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California Google fires 28 employees involved in sit-in protest over $1.2 billion Israel contract 2024-04-18 [New York Post]

Six Southern Republican governors threaten workers: 'Don't organize with UAW, or else' 2024-04-17 [Washington Post]

New Jersey Statue of civil rights icon A. Philip Randolph erected in Newark. Meet the artist who spent 7 months sculpting it 2024-04-16 [CBS News New York]

New Jersey Newark Statue, Street Naming Honor Black Labor, Civil Rights Leader A. Philip Randolph, who fought racism, injustice 2024-04-16 [TAP Into Newark]

Massachusetts Blue Bottle Nestle Workers Organize 2024-04-15 [WorkingMass]

Amazon and Walmart are excessively watching their warehouse workers 2024-04-15 [Oxfam]

Kentucky Judge: Distillery undermined workers’ vote on unionization 2024-04-14 [NW AR Democrat Gazette]

How immigrant workers in US have helped boost job growth and stave off a recession 2024-04-14 [ADN]

Florida DeSantis Signs Bill Forbidding Localities from Having Higher Standards of Worker Protection than State 2024-04-14 [Diane Ravitch]

California Hundreds march in San Francisco’s Mission District to honor Cesar Chavez’s legacy 2024-04-14 [The Standard]

Daimler Truck Workers Are Strike-Ready in the Anti-Union South 2024-04-14 [Jacobin]

California SPOTLIGHT SF library workers want more security, staff 2024-04-14 [SF Examiner]

Shawn Fain, president of the UAW: 'Workers realized they’ve been getting screwed for decades' 2024-04-13 [The Guardian]

New York NYC CLC and UFT Host Labor Women's Power Breakfast 2024-04-13 [AFL-CIO]

 VIDEO Ohio Floods In East Palestine Bring More Vinyl Chloride Threatening Residents & Workers While Biden's EPA Helps Norfolk Southern For more info 2024-04-13 [LVP]

How immigrant workers in US have helped boost job growth and stave off a recession 2024-04-12 [JDNews]

Florida DeSantis signs bill preventing cities from requiring heat safety protections for workers 2024-04-12 [Tampa Bay Times]

Connecticut University of New Haven and striking workers reach tentative agreement 2024-04-12 [New Haven Register]

Wisconsin Marquette University workers push to unionize 2024-04-12 [WPR]

Momentum for Open Bargaining Grows in the Letter Carriers 2024-04-12 [Labor Notes]

Alabama With a Velvet Glove, Mercedes Tries to Punch Down AL Union Momentum 2024-04-12 [Labor Notes]

 VIDEO California SEIU 1021 SF Librarians Rally & Demand Safe Libraries In 2024 Contract Fight For more info 2024-04-12 [LVP]

New Jersey Apple's NJ store workers file petition for unionization 2024-04-11 [Reuters]

Government-Issued Debt, Illicit Financial Flows Bleed Africa Dry, Say Unions For more info 2024-04-10 [Solidarity Center]

Answering Musk’s and Bezos’s Attacks on Workers’ Rights 2024-04-10 [Am Prospect]

NLRB general counsel says Board will not 'succumb' to attacks by Amazon, Starbucks, SpaceX 2024-04-10 [The Guardian]

Can Grocery Workers Take Back Their Union? 2024-04-10 [In These Times]

The UAW Is Supporting Mexican Autoworker Organizing 2024-04-10 [Jacobin]

California SAG-AFTRA Seeks to Write AI Protections Into California Law 2024-04-10 [Variety]

 VIDEO Illinois Criminal Charge Dropped: ATU241 Presidential Candidate Erek Slater Wins Victory Against Chicago CTA For more info 2024-04-08 [LVP]

Ohio Cleveland Rape Crisis Center Workers Join SEIU 2024-04-08 [Signal Cleveland]

Utah 2024-04-08 [Jacobin]

OH GOP Sen. J.D. Vance Conflates Foreign-Born Workers with ‘Illegal Immigrants’ to Bash Job Numbers 2024-04-07 [Daily Beast]

What is wage theft? Your guide to workers’ rights in WA 2024-04-07 [Seattle Times]

Alabama Seeking to defy history, the UAW is coming closer to unionizing in the South 2024-04-07 [WAMU 88.5]

Alabama Mercedes workers at an Alabama plant call for union representation vote 2024-04-07 [Columbia Missourian]

Texas Austin Pets Alive! workers file to become nation’s largest animal shelter union 2024-04-07 [KXAN]

California ‘Shameful’: Union representing Coliseum workers slams A’s move to Sacramento 2024-04-07 [KRON4]

New Jersey Nurses, healthcare workers demand better job conditions 2024-04-07 [NJ Spotlight]

California CA's fast-food workers are now among the highest paid in the U.S. They still don't make nearly enough to buy a house 2024-04-07 [Morning Star]

California CA bill aims to stop employers from reaching out during off hours 2024-04-07 [The Hill]

 VIDEO Pennsylvania From East Palestine To Working Class Power With Steelworker & Labor Musician Mike Stout For more info 2024-04-06 [LVP]


UAW gets closer to unionizing Volkswagen, Mercedes workers in the South 2024-04-06 [NPR]

California Senator Bernie Sanders joins striking workers at Hotel Figueroa in downtown L.A. 2024-04-06 [L.A. Daily News]

Seeking to defy history, the UAW is coming closer to unionizing in the South 2024-04-06 [WABE]

Louisiana Standing strong, fighting for worker freedoms in LA 2024-04-06 [AFSCME]

Alabama Mercedes-Benz Workers in Alabama Ask for Unionization Vote 2024-04-06 [NYTimes]

Alabama Mercedes Workers In Alabama Stand Up to Vote on a Union 2024-04-06 [More Perfect Union]

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