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What the union will do

Unions requesting a campaign from LabourStart are expected to do the following:

When proposing the campaign we will need a header, background text and default message; the union's full name, logo and a description; a working link to a web page for more information; accurate and tested addresses for the target of the campaign; and photos to illustrate the campaign.

Once the campaign has launched, the union will do its utmost to promote the campaign to its own members, to other unions in its country, and to the global labour movement through any federations (such as GUFs or the ITUC) to which it might belong. Global unions will be expected to promote the campaign to their national affiliates. Promotion will not consist solely of a link on the union's website, though this is obviously required. In addition, the union will use other tools such as email, social media and even offline methods to get the word out. The union will keep LabourStart updated, ideally every few weeks, and the best way to do this is to have a volunteer correspondent regularly posting news which we will link to the campaign.

After three months, the campaign will close unless a decision has been made to close it sooner. At that time the union will provide a report which we may circulate to supporters telling them what the effect of the campaign has been - not only whether the employer or government has conceded, but also whether the union members themselves were made aware of the international support shown to them and whether this boosted their morale.

LabourStart campaigns are offered free of charge.

If any of this is not clear, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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