Global Pilots Condemn Avianca Airlines Management’s Union Busting Actions

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British Columbia Colombian activist thanks CUPE for help in “keeping us alive” 2018-04-21 [CUPE]

Unite statement on the arrest of FARC peace negotiator Jesus Santrich 2018-04-10 [Unite the union]

Colombian Palm Workers Gain Long-Sought Recognition For more info 2018-03-28 [Solidarity Center]

Global Pilots Condemn Avianca Airlines Management’s Union Busting Actions 2018-03-03 [IFALPA]

Pizano SA leaves its 600 workers in the street 2018-03-02 [BWU]

Strike at Ecopetrol's refinery could hold up maintenance, impact output 2018-02-28 [Reuters]

In Colombia, the ELN steps up the conflict as the options for peace run out 2018-02-28 [Equal Times]

1,000 Colombia Palm Oil Workers Win Pre-Agreement For more info 2018-02-16 [Solidarity Center]

Cerrejon, union reach last-minute deal to avoid strike 2018-02-09 [Creamer's]

Allies or obstacles? The role of domestic employers in Colombia 2018-01-29 [Open Democracy]

Palm Oil Workers Strike for Recognition as Employees For more info 2018-01-27 [Solidarity Center]

10 workers die in bridge collapse, officials say 2018-01-16 [The Times-Union]

Workers at Cerrejon coal mine say they could strike over wages 2018-01-10 [Reuters]

This is the Most Dangerous Environment for Trade Unions 2018-01-08 [teleSUR]

Tenaris attacks workers’ rights in Colombia 2017-12-21 [IndustriALL]

Strikes by airline pilots banned 2017-11-30 [Reports]

Duratex workers organized a network to strengthen their negotiations 2017-11-15 [BWI]

Colombia Activists Honored at 20th Anniversary Event For more info 2017-11-14 [Solidarity Center]

Crushing The Wings Of Labor: The Air Pilot’s Strike And Colombia’s Ongoing Labor Crisis 2017-11-09 [Huffington Post]

UNI backs ITF defence of Avianca workers’ rights 2017-10-25 [ITF]

Gold war in Colombia: traditional miners against the state Gold war in Colombia: traditional miners against the state 2017-10-16 [Equal Times]

Air traffic controllers union begin ‘work to rule’ in support of Avianca pilots 2017-10-10 [The City Paper]

Freed Political Prisoner Huber Ballesteros Speaks on Colombia's Peace Process  ActNOW!  2017-10-08 [TeleSUR]

Striking Avianca Pilots Denounce Colombian Move to Replace Them with Foreigners 2017-10-05 [TeleSUR]

SERTUC International Affairs Committee Welcomes Huber Ballesteros 2017-10-02 [TUC]

Avianca pilot strike pushed to arbitration 2017-10-01 [The Post]

Avianca weathers strike by more than half its pilots 2017-09-27 [ATW]

Largest Avianca pilots' union in Colombia begins strike 2017-09-24 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Trade union leader faces arbitrary sanction  ActNOW!  2017-09-22 [PSI]

Unions around the world launch campaign against Glencore for violations of workers’ rights 2017-09-14 [IndustriALL]

Second time lucky for Huber Ballesteros 2017-09-13 [TUC]

Sintracarbón denounces increase in accidents at El Cerrejón 2017-08-31 [IndustriALL]

Colombia: Protect Human Rights Defenders 2017-08-04 [ILRF]

Protection for Colombian agricultural trade union leaders – ACT NOW!  ActNOW!  2017-07-19 [Banana Link]

Trade Unionists Murdered As Peace Process at Risk 2017-07-18 [ITUC]

How do we make labour rights real? 2017-07-12 [Open Democracy]

Union leader murdered 2017-07-07 [Solidarity Center]

Sugar union leader murdered 2017-07-06 [IUF Global Union ]

Rural Workers' Union Chief Killed 2017-07-02 [TeleSUR]

Strikes hold up country 2017-06-19 [Bogota Post]

Teachers Union Ends 36-Day Strike After Pledge of Raises and Education Investment by Government 2017-06-18 [Finance Colombia]

Striking teachers decry absence of post-peace investment | Reuters 2017-06-17 [First Post]

Deal to End 37-day Teachers' Strike 2017-06-17 [VoA]

Colombia Workers, Community Win Landmark Pac For more info 2017-06-11 [Solidarity Center]

Public Sector Wages Up by 6.75 Percent, as Teachers Strike 2017-06-08 [VoA]

Millions to march across Colombia in general strike Tuesday 2017-06-06 [The City Paper]

Teachers Striking Again 2017-06-01 [Prensa Latina]

Teachers strike enters third week 2017-06-01 [Colombia Reports]

Gov't resumes dialogue with striking teachers 2017-06-01 [Prensa Latina]

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