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Tennessee Starbucks ordered to reinstate US workers fired amid union campaign


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Tennessee Starbucks ordered to reinstate US workers fired amid union campaign [Guardian] 2022-08-20

Tennessee Volkswagen Launches “Passive-Aggressive” Anti-Union Campaign As Dark Money Floods into Chattanooga [Payday Report] For more info 2019-04-24

Tennessee VW Threatening to Close Chattanooga Plant if UAW Wins – Facebook Helping to Bust Union – Tenn Gov Could Drop a Bomb [Payday Report] For more info 2019-06-10

Tennessee Trump's Labor Board Likely to Strip Auto Workers of Southern Victory [Labour Notes] 2018-01-14

Tennessee A Memphis Temp Worker Died on the Job After FedEx Didn't Fix a Known Hazard. The Fine: $7,000 [ProPublica] 2020-12-29

Tennessee Pandemic Spurs Nashville Restaurant Workers to Organize [Labor Notes] 2020-09-24

Tennessee As VW Election Nears, CEO Stokes Fears over Plant Closing from 1988 [Labor Notes] 2019-06-02

Tennessee Trump NLRB Cancels UAW Vote at Volkswagen in Chattanooga [Payday Report] 2019-05-23

Tennessee UAW Accuses Tenn. Gov of Hypocrisy in Anti-Union Remarks at VW Plant [Payday Report] 2019-05-01

Tennessee Poisoned Kingston disaster workers still searching for justice a decade later [Knox News] 2018-11-14


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Tennessee Dozens of workers reject union at big Nissan TN plant 2023-03-17 [Tennessean]

Tennessee National Nurses United statement on Tyre Nicholls death and police practices 2023-02-01 [National Nurses United]

Tennessee Comtrak settles misclassification lawsuit with drivers 2022-12-21 [Land Line]

Tennessee Alcoa Starbucks workers strike amid growing support for unions nationally 2022-09-09 [WBIR]

Tennessee Starbucks loses appeal, will rehire 7 fired Memphis workers 2022-09-08 [AP]

Tennessee Workers upset over abrupt closing of Nashville restaurant 2022-08-30 [WKRN]

Tennessee Starbucks ordered to reinstate US workers fired amid union campaign 2022-08-20 [Guardian]

Tennessee Starbucks must reinstate fired workers, federal judge rules 2022-08-19 [AP]

Tennessee Starbucks ordered to reinstate fired Memphis staff 2022-08-19 [BBC]

Tennessee Federal judge says Starbucks must reinstate fired workers 2022-08-18 [AP]

Tennessee Federal judge orders Starbucks to rehire seven Memphis baristas fired after talking to the media about labor organizing 2022-08-18 [Washington Post]

Tennessee Federal judge temporarily blocks Biden administration protections for LGBTQ workers, students 2022-07-19 [Deseret News]

Tennessee Bonfire Mongolian Grill in Clarksville owners charged with harboring undocumented workers 2022-07-14 [Clarksville]

Tennessee Restaurant operators federally charged with conspiracy to harbor undocumented workers 2022-07-14 [WKRN]

Tennessee Trash piling on streets, sanitation workers' union calls city council for help 2022-07-09 [Action News 5]

Tennessee Baristas lead union push in Middle TN 2022-07-08 [WPLN]

Tennessee Starbucks Workers Unionize Store Where ‘Memphis Seven' Were Fired 2022-06-08 [Verve Times]

Tennessee Coal ash workers dying as lawsuit over illnesses drags on 2022-05-30 [KGET]

Tennessee Labor board issues complaint against Starbucks in firing of 7 workers 2022-04-23 [NYTimes]

Tennessee Starbucks store in Tennessee votes to unionize - workers group 2022-04-01 [Saltwire]

Tennessee Construction worker found dead on Rothschild College construction site 2022-03-19 [Vanderbilt hustler]

Tennessee Starbucks fires Memphis workers who tried to form a union 2022-02-14 [NYPost]

Tennessee Memphis Starbucks Fired a Bunch of Pro-Union Workers After They Went on TV 2022-02-12 [Vice]

Tennessee 'We Won't Be Silenced': Workers Fired by Starbucks Amid Union Drive Speak Out 2022-02-11 [Common Dreams]

Tennessee Starbucks fires seven workers at Memphis store after they tried to form a union and gave media interviews in the coffee shop without authorization 2022-02-11 [UK Daily Mail]

Tennessee Fired Memphis Starbucks Worker: “I Know That I Was Retaliated Against” 2022-02-10 [Eater]

Tennessee Starbucks fires workers involved in union push as US movement gains momentum 2022-02-10 [Guardian]

Tennessee Memphis Starbucks workers fired in midst of unionization campaign 2022-02-09 [USA Today]

Tennessee Starbucks fires employees linked to unionisation efforts 2022-02-09 [Ticker]

Tennessee Starbucks Has Fired Several Union Leaders in Memphis 2022-02-09 [Jacobin]

Tennessee 3 employees killed in shooting at postal facility in Memphis 2021-10-14 [OHS Canada]

Tennessee Union members settle in as days mount in Kellogg strike 2021-10-09 [Tri-State Defender]

Tennessee More than 720 workers join lawsuit to sue Y-12 contractor over unpaid overtime 2021-09-22 [NBC]

Tennessee TN healthcare workers respond to Governor Lee's anti-mask executive order 2021-08-19 [NBC]

Tennessee TN AFL-CIO Hosting “Pass the PRO Act” Rally at Senator Hagerty and Senator Blackburn's Nashville Offices 2021-07-19 [TN Tribune]

Tennessee Court Upholds Workers' Comp Judgment for Undocumented Worker 2021-06-23 [SHRM]

Tennessee Gig workers will soon lose unemployment eligibility and experts say it's a mistake 2021-05-29 [NewsChannel 5 Nashville]

Tennessee Vanderbilt Student Government endorses Graduate Workers United List of Demands for the Spring 2021 Semester 2021-02-14 [Vanderbilt Hustler]

Tennessee Univ Memphis Campus Workers Win $15 Minimum Wage 2021-01-21 [CWA]

Tennessee Mayor Strickland joins Teamsters to celebrate MLK Day, honour 1968 sanitation striker Elmore Nickleberry 2021-01-19 [International Brotherhood of Teamsters]

Tennessee A Memphis Temp Worker Died on the Job After FedEx Didn't Fix a Known Hazard. The Fine: $7,000 2020-12-29 [ProPublica]

Tennessee FedEx prioritizes packages over employee safety, workers and experts say 2020-12-23 [MLK50]

Tennessee Members of Teamsters Local 667 in Memphis ratify strong contracts 2020-12-11 [International Brotherhood of Teamsters]

Tennessee Report shows thousands of workers in Tennessee receive federal food assistance 2020-11-22 [WREG]

Tennessee Pandemic Spurs Nashville Restaurant Workers to Organize 2020-09-24 [Labor Notes]

Tennessee TVA Rescinds Previous Decision to Lay Off IT Workers 2020-08-07 [TVA]

Tennessee Under fire from Trump, TVA agrees to keep IT workers, drop outsourcing plan 2020-08-07 [Chattanooga Times Free Press]

Tennessee Trump fires TVA chair, cites hiring of foreign workers 2020-08-04 [AL Daily News]

Tennessee Union workers calling on local senator to help pass Heroes Act For more info 2020-07-30 [FOX]

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