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Washington Homegrown Sustainable Sandwiches Fired a Union Organizer—and Sparked an Organizing Drive 2024-02-28 [In These Times]

Starbucks and Union Agree to Work Out Framework for Contract Talks 2024-02-28 [New York Times]

Ohio Unions join striking Valley Ford Truck employees on the picket line 2024-02-28 [Signal Cleveland]

AB InBev workers prepared to strike at 12 breweries by Feb. 29, with marketing spending a contentious issue in talks 2024-02-28 [Bloomberg]

Alabama Tuscaloosa Mercedes workers say majority have signed union cards 2024-02-28 [The News]

Women of Steel Own Their Power! 2024-02-28 [USW]

Alabama Majority Of Workers At Alabama Mercedes Plant Signed Union Cards, UAW Says 2024-02-28 [HuffPost]

Illinois UPDATED: SCR Medical Transportation Spent Over $3,500/Day In Attempt to Defeat Union 2024-02-28 [LaborLab]

Virginia REPORT: Alliance Mobile in Virginia Hired a Union-Buster, But Workers Won 2024-02-28 [LaborLab]

California BULLETIN: $425/Hour Consultants Were Hired By Temecula Food Distributor 2024-02-28 [LaborLab]

Alabama Most Workers At Largest U.S. Mercedes Plant Signal Union Support, UAW Says 2024-02-27 [Forbes]

Alabama UAW says majority of workers at Mercedes Benz US plant seek to join union 2024-02-27 [Reuters]

Workers and US energy transition 2024-02-27 [The Hill]

Skuespillernes fagforening setter munnkurv på intimitetskoordinatorer 2024-02-27 [Radio Haugalandet/NTB]

 VIDEO California ILWU 10 Palestine Meeting on Solidarity & Action: An Injury For One Is An Injury For All! For more info 2024-02-26 [LVP]

Tennessee 2024-02-25 [The Times-Free Press]

UAW president Shawn Fain on labor's comeback: 'This is what happens when workers get power' 2024-02-25 [CBS]

“Your Solidarity Ignited Workers Around The World,” Guild Boss Fran Drescher Tells SAG Awards After Strikes & “Hot Labor Summer” 2024-02-25 [Deadline]

Inside the SAG Awards: A mostly celebratory mood for 1st show since historic strike 2024-02-25 [CP]

Ohio Akron General nurses notify hospital of intent to picket amid stalled contract negotiations 2024-02-25 [WKYC-TV]

Has Starbucks Surpassed Amazon as the Villain of Big Labor? 2024-02-25 [Yahoo]

California CA State U student workers vote to unionize, creating largest such union in U.S. 2024-02-24 [CBS]

Michael Hiltzik: Elon Musk Wants the Courts to Destroy NLRB For more info 2024-02-24 [Diane Ravitch]

Florida Immokalee farmworkers created America’s strongest workplace heat rules For more info 2024-02-24 [Wash Post]

Georgia Former Georgia election workers awarded $148M in civil suit against Giuliani 2024-02-23 [USAToday]

Amazon to pay $1.9 million to migrant contract workers to settle claims of human rights abuses 2024-02-23 [CNBC]

Teamsters giving $45K to both Republican and Democratic convention funds 2024-02-23 [CNN]

'Calling a foul on corporate greed' | MLS ref labour union picketing amid lockout as 2024 season begins 2024-02-22 [WFAA]

Texas Strike in Texas at Molson Coors 2024-02-22 [IUF]

 VIDEO California Stripped For Parts & The Destruction Of The Newspaper Industry with Rick Goldsmith For more info 2024-02-22 [LVPP]

 VIDEO California On Fire! Waymo off The Streets Of San Francisco & California-Safety & Worker Rights First For more info 2024-02-21 [LVP]

 VIDEO California On Fire! Waymo off The Streets Of San Francisco & California-Safety & Worker Rights First For more info 2024-02-21 [LVP]

Oregon Streak of union wins at Legacy 2024-02-20 [Northwest Labor Press]

Hamilton Nolan believes the labor movement can save our democracy 2024-02-20 [Matter]

Florida Here's the state of Florida's public employee unions 2024-02-20 [WLRN]

AFL-CIO condemns Hamas attacks, calls for cease-fire 2024-02-20 [Northwest Labor Press]

Oregon Northwest Workers Justice Project recognizes union 2024-02-20 [Northwest Labor Press]

Oregon Bike mechanics get union contract 2024-02-20 [Northwest Labor Press]

To avoid bankruptcy, ILWU pays $20.5 million to replace a shipper’s lost profits 2024-02-20 [North West Labor Press]

New York REI SoHo workers unionized in 2022, but still don’t have a contract. This play tells their story 2024-02-20 [Fast Company]

Florida FIU professors strengthen their labor union after 'shock to the system' from state purge 2024-02-20 [WLRN]

21 Starbucks Stores Plan To Form Unions In 1-Day Blitz 2024-02-20 [HuffPost]

West Virginia House bill: Workers could retaliate against physical attacks in workplace without fear of firing 2024-02-20 [MetroNews]

Tell the White House to stop the raid on postal workers’ pensions For more info 2024-02-19 [AFL-CIO]

Ohio Union leaders accuse Lake County school board of defying court order to pay more than $1 million in back pay to teachers 2024-02-19 [WKYC-TV]

 VIDEO California SF City Worker Rally Against Outsourcing, Union Busting At SF General Hospital-Time For A General Strike For more info 2024-02-19 [LVP]

Coalition of Immokalee Workers has the nation's best workplace heat rules, and it's saving lives 2024-02-18 [Washington Post]

Washington Strikes and a Boycott Win a Better Deal from Macy’s 2024-02-18 [Labour Notes]

Union-backing shareholder asks Starbucks to disclose 'anti-union spending,' approaches SEC 2024-02-18 [Saltwire]

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