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Trade Union Movement Under Siege [Mmegi] 2016-12-13

BCL Poisoned Workers - Experts [allAfrica] 2016-10-25

Union takes war to Unitrans [Mmegi] 2016-06-22

Public sector unions, achievements post 2011 strike [Mmegi] 2016-03-14

Notwane farm labourers face the axe for striking [The Voice] 2015-09-12

BURS Workers On Strike [The Voice] 2015-07-25

Strike action looms at BURS as salary talks collapse [Mmegi] 2015-07-14

Manual Workers Union vows to fight Motsamai [Mmegi] 2015-05-28

Botswana diamond workers bleed [Mail&Guardian] 2015-02-20

Miner killed in freak accident [Mmegi] 2014-09-25

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Zibani Philomen's camp suffer another blow 2018-09-05 [The Monitor]

Government Commits to Consultation with mineworkers 2018-07-23 [allAfrica]

Masisi meets Opposition, Trade Unions leaders 2018-07-09 [The Weekend Post]

Manufacturing could lift decade long wage stagnation-report 2018-05-04 [Mmgei-on line]

Journalists harassed at airport by security forces 2018-04-26 [IFJ]

The Union Giant 2018-03-24 [The Voice]

BOFEPUSU makes demands on Masisi 2018-01-29 [The Post]

Manual workers union likely to amend constitution 2017-12-13 [Mmegi]

Manual Workers’ Union Defrauded of P700,000 2017-10-17 [The Monitor]

BMWU irked as BCL demands housing rental 2017-08-04 [Mmegi]

Boko roots for BOFEPUSU, BOPEU reconciliation 2017-07-24 [The Post]

The Letter That Reported Botswana To ILO 2017-06-21 [Mmegi]

BOFEPUSU’s endorsement of the UDC: The risks & benefits 2017-06-06 [The Post]

Soldiers need salary increase 2017-04-08 [mmegi]

BFTU Delegation Prepares For The 2017 ILO Conference 2017-03-07 [The Monitor]

Government can't win against workers! 2017-02-27 [Weekend Post]

Motsamai’s legacy divides opinions 2017-01-30 [The Post]

BOFEPUSU should determine 2019 elections outcome- Mokhurutshe 2017-01-23 [The Post]

BMWU enters political terrain 2017-01-20 [Mmegi]

BOFEPUSU resolves to go for ‘special congress’ 2016-12-19 [The Post]

Trade Union Movement Under Siege 2016-12-13 [Mmegi]

Boko challenges workers to ‘straighten’ politicians 2016-12-09 [Mmegi]

Gov’t slammed for unemployment 2016-12-07 [Mmegi]

Eleven strike victims die awaiting reinstatement 2016-12-07 [Mmegi Online]

Gov’t changes approach on unions 2016-11-21 [The Post]

Salary negotiations in another deadlock 2016-11-14 [The Post]

Botswana launches grassroots green fund 2016-11-11 [Equal Times]

Botswana advised to back down on new Publicd Service Bill 2016-11-02 [Mmegi on-line]

Furore as Hi-Fi corp suspends workers 2016-10-30 [Mmegi on-line]

Miners march to Khama 2016-10-30 [Mmegi-on-line]

BCL Poisoned Workers - Experts 2016-10-25 [allAfrica]

6,000 jobs to go at state-owned mines in Botswana 2016-10-19 [IndustriALL]

No packages for BCL, TNMC employees 2016-10-19 [Mmegi]

BOMAWU should be extra- cautious 2016-09-09 [Mmegi]

DCEC wins appeal against employees’ union 2016-08-26 [Mmegi]

Former BLLAHWU members upset with union 2016-08-22 [Mmegi]

UDC solidarity message with BTU 2016-08-15 [Mmegi On-line]

BNF condemns police police brutality 2016-08-12 [Mmegi On-line]

The way forward with salary negotiations following the COA judgement 2016-08-03 [Mmegi On-line]

BTU faces P28 million lawsuit 2016-08-02 [Mmegi On-line]

Botswana to appear before ILO 2016-07-28 [Mmegi On-line]

Pula Steel send 190 workers on unpaid leave 2016-07-08 [Mmegi On-line]

ndustriALL calls for immediate action at deadly mine 2016-07-08 [IndustriALL Global Union]

BMWU, govt stand-off lands in court 2016-07-08 [Mmegi On-line]

BCL miners invade Gabs, petition Masisi 2016-07-08 [Mmegi On-line]

Teachers should be tamed- Venson-Moitoi 2016-07-05 [Mmegi On-line]

Fresh demands for BCL boss' head 2016-06-30 [Mmegi On-line]

Yet another accident at BCL mine 2016-06-24 [Mmegi On-line]

Union takes war to Unitrans 2016-06-22 [Mmegi]

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