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Oklahoma OK Teachers Just Purged the Statehouse of Their Enemies


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Oklahoma OK Teachers Just Purged the Statehouse of Their Enemies [Daily Intelligencer] 2018-08-30

Oklahoma Oklahoma Teachers End Walkout After Winning Raises and Additional Funding [NYTimes] 2018-04-13

Oklahoma OK teachers to lawmakers: Raise pay by April 1 or we shut schools [Reuters] 2018-03-08


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Oklahoma Lawmakers double pay for poll workers 2023-09-18 [Enid News&Eagle]

Oklahoma This is one of the worst states for workers according to study 2023-09-03 [OK City Free Press]

Oklahoma Starbucks union workers strike over banned Pride decorations 2023-06-26 [KGOU]

Oklahoma An Apple Store Worker Is the New Face of US Labor Law Reform 2023-03-01 [Wired]

Oklahoma Housing is unaffordable for OK’s low-wage workers 2023-01-15 [OK Policy]

Oklahoma OKC Apple workers prep for contract talks after union vote win 2022-11-07 [The Free Press]

Oklahoma Starbucks’ Decision to End COVID Protections Endangers Me and Other Baristas 2022-10-29 [Progressive]

Oklahoma Apple store in Oklahoma City becomes second to organize 2022-10-17 [New York Times]

Oklahoma Oklahoma City Apple store becomes second in U.S. to vote to unionize 2022-10-16 [Wash Post]

Oklahoma Apple Workers In Oklahoma City Win Union Election To Join CWA 2022-10-16 [NASDAQ]

Oklahoma Apple workers vote for unionizing second U.S. store 2022-10-15 []

Oklahoma Apple Workers Vote for Union at Oklahoma Store in Second Organizing Win 2022-10-15 [WSJrnl]

Oklahoma GOP Senator Lankford targets NEA's charter 2022-09-26 [OK City Sentinel]

Oklahoma Apple Store unionization movement continues in Oklahoma City; prepared for union-busting tactics 2022-09-02 [9to5Mac]

Oklahoma Starbucks is threatening trans employees' healthcare, union says 2022-06-14 [Vice]

Oklahoma First Starbucks in OK unionizes 2022-06-02 [KOCO]

Oklahoma US DOL recovers $348K in overtime for workers at 7 Oklahoma City Fuzzy's Taco Shops 2022-04-21 [US DOL]

Oklahoma Norman, OK: Local Starbucks employees aim to unionize amid nation-wide efforts 2022-03-21 [OU Daily]

Oklahoma Oklahoma City Public Charter School Plans to Defy Mask Ban 2021-08-16 [USNews]

Oklahoma Righting Historical Wrongs: The Tulsa Race Massacre 2021-06-06 [Good Men Project]

Oklahoma Union Pushing Keystone XL Faces Racial Discrimination Suit 2021-01-20 [NPR]

Oklahoma HIstorian and retired teacher John Thompson: How Billionaire “Reformers” Messed Up the Public Schools of Tulsa 2019-11-10 [Diane Ravitch]

Oklahoma Oklahoma teacher to testify in Kavanaugh hearing 2018-09-08 [NewsOk]

Oklahoma OK Teachers Rise Up and Run for Office: Now is the Time for Unity 2018-09-02 [Diane Ravitch]

Oklahoma OK Teachers Just Purged the Statehouse of Their Enemies 2018-08-30 [Daily Intelligencer]

Oklahoma Latest Lawsuit Over Driver Misclassification Shows The Issue Isn't Going Away 2018-08-03 [Go By Truck]

Oklahoma We Talked To 18 Teachers In Oklahoma Calling It Quits (HBO) 2018-06-08 [VICE News]

Oklahoma Oklahoma Teachers End Nearly Two-Week Walkout That Shut Schools 2018-04-13 [USNews]

Oklahoma Oklahoma Teachers End Walkout After Winning Raises and Additional Funding 2018-04-13 [NYTimes]

Oklahoma The Teachers Strike Is At a Crossroads 2018-04-12 [Jacobin]

Oklahoma 'Our feet are gross': Oklahoma teachers on gruelling 110-mile march for better funding 2018-04-09 [The Guardian]

Oklahoma The Oklahoma Teachers' Strike Is a Mutiny Against Austerity 2018-04-07 [Common Dreams]

Oklahoma OK teacher walkout continues 2018-04-07 [AFL-CIO]

Oklahoma Oklahoma teachers ride wave of support in march to capital: *It's for the kids* 2018-04-07 [Guardian]

Oklahoma Oklahoma Teamsters are refusing to cross teacher picket lines to work on renovations on the capitol. Everything is shutting down 2018-04-07 [@InternetEh]

Oklahoma In Choosing to Strike, Oklahoma Teachers Want More Than a Badly Needed Salary Boost. They Want Funding for Decent Classrooms 2018-04-06 [Deutsch29]

Oklahoma Other State Workers Feel Ignored As Teacher Walkout Continues 2018-04-06 [State Impact]

 VIDEO Oklahoma Educators say walkouts aren't about raises 2018-04-04 [Now This]

Oklahoma 'We've Had Enough': Tens of Thousands Oklahoma Teachers Strike for the 2nd Day 2018-04-04 [TeleSUR]

Oklahoma Tax Cuts, Deficits, No Pay Raise in 10 Years 2018-04-03 [Diane Ravitch]

Oklahoma Scenes from a red-state rebellion 2018-04-03 [Vox]

Oklahoma Teachers are walking out in multiple states. Blame GOP economics of govt starvation 2018-04-03 [Wash Post]

Oklahoma Thousands of Teachers Walk Out and Head to State Capitol 2018-04-03 [Diane Ravitch]

Oklahoma Oklahoma teachers prepare to walk out as furor over school funding spreads across the country 2018-04-02 [Washington Post]

Oklahoma The War on Teachers Comes to Oklahoma 2018-04-02 [Education Week]

Oklahoma Jacobin: The Reasons for a Teachers' Strike in “Right to Work” Oklahoma 2018-03-31 [Diane Ravitch]

Oklahoma Oklahoma teachers work up to 6 jobs. Now they are fed up and ready to walk out 2018-03-31 [CNN]

Oklahoma Washington Post: Why Oklahoma Teachers Are Likely to Strike 2018-03-31 [Diane Ravitch]

Oklahoma Facing low pay and big classes, Oklahoma teachers threaten to walk out 2018-03-31 [Washington Post]

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