Govt and public sector unions sign wage increase deal

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Police and govt initial pay deal 2018-12-25 [STA]

Employers urged to raise pay, engage in talks on new bargaining agreements 2018-12-06 [STA]

Govt and public sector unions sign wage increase deal 2018-12-04 [STA]

Police suing government over strike restrictions 2018-11-22 [STA]

Govt reaches strike-averting agreement with three trade unions 2018-11-20 [STA]

Unhappy with pay talks, police mulling stepping up strike 2018-11-15 [STA]

Judiciary workers on strike, work virtually undisturbed 2018-11-06 [STA]

Judiciary workers announce go-slow for 5 November 2018-10-28 [STA]

Health and social care staff joins strike wave 2018-10-25 [STA]

Token strike held in medical device maker Tik 2018-09-22 [STA]

Token strike to be held in medical device maker Tik 2018-09-21 [STA]

More than half of Štore Steel workers stage token strike 2018-06-30 [STA]

Rail union suspends strike 2018-06-19 [STA]

Wages at Štore Steel to increase after strike threat 2018-06-13 [STA]

Rail workers on strike 2018-06-13 [STA]

Ljubljana prison, Prison Administration bosses urged to resign 2018-06-12 [STA]

Rail workers on strike 2018-06-12 [STA]

Trade Union of Railway Workers announces series of token strikes 2018-06-01 [STA]

Strike called off at Štore Steel after the management threatened to lay off anyone who would participate 2018-05-25 [STA]

Slovenia to Ban Croatian Workers for Another Two Years 2018-03-23 [Total News]

Trade union group calls for continuing pay talks 2018-03-17 [STA]

Teachers to suspend strike after PM's resignation 2018-03-16 [STA]

Teachers back on strike in demand of higher wages 2018-03-15 [The National Post]

Schools closed as teachers strike for wage hikes 2018-03-15 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Slovenian schools closed as teachers strike for wage hikes 2018-03-15 [CNA]

Slovenia's teachers back on strike in demand of higher wages 2018-03-15 [wboy]

Teachers' trade union endorses 14 March strike 2018-03-13 [STA]

Gorenje trade union calls off token strike 2018-03-10 [STA]

KSS trade union confederation to mount strike in April 2018-03-05 [STA]

New govt negotiator engages in talks, unions threaten with more strikes 2018-03-02 [STA]

Nurses, social care workers urge govt to take them seriously 2018-02-13 [STA]

Slovenian police start run of public sector pay strikes 2018-02-12 [CNA]

Next week marked by strikes in public sector 2018-02-09 [STA]

More than 80% of public sector to go on strike next week 2018-02-07 [STA]

Port management, union strike deal to get cranes going again 2018-02-03 [STA]

Public sector workers strike for higher wages 2018-01-29 [Reuters]

Public sector workers strike for higher wages 2018-01-25 [Reuters]

Paper says minister missing the point in minimum wage proposal 2018-01-24 [STA]

Timeline of strikes in the Slovenian public sector 2018-01-24 [STA]

Major trade union group insists on strike 2018-01-03 [STA]

Problems of newsstand workers highlighted at a rally 2017-12-13 [STA]

Firefighters staging rally, demanding higher pay 2017-10-05 [The Star]

Arriva bus drivers go on strike 2017-09-05 [STA]

Lowest-paid public sector staff seek pay rise, threaten strike 2017-06-21 [STA]

Le paysan qui a fait fermer une cimenterie polluante de Lafarge 2017-06-08 [OdM]

Govt and doctors' trade union reach agreement 2017-03-04 [STA]

Trade unions want minimum wage to rise 5% 2017-01-17 [STA]

Education union urges parliament not to sign EU free trade agreement with Canada 2016-09-13 [Education International]

Un syndicat de l'éducation appelle le Parlement à ne pas signer l’accord de libre-échange entre l’UE et le Canada 2016-09-12 [IE]

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