How Internet Radio Can Change the World

An Activist's Handbook

How to listen, how to broadcast, and how it will change the world.

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How Internet Radio Can Change the World: An Activist's Handbook is essential reading for trade unionists, environmental campaigners, human rights activists -- anyone who is working to change the world.

Eric Lee is the author of The Labour Movement and the Internet: The New Internationalism (1996), the first book on the subject of how trade unions could make use of the new communications technologies. He has pioneered the use of the Internet by unions around the globe, and the website he established in 1998, LabourStart, now appears in 20 languages and is used by thousands of activists every day.

In early 2004, the author launched the first online labor radio station and this book reveals exactly what was involved in setting it up.

It also delves into the short history of Internet radio, revealing how what began as a radical project to reinvigorate the liberal wing of the Democratic Party was turned into a commercial success -- and yet remains a vital tool for activists.

The book clearly explains both how to listen to Internet radio -- and how to set up your own station.

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