Wsc Union Threatens Action Over Reported Plan To Dismiss Workers

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Wsc And Union In 'Good Faith' Talks 2018-01-13 [Tribune 242]

Wsc Union Threatens Action Over Reported Plan To Dismiss Workers 2017-12-24 [Tribune 242]

Labour Minister Ro Rule On Bahamas Waste Strike 2017-12-20 [Tribune 242]

Waste Workers Strike Threat For Christmas 2017-12-10 [Tribune242]

Sanitation workers protest hazardous conditions 2017-12-08 [The Journal]

Union To Announce It Will Represent Bahamas Waste Staff 2017-12-07 [Tribune 242]

'Union Leader Concerned At Lay-Offs In Public Sector' 2017-11-28 [Tribune]

'Nib Staff In Protest Over Pay Delays' 2017-11-28 [Tribune]

Post Office Workers Strike 2017-11-14 [The Journal]

Union Chief Backs Plans To Raise Salaries Of Mps 2017-11-09 [The Tribune]

Bpl Workers File Affidavits Over Dismissal By Company 2017-09-01 [Tribune 242]

Sacked Bpl Staff ‘Shown No Evidence’ 2017-08-29 [Tribune 242]

Union: Bpl Suspensions A Sideshow 2017-08-25 [Tribune 242]

Union Chief Demands Work Permit Freeze Over Govt Austerity 2017-08-04 [Tribune 242]

'BPSU Stands with Post Office Employees' 2017-07-31 [Bahama Journal]

Bpl ‘Critical’ Without New Equipment 2017-05-30 [Tribune 242]

Industrial Action By Bahamas Air Traffic Controllers 2017-04-16 [The Weekly]

Union Leader Doubts Govt Will ‘Acquiesce’ To More Labour Reform 2017-03-25 [Tribune 242]

Union Chiefs Slam Govt Proposal For Strike Poll Obstacle 2017-01-28 [Tribune 242]

Kfc Managers Take Strike Vote 2017-01-14 [Tribune 242]

Container Port Lays Off 20 Workers 2016-12-15 [Tribune 242]

Unions Unite To Speak Out Over Layoffs At One&Only Ocean Club 2016-12-10 [Tribune 242]

'Repair Bpl Hurricane Damage' Or Union Strikes 2016-12-07 [Tribune 242]

Call To Force Banks To Allow Employees To Join Union 2016-12-06 [Tribune 242]

Ocean Club Workers’ Union Seeks Financial Assistance for Members 2016-12-03 [Tribune 242]

Strike Threat If Pm Does Not Address March Issues 2016-12-03 [Tribune 242]

Unions Call On Workers To Support Black Friday March 2016-11-24 [Tribune 242]

Union Leader Calls For Workers To Vote In Their Own Interests 2016-11-15 [Tribune 242]

'Unions Warn Members To ‘Get Ready For Battle’ Over Nolle Prosequi Issue' 2016-09-29 [Tribune]

'Union leaders declare war - NCTUB, TUC demand changes to labor laws' 2016-09-29 [Nassau Guardian]

New 'Bahamas leaks' highlight poisoned revolving door between big business and politics 2016-09-26 [PSI]

Govt’S Sandals Directive Takes Workers ‘Pre-1958’ 2016-09-21 [Tribune 242]

Miller: Unions Preventing Quality Utility Supplies 2016-08-31 [Tribune 242]

Unions Threaten ‘Shut Down’ Over Sandals 2016-08-26 [Tribune 242]

Rental Generators Arrive To End Load Shedding 2016-08-20 [Tribune 242]

Plot Revealed In Sandals Closure 2016-08-09 [The Journal]

Sandals Accused Of 'Union Busting' With Threatened Closure 2016-08-06 [The Tribune]

BPL's CEO Meets Briland's Business Community - Island Manager blames Multiple Issues for Extensive Blackout 2016-07-28 [The Eleutheran]

‘B.P.L. Needs $800m To Solve Long-Term Power Problems’ - Union 2016-07-25 [Tribune 242]

One year later no electricity supply business plan 2016-07-25 [Caribbean News Now]

Labour Director Weighs In On Sandals Saga After Arrests 2016-07-19 [The Journal]

NCTUB on the passing of Sister Nelerene “Nell” Harding 2016-05-17 [The Weekly]

Labour Director stops strike vote 2016-04-14 [The News]

Pm Slams Strike Threat At Grand Lucayan Hotel 2016-03-19 [Tribune 242]

PM Not Pleased with Rumours of Strike Actions 2016-03-18 [The Weekly]

Grand Lucayan Facing Strike ‘Any Day Now’ 2016-03-17 [Tribune 242]

Powersecure Pledges Bahamas Dedication Amid ‘A Team’ Demand 2016-03-01 [Tribune 242]

Union President Bemused By ‘Premature’ Miller Attack 2015-11-07 [Tribune 242]

Laville Challenges Union To Provide Proof Of Claims 2015-10-23 [Tribune 242]

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