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Starbucks: Union-buster

Full coverage of union organizing efforts worldwide at Starbucks

Welcome to LabourStart's special coverage of the struggles for workers' rights at Starbucks. If this is your first visit to LabourStart, we strongly recommend that you visit our home page to see what this campaigning website has to offer. To stay in touch with us and become involved in the struggle for workers' rights around the world, please make sure to join our mailing list. Thank you.

Netherlands / Global Starbucks Amsterdam may face protests [News from Amsterdam] 17-Aug-2008

Netherlands / Global Mogelijk protest tegen Starbucks Amsterdam [Nieuws uit Amsterdam] (in Dutch) 17-Aug-2008

USA Wobblies Welcome Mall of America Starbucks Baristas to the Union! [IWW] (More info) 04-Aug-2008

Australia UNITE statement on Starbucks closures [UNITE] 02-Aug-2008

USA Starbucks workers make demands [Pioneer Press] 23-Jul-2008

USA Starbucks Workers Make Demands [Pioneer Press] (More info) 22-Jul-2008

USA Starbucks Goes Union in Minnesota [Starbucks Union press release] (More info) 22-Jul-2008

Ireland / Global (IWW) Global Day of Action Against Starbucks - Belfast Picket [] (More info) (IMAGES) 11-Jul-2008

UK / Global (IWW) Starbucks gets a picket from london syndicalists [] (More info) (IMAGES) 11-Jul-2008

USA / Global Baltimore Starbucks Protest by IWW Members, Supporters [] (More info) 11-Jul-2008

Global / USA (IWW) GR Starbucks employee firing triggers global protests [] (More info) 11-Jul-2008

USA / Global July 5th Global Starbucks Day of Action in Philadelphia [] (More info) (IMAGES) 11-Jul-2008

USA / Global Bay Area IWW joins International Day of Starbucks Action in Alameda, California [] (More info) (IMAGES) 11-Jul-2008

Global / Ireland (IWW) Protests in Ireland against Starbucks anti-unionism [] (More info) (IMAGES) 11-Jul-2008

Global / USA Starbucks Union Demands Reinstatement of Fired Baristas - Coffee-sippers at 17th & Broadway Baffled by Drum-Pounding Protesters [NYC Indymedia] (More info) (IMAGES) 11-Jul-2008

USA / Global Local Starbucks to join worldwide protest [ABC] (More info) 06-Jul-2008

USA / Global GR Starbucks employee firing triggers global protests [WOOD-TV 8] 06-Jul-2008

USA / Global List of cities and countries that participated in the July 5th actions for a Starbucks Workers Union (IWW) [] 06-Jul-2008

USA / Spain Starbucks Workers Organize! [KPFK Los Angeles] (More info) MP305-Jul-2008

USA GR Starbucks employee firing triggers global protests [WOODTV8] (More info) 05-Jul-2008

Poland / Global Pikieta solidarnościowa z represjonowanymi związkowcami ze Starbucksa [ZSP] (More info) (in Polish) 05-Jul-2008

Poland Starbucks represjonuje pracowników [] (in Polish) 02-Jul-2008

USA Kahvilaketju Starbucks irtisanoo 12 000 työntekijää [Keskisuomalainen] (in Finnish) 02-Jul-2008

USA / Global Global Day of Action Will Protest Starbucks’ Anti-Union Terminations [Starbucks Union (IWW)] (More info) 01-Jul-2008

USA / Spain Global Day of Action Will Protest Starbucks’ Anti-Union Terminations [IWW] (More info) (IMAGES) 01-Jul-2008

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