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New Hampshire N.H. Electric Co-op Workers Go on Strike§


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New Hampshire N.H. Electric Co-op Workers Go on Strike§ [Valley News] 2018-05-08

New Hampshire Sanders picks up coveted union endorsement in New Hampshire [Politico] 2020-01-13

 VIDEO  New Hampshire Westinghouse Electric locks out 172 employees at Newington facility [WMUR] 2017-05-22


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New Hampshire Dartmouth Grad Workers Win Recognition Despite Boss’s Legal Tricks 2023-06-04 [UE]

New Hampshire Starbucks workers in Rochester first in NH to vote to unionize, but what happens next? 2023-05-24 [Foster's Daily Democrat]

New Hampshire Dartmouth student union demands $27 per hour for late-night barista jobs 2023-01-01 [College Fix]

New Hampshire Students demand high wages for campus jobs 2023-01-01 [Campus Reform]

New Hampshire US DOL recovers $61K for 39 workers after investigation finds improper use of Concord restaurant's tip pool 2022-02-18 [US DOL]

New Hampshire Bull Moose workers in NH vote to unionize months after entire store staff fired 2021-09-21 [BDN]

New Hampshire Salem Bull Moose workers unionize with UFCW 2021-09-18 [Sentinel Source]

New Hampshire A day for workers of the world: Hosmer Gallery finds connections between in-person and online exhibits 2021-07-16 [The Gazette]

New Hampshire More Than $140K in Back Wages Owed to NH Pizza Delivery Workers 2021-07-08 [NECN]

New Hampshire Bull Moose rehires laid-off workers and issues apology 2021-06-11 [Press Herald]

New Hampshire Service + Solidarity Spotlight: New Hampshire House of Representatives Reject 'Right to Work' 2021-06-08 [AFL-CIO]

New Hampshire House Kills GOP Touted Right-To-Work Bill 2021-06-08 [InDepthNH]

New Hampshire RTW in N.H. fails thanks to work of Teamsters 2021-06-04 [International Brotherhood of Teamsters]

New Hampshire NH Primary Source: With GOP majorities in NH Legislature, right-to-work push renewed 2021-01-07 [WMUR]

New Hampshire NH Delegation Stands With American Postal Workers in Manchester to Condemn the Trump Administration's Sabotage of USPS 2020-08-26 [Kuster.House.Gov]

New Hampshire Nursing homes struggle to find enough masks, gowns 2020-04-12 [NH Union Leader]

New Hampshire Unemployment claims reach 100K, stressing employees 2020-04-08 [NH Union Leader]

New Hampshire Value state workers risking their health 2020-04-05 [NH Union Leader]

New Hampshire Lakes Region hospitals to furlough more than 600 employees 2020-04-04 [NH Union Leader]

New Hampshire Nashua looking to make its 14-hour polling time the standard 2020-02-09 [NH Union Leader]

New Hampshire Minimum wage bill is an investment in workers 2020-02-02 [Concord Monitor]

New Hampshire UNH unions, facing layoffs, vow solidarity 2020-01-29 [Fosters]

New Hampshire Bernie Sanders Picks Up Backing of Influential New Hampshire Union, SEA/SEIU Local 1984 2020-01-13 [NYTimes]

New Hampshire Bernie Sanders Lands Endorsement From New Hampshire SEIU 2020-01-13 [Inquisitr]

New Hampshire Bernie Sanders wins major New Hampshire union endorsement 2020-01-13 [Washington Times]

New Hampshire Local New Hampshire SEIU branch bucks national union to endorse Sanders 2020-01-13 [The Hill]

New Hampshire Sanders picks up coveted union endorsement in New Hampshire 2020-01-13 [Politico]

New Hampshire Local New Hampshire SEA/SEIU Backs Bernie Sanders, Bucking National Affiliate 2020-01-13 [NYTimes]

New Hampshire NH House votes to double minimum wage to $15 2020-01-11 [NH Union Leader]

New Hampshire As neighboring states raise minimum wage, NH companies could face pressure to pay more 2020-01-05 [NH Union Leader]

New Hampshire ‘We're busy': Sanders gets cold shoulder from NH unions 2020-01-02 [Politico]

New Hampshire Bernie Stands with New Hampshire State Employees in Fight for Fair Contract 2019-12-29 [NH Labor News]

New Hampshire Keene teachers want safety steps adopted 2019-11-14 [NH Union Leader]

New Hampshire Teachers union accuses Keene district of lowering pensions 2019-10-25 [Sentinel Source]

New Hampshire What's Working: The signs all point to a need for workers 2019-09-29 [NH Union Leader]

New Hampshire Keene teachers union files complaint over discipline after reporting safety issues 2019-09-22 [Sentinel Source]

New Hampshire Sanders Out Front in 3-Way New Hampshire Primary Lead: Poll 2019-09-14 [NBC]

New Hampshire NH businesses counting on foreign workers for summer season 2019-04-14 [NH Union Leader]

New Hampshire Jim Kenyon: Dartmouth's temporary workers could be a long-term problem 2019-03-31 [Valley News]

New Hampshire Jaffrey-Rindge teacher's union files labor complaint against district 2019-03-07 [Monadnock Ledger-Transcript]

New Hampshire New Hampshire feels pain of longest government shutdown 2019-01-14 [NH Union Leader]

New Hampshire NH farmers worried as the shutdown rolls on 2019-01-06 [NH Union Leader]

New Hampshire State employees union, activists call on NH lawmakers to more than double mimimum wage 2018-09-18 [NH Union Leader]

New Hampshire Send A Proven Progressive Leader To Washington 2018-09-03 [NH Labor News]

New Hampshire Sanders coming back to N.H. to headline major Labor Day union breakfast 2018-08-09 [Concord Monitor]

New Hampshire New Parker-Varney Elementary School principal has *short fuse* says union for fired Raymond kindergarten teacher 2018-08-07 [NH Union Leader]

New Hampshire New Hampshire Reacts To Janus Decision 2018-07-13 [NH Labor News]

New Hampshire Manchester teachers union declares impasse in negotiations 2018-06-05 [NH Union Leader]

New Hampshire N.H. Electric Co-op Workers Go on Strike§ 2018-05-08 [Valley News]

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