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South Carolina Union Vote at Boeing Plant Tests Labor's Sway Under Trump


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South Carolina Union Vote at Boeing Plant Tests Labor's Sway Under Trump [NYTimes] 2017-02-14

South Carolina US Department of Labor recovers $78K for 27 North Charleston-area food store workers after investigation finds illegal pay practices [US Dept Labor] 2021-07-07

South Carolina Federal labor board overturns Boeing SC union bid [Post and Courier] 2019-09-10

South Carolina Boeing won't recognize union win at North Charleston site as it appeals vote [Post and Courier] 2018-06-19

South Carolina Union presence could benefit all workers at Boeing North Charleston campus, experts say [Post and Courier] 2018-06-03


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South Carolina Midlands Starbucks workers unionize, joining other SC stores after national hiccups 2024-06-19 [The State]

South Carolina Newberry Starbucks workers file for union elections, one of 18 in massive day of filing 2024-06-06 [WISTV]

South Carolina AFL-CIO's president and secretary-treasurer condemn supreme court's disenfranchisement of black voters in South Carolina 2024-05-29 [AFL-CIO]

South Carolina Labour union asks federal regulators to oversee South Carolina workplace safety program 2023-12-08 [OHS Canada]

South Carolina Pelham road starbucks workers file petition to leave workers union due to unmet needs For more info 2023-10-19 [Greenville News]

South Carolina Waffle House worker says she had to go to the ER after working 17-hour shifts 2023-07-17 [Daily Dot]


South Carolina Workers at this SC Waffle House are on strike. Here’s which one and why 2023-07-09 [The State]

South Carolina 87% of Service Workers in the US South were Injured on the Job Last Year 2023-04-07 [Newsclick]

South Carolina Union alleges neglect in South Carolina safety inspections 2023-04-06 [OHS Canada]

South Carolina Dozens of customer service employees gathered in Columbia to protest what they say are unsafe working conditions 2023-04-05 [WLTX]

South Carolina Union Wins Labor Board Ruling in Port Dispute 2022-12-24 [MBT]

South Carolina Starbucks unions have reached SC. Could national wave shift organized labor in the state? 2022-06-05 [The State]

South Carolina US Dept. of Labor recovers $624,000 after restaurants gets accused of shortchanging workers 2022-05-11 [WIS]

South Carolina Letter carriers' annual food drive is May 14 2022-05-07 [Newberry Observer]

South Carolina Emergency service workers push for mental health leave 2021-07-24 [WLTX]

South Carolina US Department of Labor recovers $78K for 27 North Charleston-area food store workers after investigation finds illegal pay practices 2021-07-07 [US Dept Labor]

South Carolina Retail workers in South Carolina get paid -38.80% [sic] less than other workers, survey shows 2021-04-25 [WBTW]

South Carolina S.C. worker uses 3D printing to make face shields for healthcare workers 2021-03-31 [WRDW]

South Carolina Google union files first complaint over labor abuses: Contract workers were banned from discussing pay 2021-02-08 [Engadget]

South Carolina Alphabet Workers Union files labor complaint against Google data center contractor 2021-02-05 [DCD]

South Carolina SC first responders push for COVID-19 compensation 2021-01-15 [WLTX]

South Carolina Laid off or fired while quarantined for coronavirus, these SC workers sued 2020-08-17 [Post and Courier]

South Carolina SC union organization calls for more protections for SC workers, says workers should not be 'offered up' as 'sacrificial lambs for the all mighty dollar' 2020-04-30 [FOX]

South Carolina Claims that Boeing SC unlawfully fired workers over union support move closer to trial 2020-04-11 [Post and Courier]

South Carolina South Carolina again has lowest percentage of workers joining labor unions 2020-01-25 [Post and Courier]

South Carolina Boeing 737 Max crashes put spotlight on manufacturing practices 2019-12-23 [Post and Courier]

South Carolina Federal labor board overturns Boeing SC union bid 2019-09-10 [Post and Courier]

South Carolina Union workers protest AT&T during contract negotiations 2019-08-27 [WSPA]

South Carolina Union wins first step against Boeing over fired workers 2019-08-20 [660 City News]

South Carolina ‘This Fight Against McDonald's is For the American Dream': Dem Candidates Join Striking Charleston McDonald's Workers for Union Rights 2019-06-18 [Chronicle]

South Carolina Congress Turns Up Heat on Boeing for Firing SC IAM Members 2019-05-24 [IAM]

South Carolina Where does SC teacher labor movement go after 10,000 person march? 2019-05-05 [Post and Courier]

South Carolina 'It's because we were union members': Boeing fires workers who organized 2019-05-03 [The Guardian]

South Carolina All Out SC teacher protest: 10,000 in 'largest gathering of teachers in history of SC' 2019-05-02 [Greenville News]

South Carolina South Carolina teachers flex their activist muscles after decades of labor losses 2019-04-29 [Post & Courier]

South Carolina Boeing's switch to ‘smart machine' inspectors draws heat from union 2019-04-21 [Post and Courier]

South Carolina Poor People's Campaign leaders honor striking Charleston hospital workers of 1969 2019-03-24 [Post and Courier]

South Carolina Union has ‘serious concerns' about ex-SC Gov. Nikki Haley joining Boeing's board 2019-03-04 [Post and Courier]

South Carolina Record financial performance gives Boeing's SC non-union workers a big payout 2019-02-15 [Post and Courier]

South Carolina IAM alleges improper firings, creating of hostile work environment at Boeing in North Charleston, SC 2018-12-24 [FitsNews]

South Carolina Machinists say Boeing fired workers over union membership 2018-12-23 [The State]

South Carolina Bernie Sanders calls out Boeing for firing pro-union North Charleston workers 2018-12-23 [Charleston City Paper]

South Carolina Bernie Sanders accuses Boeing of harassing, firing North Charleston workers 2018-12-20 [Post and Courier]

South Carolina More legal Mexican farm workers are coming to SC than ever. But few are protecting them 2018-10-19 [Post and Courier]

South Carolina Labor union claims improper surveillance of Boeing workers in North Charleston 2018-10-17 [Post and Courier]

South Carolina Underpaid SC workers want cut of $177M surplus. GOP Governor snubbed after saying no 2018-10-16 [The State]

South Carolina Lawmakers from both coasts battling over Boeing's North Charleston union vote 2018-10-02 [Post and Courier]

South Carolina Letter: Boeing workers used their right to vote 2018-08-03 [Post and Courier]

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