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And when you get home, you're going to want to get to work organizing and fighting to rebuild union power. LabourStart is here to help. We are the news and campaigning website of the international trade union movement, founded in 1998 and continuing to strengthen global labour solidarity every day.

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Every day, LabourStart's volunteer correspondents around the world scour the web for news about workers and their unions. They find hundreds of stories each day in more than 30 languages – making LabourStart the best source of trade union news.

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In too many countries, trade unionists operate in a dangerous environment. Trade union activists are jailed, threatened, sacked, beaten and sometimes killed. LabourStart is helping to mobilize the millions of members of trade unions around the world to help stop that – and to strengthen unions everywhere. An essential tool for this are our online campaigns, appearing in many languages. We've had many victories – so many that we actually a book listing them. Not all campaigns end in victories. But they all make our movement stronger.

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LabourStart also publishes books for trade unionists. We've covered online campaigning, the global labour movement, and migrant workers struggles.


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For more than ten years now, LabourStart's Global Solidarity Conferences have been getting larger as word gets out that this is THE place for trade unionists from many countries, at every level (from rank-and-file activist to union president) to come and discuss the things that matter. Conferences have been held so far in London, Washington, Hamilton, Sydney, Istanbul, Berlin and Toronto.