Update on the struggle at AlbChrome

28 December 2019

The repression of AlbChrome against trade unionists of the Trade Union of United Mineworkers of Bulqiza (TUUMB) continues.

Although the regional office of Labour Inspectorate has opened a case against AlbChrome for unfair dismissal of trade unionists, the company repression continues. On December 26, AlbChrome fired another member of the trade union council, bringing the number of dismissed trade unionists to four.

Despite the pressure, the union has gone stronger and it has officially asked the company to start the negotiations for a genuine collective agreement.

Pending the company’s response to the union demand for collective negotiations and the outcome of the investigation of the Labour Inspectorate, we urge you to sign and share our solidarity call.

Support the right of the mineworkers in Bulqiza to have an independent trade union which can negotiate fair wages and decent working conditions for workers.

Ask the Labour Inspectorate to expedite the case of anti-union discrimination in Albchrome and reinstate the four dismissed trade unionists: Elton Debreshi, Beqir Duriçi, Behar Gjimi dhe Ali Gjeta.