PM Invites POE-OTA Trade Unionists to Meet him on Tuesday

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Garbage piling up Greek cities as sanitation workers' protest enters 2nd week 2017-06-27 [Global Times]

Progress made in talks between PM, municipal workers’ union 2017-06-27 []

New Government Garbage Collectors Deadlock Leaves Greece Amid Mounts of Trash 2017-06-27 [Greek Reporter]

PM Invites POE-OTA Trade Unionists to Meet him on Tuesday 2017-06-27 [Greek Reporter]

Trash-lined streets as workers strike in Greece 2017-06-27 [NewsHub]

Rubbish piles raise health fears in strike-hit Greece 2017-06-26 [Kathimerini]

Garbage piles mount in capital as heatwave looms 2017-06-26 [The National Post]

Gov't to present amendment foreseeing sanitation hirings in response to strikes 2017-06-25 [Kathimerini]

Garbage piles up in streets of Athens 2017-06-22 [Kathimerini]

Municipal workers hold rally in downtown Athens 2017-06-22 [Kathimerini]

Scuffles break out at municipal workers’ rally 2017-06-22 [Kathimerini]

Municipal Workers Likely to Escalate Strike Beyond Thursday 2017-06-22 [The Reporter]

Rubbish strike causes stink 2017-06-22 [BBC]

Athens Tourist Spots Surrounded by Garbage Mounts Due to Collectors Strike 2017-06-22 [The Reporter]

Athens municipal workers to strike over job security 2017-06-21 [Kathimerini]

Municipal Worker Unionists Occupy Greek Ministry of Interior Headquarters 2017-06-19 [The Reporter]

Disruptions in train services due to three-day strike 2017-05-29 [Kathimerini]

Thessaloniki bus drivers halt 10-day strike 2017-05-25 [Kathimerini]

Municipal workers planning rallies 2017-05-22 [Kathimerini]

Four-Day Nationwide Strike Called by Local Authority Staff Unions 2017-05-20 [Greek Reporter]

4-day nationwide strike called by local authority staff unions in Greece 2017-05-20 [Tornos]

Municipal workers attempt to storm Administrative Reform Ministry 2017-05-19 [Kathimerini]

Statement of support for our Greek colleagues’ strike action on 17 May 2017 2017-05-19 []

Country Grinds to a Halt During General Strike Against Austerity 2017-05-18 [TeleSUR]

Workers strike as government moves to cut benefits 2017-05-18 [TRT]

General strike held in Greece against bailout austerity 2017-05-17 [PFI]

Nationwide Strike in Greece While Parties Clash over Austerity Measures in Parliament 2017-05-17 [Greek Reporter ]

National strike demands end to evermore austerity 2017-05-17 [Reuters]

Athens protest turns violent as general strike brings Greece to a halt 2017-05-17 [DW]

Seamen’s Union Announce Extension of Strike; No Ferry Services for 4 Days 2017-05-17 [Greek Reporter ]

General strike over cuts 2017-05-17 [BBC]

General Strike in Greece as Government Caves in to Creditors 2017-05-17 [ITUC]

Seamen extend strike; no ferries for 4 days 2017-05-17 [The Free Press]

Workers walk off job as general strike hits 2017-05-17 [CTV]

EU demand for cuts provokes general strike call 2017-05-16 [Morning Star]

Ferries, buses and market-sellers to join Wednesday's general strike 2017-05-16 [Ekathamarini]

Two more unions join strike action 2017-05-11 []

Union calls 48-hour ferry strike over austerity measures 2017-05-07 [Kathimerini]

Greeks mark May Day with strike, demos 2017-05-02 [The News]

Workers go on strike for 24 hours to oppose further austerity measures 2017-05-02 [EuroNews]

Nepali among 16 South Asians taken hostage in Greece 2017-04-17 [The Himalayan Times]

‘Only the people of Greece have suffered a bigger fall in living standards during austerity’, says Unite 2017-04-12 [Unite]

Union calls on retail workers to strike against Sunday shop hours in Greece 2017-04-08 [tornosnews]

Union calls on retail workers to strike against Sunday shop hours 2017-04-07 [ekathimerin]

Athens postal workers on strike through Friday 2017-04-04 [Kathimerini]

ETUC and ITUC: IMF attacks on Greek workers’ rights are unacceptable 2017-04-04 [ITUC]

Greek state ordered to pay abused Bangladeshi fruit pickers 2017-04-04 [freshfruitportal]

Workers at Greece's PPC go to European court over stake claim 2017-04-04 [ekathimerin]

Power Workers Threaten With Blackouts Over Impending Privatization of PPC 2017-03-29 [The Reporter]

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