-06 [Tribune 242]

Bahamas Union Chief: Bec Overtime Well-Deserved 2014-12-06 [Tribune 242]

Bahamas Govt meeting with The Customs, Immigration and Allied Workers Union postponed 2014-12-06 [The Weekly]

Bahamas Tourism Fears For Visitor Experience On Airport Queues 2014-11-29 [Tribune 242]

Bahamas Work-To-Rule Ended By Bec Union 2014-11-29 [Tribune 242]

Bahamas Demonstration Expected Today By Hundreds Of Bec Workers 2014-11-26 [Tribune 242]

Bahamas Air Traffic Union Highlights Failure To Establish Safety Committee 2014-11-26 [Tribune 242]

Bahamas Bec Union 'Will Strike' If Miller Fails To Honour Deal 2014-11-25 [Tribune 242]

Bahamas Baha Mar Lay-Offs Show How Bahamian Worker 'Compromised' 2014-11-19 [Tribune 242]

Bahamas Union Ordered By Court To Pay Injunction Costs 2014-10-08 [Tribune 242]

Bahamas 'Pinder urges customs, immigration union to join BahamasPublic Service Union' 2014-09-24 [Nassau Guardian]

Bahamas 'It Was Never Tuc's Intention To Shut The Country Down' 2014-09-19 [Tribune 242]

Bahamas Pinder Accuses Rival Union President Of Misleading His Members 2014-09-13 [Tribune 242]

Bahamas Disruption Affects Airport As Workers Take Action 2014-09-12 [Tribune 242]

Bahamas National strike today says tuc For more info 2014-09-11 [Tribune 242]

Bahamas Bahamas customs and immigration ,nurses unions take strike action 2014-09-11 [Tribune 242]

Bahamas Trade union congress calls stirke 2014-09-11 [nassau guardian]

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