Unions Strike as Bailouts to End With Austerity Blitz

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Unions Strike as Bailouts to End With Austerity Blitz 2017-12-14 [US News and World Report]

Commuters face upheaval as transport workers join strike 2017-12-13 [Kathimerini]

Forced Privatization of The Greek Port of Piraeus, One Year Later 2017-12-13 [The Real News]

Metro workers join Thursday’s Athens transport walkout 2017-12-12 [ekathimerini]

Confederations call general strike for 14 December 2017-12-09 [EPSU]

Trade Unionists Furious at Labor Law Changes Invade Greek Ministry (video) 2017-12-06 [Greek Reporter]

Union Outcry Forces Greek Gov’t to Withdraw Strike Amendment 2017-12-06 [Greek Reporter]

PPC workers warn of protests over selloffs 2017-12-04 [Kathimerini]

Civil servants walk off the job at noon 2017-11-29 [ekathimerini]

Unions Call General Strike for December 14 2017-11-29 [EKathimerini ]

Unions call general strike as bailout talks resume 2017-11-29 [Associated Press]

Athens traffic snarled as subway workers hold 24-hour strike 2017-11-22 [EKathimerini]

Local authority workers call one-day strike, plan rallies 2017-11-21 [Kathimerini]

Athens traffic snarled as subway workers hold 24-hour strike 2017-11-21 [The National Post]

No Metro in Athens on Tuesday Due to 24h Strike Over Privatisation 2017-11-20 [The Reporter]

Strike on Athens metro to halt all service on Tuesday 2017-11-17 [ekathimerini]

Prison workers defend furlough as N17 terrorist walks out of Korydallos 2017-11-09 [Kathimerini]

No ISAP electric railway from noon to 3 p.m. 2017-10-10 [Kathimerini]

Unions worldwide support journalists on strike to save social security and welfare funds 2017-10-06 [IFJ]

Eldorado's Greek workers protest against threat to halt project 2017-09-22 [BNN]

Workers at Canadian mining company protest in Athens 2017-09-22 [Associated Press]

Workers in Greece's asylum service launch 2-day strike 2017-09-07 [Metro]

Workers in asylum service launch 2-day strike 2017-09-06 [The Financial Post]

Athens metro strike called off as unionists to meet with official 2017-09-05 [Kathimerini]

Strike to close many museums, archaeological sites Friday 2017-08-30 [Kathimerini]

Sailings as usual from Rafina after ferry strike called off 2017-07-30 [Kathimerini]

Workers in Greek Museums and Archaeological Sites Announce Strike for the Weekend 2017-07-27 [The Reporter]

Weekend strike to shut Acropolis at height of tourist season 2017-07-27 [The National Post]

Union decries attack on worker cutting power to indebted property 2017-07-26 [Kathimerini]

Hotel Workers Strike Against Neoliberal Labor Reforms 2017-07-21 [TeleSUR]

Hotel workers strike against labour reforms 2017-07-20 [Reuters]

Tourism in Greece: Union strike looming at peak of summer season 2017-07-19 [The Globe]

How could we cope if capitalism failed? Ask 26 Greek factory workers 2017-07-19 [The Guardian]

Greek garbos suspend strike amid heatwave 2017-06-30 [The Australian]

Judicial order to force sanitation staff to work if garbage strike continues 2017-06-29 [Kathimerini]

Hospital workers’ union decries lack of a/c in many facilities 2017-06-29 [eKathimerini]

Garbage workers continue action despite new offer 2017-06-28 [Kathimerini]

Garbage piling up Greek cities as sanitation workers' protest enters 2nd week 2017-06-27 [Global Times]

Progress made in talks between PM, municipal workers’ union 2017-06-27 [ekathimerini.com]

New Government Garbage Collectors Deadlock Leaves Greece Amid Mounts of Trash 2017-06-27 [Greek Reporter]

PM Invites POE-OTA Trade Unionists to Meet him on Tuesday 2017-06-27 [Greek Reporter]

Trash-lined streets as workers strike in Greece 2017-06-27 [NewsHub]

Rubbish piles raise health fears in strike-hit Greece 2017-06-26 [Kathimerini]

Garbage piles mount in capital as heatwave looms 2017-06-26 [The National Post]

Gov't to present amendment foreseeing sanitation hirings in response to strikes 2017-06-25 [Kathimerini]

Garbage piles up in streets of Athens 2017-06-22 [Kathimerini]

Municipal workers hold rally in downtown Athens 2017-06-22 [Kathimerini]

Scuffles break out at municipal workers’ rally 2017-06-22 [Kathimerini]

Municipal Workers Likely to Escalate Strike Beyond Thursday 2017-06-22 [The Reporter]

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