Morton Salt Suffers 40 Staff Sick-Out

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Morton Salt Suffers 40 Staff Sick-Out [Tribune 242] 2019-02-09

Unions Give Pm Month To Avoid ‘National Strike’ [Tribune 242] 2018-12-05

Nurses Threaten – 'We Won't Turn Up' [Tribune 242] 2018-11-03

Utility union threatens strike over ‘foreign hires’ [Caribbean News Now] 2018-09-05

BPL union chief to CEO: apologize to staff [Eyewitness News] 2018-08-27

Unions: BPL Mismanaged [Eyewitness News] 2018-08-13

Wsc Union Threatens Action Over Reported Plan To Dismiss Workers [Tribune 242] 2017-12-24

Union To Announce It Will Represent Bahamas Waste Staff [Tribune 242] 2017-12-07

Post Office Workers Strike [The Journal] 2017-11-14

Union Leader Doubts Govt Will ‘Acquiesce’ To More Labour Reform [Tribune 242] 2017-03-25


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Morton Salt Suffers 40 Staff Sick-Out 2019-02-09 [Tribune 242]

Grand Lucayan Line Staff Receive Severance Deals 2019-02-08 [Tribune 242]

Ferguson confident govt. will honor payouts to Lucayan managers 2019-02-08 [Eyewitness News]

Morton Salt Employees Plan To Strike 2019-01-28 [The Journal]

'‘Stop Giving Us The Runaround’: Nurses Allege Deliberate Bid To Delay Strike' 2018-12-12 [Bahamas Tribune]

‘Strike Vote At School Must Be Certified’ 2018-12-12 [Tribune 242]

'Doctors claim progress in talks with govt' 2018-12-07 [Nassau Guardian]

'Nurses have no outstanding issues with PHA, minister says' 2018-12-06 [Nassau Guardian]

'Senior doctors end industrial action' 2018-12-06 [Nassau Guardian]

'Still no progress in Atlantis dispute, union leader says' 2018-12-05 [Nassau Guardian]

'PM dismisses nat’l strike threat' 2018-12-05 [Nassau Guardian]

'Nurses vote to strike Union says enough is enough' 2018-12-05 [Nassau Guardian]

Union pleased with Grand Lucayan VSEPs 2018-12-05 [Eyewitness News]

Minnis Meeting With Unions Falls Flat 2018-12-05 [Tribune 242]

Union heads: PM meeting was simply a “courtesy call” 2018-12-05 [Eyewitness News]

Unions Give Pm Month To Avoid ‘National Strike’ 2018-12-05 [Tribune 242]

Christian Council President: Mediators must step in to calm union unrest 2018-11-30 [Eyewitness News]

PM to meet with unions on Monday 2018-11-30 [Eyewitness News]

Labour officials addressing hotel union’s issues 2018-11-21 [Eyewitness News]

Morton Salt workers to strike 2018-11-21 [Eyewitness News]

Morton Salt Union 'Insulted' By Offer 2018-11-17 [Tribune 242]

Morton Salt Workers To Stage Strike Vote 2018-11-17 [The Journal]

'Women Are Prostituting Themselves To Pay Light Bill' 2018-11-16 [Tribune 242]

Nurses Threaten – 'We Won't Turn Up' 2018-11-03 [Tribune 242]

'Director of labor hopes to bring resolution to nurses’ dispute' 2018-11-02 [Nassau Guardian]

'Nurses, PHA standoff continues' 2018-11-02 [Nassau Guardian]

Nurses Arrange Meeting Over New Shift System 2018-10-27 [Tribune 242]

Consultants ‘On Hold’ Amid Bpl Union Uproar 2018-09-06 [Tribune 242]

Union Chief Claims Bpl Hired 50 Foreign Workers 2018-09-05 [Tribune 242]

Utility union threatens strike over ‘foreign hires’ 2018-09-05 [Caribbean News Now]

BPL union “ready for war” over foreign labour 2018-09-05 [Eyewitness News]

Final Warning: Union Boss Threatens Bpl Chief 2018-08-27 [Tribune 242]

BPL union chief to CEO: apologize to staff 2018-08-27 [Eyewitness News]

'Govt Purchase Of Hotel Will Help Union Members' 2018-08-23 [Tribune 242]

Unions: BPL Mismanaged 2018-08-13 [Eyewitness News]

Union Calls For Wsc Chiefs To Go 2018-07-14 [The Tribune]

Bahamasair reservations department shutdown put on hold 2018-07-06 [Eyewitness News]

RBC employees want union 2018-05-29 [Eyewitness News]

Woods supports to NHI 2018-05-28 [Eyewitness News]

'Strike Imminent For Nurses Union' 2018-05-08 [Bahama Journal]

Union Chief Slams 'Travesty' Of Wto Meeting Exclusion 2018-04-18 [Tribune 242]

Wsc Management Union 'Clarifies Statements' About Low Morale 2018-03-17 [Tribune 242]

'Bahamas Union of Teachers (BUT) threatens industrial action' 2018-03-15 [Nassau Guardian]

Trump ambassador pick faced complaints from female workers: report 2018-02-18 [The Hill]

Labour Minister meets with BHC&AWU 2018-01-27 [The Weekly]

Wsc And Union In 'Good Faith' Talks 2018-01-13 [Tribune 242]

Wsc Union Threatens Action Over Reported Plan To Dismiss Workers 2017-12-24 [Tribune 242]

Labour Minister Ro Rule On Bahamas Waste Strike 2017-12-20 [Tribune 242]

Waste Workers Strike Threat For Christmas 2017-12-10 [Tribune242]

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