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Play Fair at the Olympics - a campaign to persuade sportswear companies and the International Olympic Committee to take their responsibilities seriously. Backed by the international trade union movement, this campaign encourages you to send messages of protest.

Official website of the Athens Games

Olympics 2004

Full coverage of the trade union movement and the Games in Athens

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China / USA Building Bridges Radio: Olympic Sweatshop: Speedo Production in China [WBAI's Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report] (More info) MP317-Aug-2008

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Global ‘Sporting Goods Industry must be cleaned up by London Olympics’ says Global Labour Union [Global Unions] 29-Jul-2008

China / Global Before Beijing Olympics start leading sports brands and unions working together globally for better working conditions [ITUC] 03-Jul-2008

Canada / Global Secret Factories for 2010: VANOC won't tell sweatshop watchdogs where Olympics gear is made [The Tyee] 01-Jul-2008

Global / Canada ETF ignites the flame for a sweat-free Olympics [Maquila Solidarity Network] 28-Jun-2008

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Global Worst Sports Injury: Olympic sportswear industry worker abuse [The Tyee] (More info) 14-Jun-2008

Canada IGNITING THE FLAME for a Sweat Free Olympics [BCFED] 11-Jun-2008

UK Police union fears Olympics will divert resources [South Wales Echo] 27-May-2008

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