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Union Workers, Politicians Urging New York To Spend Billions On Roads And Bridges 2020-01-18 [CBS]

Delmar nursing home workers to strike amid fears of losing health benefits and jobs 2020-01-16 [Spotlight]

Spectrum Workers Call For Public ISP, Sing Carols After Nearly 3 Years On Strike In NYC 2020-01-16 [Forbes]

Upstate New York's struggle to bring back workers 2020-01-14 [Olean Times Herald]

Cuomo wants NY employers to provide paid sick leave to workers 2020-01-13 [Auburn Pub]

NYC Transit Workers Ratified New 4-Year Contract 2020-01-10 [CBS]

NYC transit workers ratify new MTA contract by wide margin 2020-01-10 [NYDaily News]

Sports Illustrated staffers are looking to form a wider newsroom union, citing concerns about decisions made by Maven management 2020-01-07 [Awful Announcing]

Spectrum’s Electricians Caught in the Switches 2020-01-04 [The Chief]

New York Raises Wages for Tipped Workers — But Leaves Restaurants Out 2020-01-04 [Eater]

In nod to union, De Blasio will seek special permit for hotel development 2020-01-02 [Real Deal]

Tip Wage for Workers in 'Miscellaneous' Industries to End 2020-01-02 [Spectrum]

These tipped workers in NY will get a full minimum wage. Why wait staff isn't among them 2020-01-02 [Ithaca Jrnl]

This Union Defeated Airbnb. Now It’s Taking Aim at a New Target 2020-01-02 [NYTimes]

NY farmers sue to block law that grants workers right to unionize, overtime pay 2020-01-01 [The Hill]

NY to phase out tipped wages in 'miscellaneous' industries 2020-01-01 [Times Union]

Wage Theft Bill To Help Workers Get Paid Is Still Sitting On Cuomo's Desk 2020-01-01 [Gothamist]

All workers in New York City now eligible for $15 hourly minimum wage 2020-01-01 [AM NY]

Lawsuit aims to halt implementation of NY farm labor law 2020-01-01 [Lockport Jrnl]

NY farmers sue to block law that gives workers overtime, right to unionize For more info 2019-12-31 [Syracuse]

Dairy, vegetable farms challenge state's new worker rights law 2019-12-30 [Buffalo News]

Bill Says Car Wash Workers Should Get Minimum Wage 2019-12-29 [Patch]

Workers for one of NYC’s biggest trash haulers say they’re being strong-armed from joining Teamsters local 2019-12-29 [NYDaily News]

Building Bridges: An African American and Latinx Peoples History of the U.S. For more info 2019-12-27 [WBAI Radio]

Janitors may walk-off job to end 2019 2019-12-26 [Amsterdam News]

Janitors union reaches new deal, avoids strike in Lower Hudson Valley 2019-12-24 [Lohud]

Transit Workers Union asks for more police on platforms 2019-12-24 [News12]

Amazon Workers to Protest Outside Jeff Bezos' Penthouse on Cyber Monday 2019-12-02 [Vice]

NYC's McNally Jackson Staff Looking to Unionize 2019-12-10 [Publishers Weekly]

Eulen America workers allege they were let go for union activity 2019-12-18 [Qns Cty Politics]

McNally Jackson Independent Booksellers’ Workers Opt to Join Union 2019-12-15 [Publishing Perspectives]

Manhattan hotel workers ‘traumatized’ after new boss fires them for union push 2019-12-12 [NYDaily News]

State AFL-CIO Launches Digital Ad Backing Reclassification Of Gig Workers 2019-12-11 [State of Politics]

Nurses in Albany, New York battle for their first union contract For more info  ActNOW!  2019-12-09 [History News Network]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez trolls Amazon over decision to build New York offices 2019-12-07 [Guardian]

New Sculpture By IBEW Union Workers Lights Up Astoria 2019-12-04 [Patch Astoria-LIC]

Uber, Lyft Drivers Could Form Unions Under New York Proposal 2019-12-02 [Bloomberg]

'Not the boys' club anymore': Eight women take a swing at the construction industry 2019-11-30 [NBC]

New York Farms Must Avoid Discouraging Unions 2019-11-30 [Lancaster Farming]

Reaping equality: The farmworkers who bring us our bounty finally have labor rights protected by New York law 2019-11-28 [NYDaily News]

Ocasio-Cortez Demands Solar Company Rehire Workers Fired After Unionizing With Green New Deal in Mind 2019-11-25 [Common Dreams]

Union vs. non-union workers: Which construction sites are safer? 2019-11-23 [SI Live]

School bus drivers call on Gov Cuomo to sign legislation granting them greater job protections 2019-11-19 [NYDaily News]

NYC Boosts Salaries for 1,500 Non-Union Pre-K Teachers 2019-11-19 [The City]

Some Council staffers making near-minimum wage, as talk of unionization percolates 2019-11-14 [Politico]

Nyack Hospital workers rally for better wages, health care coverage 2019-11-11 [Stock Daily Dish]

Vote No on the PSC-CUNY Contract: 7K or Strike 2019-11-07 [Labor Notes]

‘Mistreated, Intimidated and Underpaid’: City Council Workers Rebel 2019-11-02 [NYTimes]

More Than 100 Housing Works Staff Walk Out: Their bosses have interfered with efforts to unionize 2019-10-31 [Bklyn Hts Dumbo]

School nurses often overworked, underpaidSchool nurses often overworked, underpaid 2019-10-27 [Newsday]

This month in labour history

1-01-1966 At 8.02am a transport strike begins across New York City. Strikers will win a 15% pay rise, and other benefits, after 12 days. [more]

2-01-1920 Thousands of US labor activists are arrested in the 'Palmer Raids' during the first Red Scare. [more]

3-01-1917 Trial of labour organizer Tom Mooney begins in San Francisco for Preparedness Day bombing. He was framed & serves 22 years. [more]

4-01-1966 Transport Workers Union of America leader Mike Quill arrested for violating an anti-strike court injunction in 4-day old 35000-member strike. [more]

4-01-1965 Start of victorious 28-day strike by 8000 New York City social workers over better conditions for welfare recipients. [more]

7-01-1920 Five elected members of the New York state assembly belonging to the Socialist Party are refused their seats. [more]

11-01-1912 The 'Bread and Roses' strike began in Lynn Massachusetts. The strike was begun and led by mainly immigrant women. [more]

11-01-1937 Police beat and arrest UAW members during the great sit-down strike in Flint, Michigan [more]

13-01-1874 Mounted police from the NYPD violently attack a demonstration of unemployed workers in Tompkins Square Park. [more]

15-01-1929 Birth of civil rights activist and labor movement supporter Martin Luther King, Jr [more]

17-01-1915 The song 'Solidarity Forever' by Ralph Chaplin is first sung, on a hunger march through Chicago organised by Lucy Parsons. [more]

22-01-1969 Black workers at the Eldon Chrysler plant in Detroit march on the autoworkers' union with a list of grievances. The workers had formed ELRUM - the Eldon Revolutionary Union Movement - and they called a strike the next day. [more]

23-01-1913 Joe Hill's song 'Mr. Block', extolling the virtues of industrial unionism, is first published in the IWW's newpaper. [more]

27-01-1850 Samuel Gompers, founder of the American Federation of Labor, is born. [more]

29-01-1834 Federal troops are used to break a strike for the first time in America, on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal [more]

31-01-1938 12,000 pecan shellers, most of them Hispanic women, strike for higher wages and civil rights in San Antonio, Texas. [more]