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New York CUNY staff union sues university over adjunct layoffs


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New York CUNY staff union sues university over adjunct layoffs [NYDaily News] 2020-07-06

New York Concerned About Layoffs and Safety, Professional Staff Congress-CUNY takes to the Streets [The Chief] 2020-06-30

New York Dear Jeff Bezos, instead of firing me, protect your workers from coronavirus [Guardian] 2020-04-09

New York Amazon fires warehouse worker who led Staten Island warehouse walkout [CNN] 2020-03-31

New York Manhattan hotel workers ‘traumatized’ after new boss fires them for union push [NYDaily News] 2019-12-12

New York Fired Amazon worker files labor charges, says he was sacked from S.I. facility because he tried to unionize [NYDaily News] 2019-03-21

New York Amazon abandons New York headquarters rather than respect worker rights [ITF] 2019-02-19

New York 32BJ SEIU Pres Hector Figueroa: Amazon pullout will be bad for the very workers that opponents of the deal claim to care about [NYDaily News] 2019-02-17

New York Employees at Amazon's New NYC Warehouse Launch Unionization Push [Bloomberg] 2018-12-12

New York Amazon exploits workers, retail union charges in slamming LIC move [amNY] 2018-11-30


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New York NYC public school food workers say kitchens unsafe, fear kids return to school buildings 2020-09-20 [PIX]

New York Workers in nursing homes and homes for developmentally disabled press state for urgent staff recruitment drive 2020-09-12 [Newsday]

New York Is Taxing the Rich the Answer to N.Y.’s Budget Deficit? 2020-09-08 [NYTimes]

New York NYC cut 40,000 youth jobs when they are needed most 2020-09-05 [NYTimes]

New York Power of picketing: Solution nears for local workers in wind project 2020-09-05 [Observer]

New York Brooklyn Friends, a Quaker-run progressive school, tries to bust its teachers union 2020-09-03 [NY Times]

New York 2020 Labor Week of Action Heroes Act Panel Discussion - Facebook Live 2020-09-02 [AFL-CIO CLC]

New York New York City Delays Reopening of Schools 2020-09-02 [USNews]

New York Teachers Expect UFT to Vote on Whether to Authorize a Strike Over School Reopening 2020-08-30 [The Intercept]

New York MTA workers won’t take cuts lying down 2020-08-29 [NYDaily News]

New York Two dead, crews searching for workers in industrial accident at Amazon building site in Suffolk 2020-08-29 [13 News Now]

New York Workers Rally Again, Call for Cuomo to Reopen Casinos Across State 2020-08-28 [Spectrum]

New York Casino workers rally to reopen 2020-08-28 [WNYT]


New York AFT teachers union in New York City threatens a strike over Sept. 10 school reopening 2020-08-20 [Washington Post ]

New York NY's Unemployed Restaurant Workers Struggle for Food, Housing 2020-08-17 [Documented NY]

New York Local restaurant workers fight for what they're owed 2020-08-13 [Buffalo News]

New York NY migrant farmworkers warn of next virus wave 2020-08-13 [Auburn Pub]

New York During A Lonely New York Summer, Lincoln Center Brings Music To Essential Workers For more info 2020-08-12 [NPR]

New York Migrant farm workers warn of next COVID-19 wave in New York 2020-08-12 [Press Connects]

New York New Museum Union files charges with NLRB 2020-08-11 [Artforum]

New York Employees Trying to Organize Rip “Union-Busting” at Housing Works 2020-08-09 [Gay City News]

New York Covid-19: N.Y. schools allowed to reopen, raising more questions 2020-08-08 [Buffalo News]

New York NYSUT poll: 81 percent of union members say health and safety should drive school reopening For more info 2020-08-07 [My Little Falls]

New York Teachers bring coffins, guillotine while protesting NYC schools reopening plan 2020-08-06 [New York Post]

New York Help keep good jobs on Staten Island! 2020-07-29 [CWA D1]

New York NYU to study impact of coronavirus pandemic on MTA transit workers 2020-07-28 [SI Live]

New York How Police Unions Fight Reform 2020-07-27 [The New Yorker]

New York New Study Will Look at Risks to Transit Workers From Virus 2020-07-25 [Route Fifty]

New York Tompkins Cty Workers Center to host webinar on Worker Power, Racial Justice, & Mutual Aid 2020-07-24 [Ithaca Voice]

New York NYC Teachers Worried about Risks of Reopening 2020-07-22 [Diane Ravitch]

New York 32BJ union members rally for HEROES Act outside Trump Tower 2020-07-21 [News12]

New York Frontline Workers Call For Protective Equipment as NY Reopens 2020-07-20 [Documented]

New York NYC Teachers Union Head Vows Schools Won't Reopen If They Deem It Unsafe 2020-07-17 [Gothamist]

New York Majority of Black Workers in Tompkins County Do Not Make a Living Wage, Study Finds 2020-07-15 [Cornell Daily Sun]

New York MTA forms task force for pregnant transit workers after tragedy in subway yard 2020-07-13 [NYDaily News]

New York CUNY staff union sues university over adjunct layoffs 2020-07-06 [NYDaily News]

New York Workers return to coronavirus-altered offices in Nassau and Suffolk counties 2020-07-04 [Newsday]

New York Overwhelmed by Volume, Strained Postal Workers Struggle to Keep Up 2020-07-04 [East Hampton Star]

New York NYSUT board resolution calls on union to lead the fight against 'runaway inequality' 2020-06-30 [NYSUT]

New York Legislators call on CUNY to stop cuts and layoffs 2020-06-30 [PSC-CUNY]

New York Concerned About Layoffs and Safety, Professional Staff Congress-CUNY takes to the Streets 2020-06-30 [The Chief]

New York Perks Cafe accused of firing workers for trying to form a union 2020-06-29 [Buffalo News]

New York On Reopening The Economy: ‘No To Austerity Measures’ - A Labor Perspective From Western New York AFL-CIO Area Labor Federation President Richard Lipsitz 2020-06-24 [WNY Today]

New York Pandemic May Force New York City to Lay Off 22,000 Workers 2020-06-24 [NYTimes]

New York NYC Amazon workers interviewed as part of AG Letitia James’ probe into ‘inadequate’ coronavirus response 2020-06-14 [NYDaily News]

New York FDNY sued by EMTs for retalliation after speaking about pandemic 2020-06-13 [NPR]

New York Defying Police Unions, NY Lawmakers Ban Chokeholds 2020-06-09 [NYTimes]

New York Working people across the country will be joining together on Wednesday, June 17, to demand our elected leaders address the health and economic crisis facing our nation 2020-06-08 [CNY AFL-CIO]

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