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What LabourStart will do

Upon receipt of a request for a campaign, LabourStart's senior correspondents will discuss it among themselves and consult with the international trade union movement (including the global union federations - GUFs) if necessary. Campaigns proposed by national or local unions will almost always require - and benefit from - the approval of global union institutions. If a union is a member of a GUF, it is always best to approach them first and have the GUF propose the campaign.

LabourStart will setup the campaign in English (and retains the right to make changes to the proposed texts), arrange for its translation into a number of languages, and promote it to our mailing lists, via our website (including syndication through our newswires) and through social media such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Telegram and Mastodon. While the campaign is running, we will offer the union real-time reporting on support being shown, showing the names, unions and countries of those who signed up. We will run the campaign for three months, unless we are asked to close it down sooner.

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