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Nebraska After Spate of Strikes, Big Raises for Omaha Kellogg Workers 2022-03-31 [USNews]

Nebraska Kellogg’s workers win big raise at Cheez-It plant 2022-03-31 [MLive]

Nebraska Union files petition against Grand Island Public concerning substitute teacher misclassification 2022-01-27 [Independent]

Nebraska BNSF railroad looking to block 17,000 workers from striking 2022-01-20 [1011Now]

Nebraska Nebraska employers raising wages to attract more workers 2021-10-31 [NBC]

 VIDEO Nebraska Inside look at Kellog’s strike overnight 2021-10-22 [KMTV]

Nebraska Kellogg Cereal-Worker Strike Continues as Trades Union Returns 2021-10-19 [Bloomberg]

Nebraska Fed up by pandemic, U.S. food workers launch rare strikes 2021-10-09 [Indiana Gazette]

Nebraska Lincoln Burger King employees: “WE ALL QUIT ... SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE.” 2021-07-13 [NYPost / KLKN]

Nebraska 'We all quit': Local Burger King sign goes viral 2021-07-13 [KLKN]

Nebraska Nebraska advances virus protections for meatpacking workers 2021-05-07 [NBC]

Nebraska Service + Solidarity Spotlight: Nebraska AFL-CIO Rallies with Meatpacking Workers in Lincoln 2021-04-17 [Workplace Fairness]

Nebraska Group touts meatpacking plant workers 2021-03-19 [Grand Island Independent]

Nebraska It's safe: Latino groups combat vaccine fears among Nebraska's essential workers 2021-03-06 [NBC]

Nebraska NE health care workers cope with stress, long hours as they treat COVID-19 patients 2020-11-29 [Omaha World-Herald]

Nebraska Bloody Masks and Fevers on Shift: Immigrant Workers Face Abuse in NE Meatpacking Plant 2020-11-24 [ACLU]

Nebraska Lawsuit accuses NE meatpacking plant of not protecting workers from COVID 2020-11-24 [Omaha World-Herald]

Nebraska Lawsuit Alleges Worker Danger: Poultry Plant Workers Union Points to USDA Line Speed Waivers as COVID-19 Risk 2020-07-29 [Progressive Farmer]

Nebraska Senator Vargas seeks legislative action to protect meatpacking workers after losing father to covid-19 2020-07-28 [Jrnl Star]

Nebraska State, prison workers union reach agreement on pay to resolve staffing problems 2019-12-28 [Omaha World-Herald]

Nebraska Online retailer Hayneedle lays off more than 200 workers in Omaha 2019-05-04 [BH News Service ]

Nebraska Workers at Shopko warehouse in Sarpy are getting laid off — without promised severance pay 2019-04-15 [Omaha World Herald]

Nebraska Prison workers disappointed by arbiter wage and labor decisions 2019-03-03 [Neighbor]

Nebraska Union workers volunteer, providing free electrical repairs for elderly 2018-10-28 [KETV]

Nebraska Report: Unions Key to Reducing Income Inequality 2018-09-11 [PNS]

Nebraska ICE raid targeting employers and more than 100 workers rocks a small Nebraska town 2018-08-11 [Wash Post]

Nebraska Prison and security workers vote to create new union 2018-07-20 []

Nebraska Troubled Tecumseh prison must return to 8-hour shifts after state loses labor ruling 2018-04-20 [KWBE]

Nebraska Troubled Tecumseh prison must return to 8-hour shifts after state loses labor ruling 2018-04-19 [Omaha World-Herald]

Nebraska Labor union summit held to organize local unions 2018-04-07 [NBC]

Nebraska Health care premiums, deductibles are going up for Omaha firefighters 2018-02-19 [Omaha World-Herald]

Nebraska Several workers in StratCom basement got mysteriously sick. The likely cause: carbon dioxide buildup 2017-12-18 [Omaha World-Herald]

Nebraska Labor union teams up with nonprofit to keep seniors safe in their homes 2017-10-22 [Omaha]

Nebraska Prison workers voice worries about morale, turnover 2017-10-22 [Seattle Times]

Nebraska Despite steady profits, railroads have laid off thousands — and more cuts are likely on the way 2017-08-27 [Omaha World-Herald]

Nebraska State senators weigh ending deductions for union dues 2017-03-21 [Idaho Statesman]

Nebraska Bill to end automatic collection of union dues from state paychecks faces some pushback 2017-03-21 [Omaha World-Herald]