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Montana 2 Keystone XL pipeline workers get virus, but work continues 2020-08-07 [AP]

Montana Bozeman man plays trumpet nightly to honor health care workers 2020-07-04 [Bozeman Daily Chronicle]

Montana Yellowstone Guides File Complaint For Union Busting 2020-05-05 [MT PR]

Montana Eugene Debs to mining city: “The men who work the hardest have the least to show for it. Those who work the least have all the wealth. Wall Street rules the American continent' 2020-02-10 [MT Standard]

Montana Govt task force looks into payroll fraud in MT construction industry 2020-02-03 [KPVI]

Montana Daines, Gianforte should help secure U.S. workers' pensions 2019-12-30 [Billings Gazette]

Montana Grant for retraining displaced coal plant workers untapped 2019-08-28 [Albany Times Union]

Montana $2M grant for Colstrip coal worker retraining sits unused after two years 2019-08-24 [MT Standard]

Montana Study shows graduate teaching assistants make least money in Montana 2019-07-21 [Bozeman Daily Chronicle]

Montana Three Forks-lockout union leader named Montana AFL-CIO president 2019-07-18 [Bozeman Daily Chronicle]

Montana Nurses’ union? Yes, and why 2019-07-08 [Daily Inter Lake]

Montana Montana Nurses File Charges Against Kalispell Regional Healthcare 2018-12-08 [MTPR]

Montana Victory for Boilermakers at Imerys Talc 2018-11-06 [IndustriALL]

Montana Lockout ends at Three Fork talc plant; workers sign new 3-year deal 2018-11-02 [KPAX]

Montana Locked-out union workers reach agreement with talc plant 2018-11-01 [SFChornicle]

Montana Three Forks labor standoff, lockout ends with agreement, “win” for working Montanans 2018-11-01 [Missoula Current]

Montana ‘It’s Time to Get Pissed Off’: In Montana, a Labor Standoff Has National Implications 2018-10-30 [The Nation]

Montana Survey of Missoula workers shows workplace environment tops wage as priority 2018-10-28 [Missoulian]

Montana United States: Imerys locks out Montana talc workers 2018-09-13 [IndustriALL]

Montana Talc mill workers, managers to resume talks amid lockout 2018-08-31 [KULR]

Montana Talc mill workers, managers to resume talks amid lockout 2018-08-30 [News Tribune]

Montana Rally planned for locked-out talc mill workers in Three Forks 2018-08-22 [NBC]

Montana MT Gov. Steve Bullock gives his support to locked-out union workers 2018-08-11 [USNews]

Montana Educators gather in Bozeman for international rural schools conference 2018-08-05 [Independent Record]

Montana Talc plant workers protest in Three Forks after bosses lock them out 2018-08-05 [KPAX]

 VIDEO Montana Union workers to picket round-the-clock after talc mill lockout 2018-08-04 [NBC]

Montana Lockout begins at Imerys Talc plant after union rejects offer 2018-08-04 [MT Standard]

Montana Unionized employees of St. James Healthcare in Butte 'disappointed' after being asked to bargain for award 2018-06-25 [MT Standard]

Montana First Montana newspaper union in modern history formed 2018-04-10 [KPAX]

Montana Missoula Independent staff votes yes for union; next up, contract negotiations 2018-04-08 [Missoula Current]

Montana Missoula Indy Workers Vote Unanimously for Union 2018-04-08 [CWA]

Montana Independent rejects union supporters ad 2018-04-06 []

Montana Merger gives state worker union 25,000 members, more political power 2018-01-21 [The Independent Record]

Montana Federal Mediator Steps In To Healthcare Union Dispute 2017-12-30 [NPR]

Montana State cuts developmental disability case management workers jobs 2017-12-24 [NBC]

Montana State employee unions getting ready to merge 2017-11-27 [Great Falls Tribune]

 VIDEO Montana Keystone pipeline protest garners crowd on Great Falls Civic Center 2017-10-12 [Great Falls Tribune]

Montana Montana Supreme Court says city of Billings does not have to pay $2.7M in backpay, union contract too unclear 2017-08-30 [Billings Gazette]

Montana Coal Workers: $4.6M In Federal Money To Help Retraining: They had been left to fend for themselves 2017-08-02 [Across MT Patch]

Montana Union Stillwater miners negotiate 5 percent pay increase with new owners 2017-06-20 [Billings Gazette]

Montana Trumka/Edblad: Despite safety efforts, hard-rock mining remains dangerous work 2017-06-11 [Montana Standard]

Montana Benefis nurses file for union election 2017-03-11 [KTVH]

Montana Bus drivers union files unfair labor practice complaint 2016-11-15 [NBC]

Montana The mysterious 1917 lynching of Frank Little: labor activist who fought inequality and lost 2016-09-21 [Guardian]

Montana Who killed Frank Little? Dozens fingered over the past 99 years 2016-08-03 [Montana Standard]

Montana AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka is rallying MT union members as they convene in Helena for their annual convention 2016-06-24 [Daily Reporter]

Montana Anger over proposal to privatize VA care 2016-06-21 [Great Falls Tribune]

Montana OSHA: Anaconda plant workers exposed to arsenic 2016-04-08 [Albany Times Union]

Montana Gov takes action to allow home care worker wage increase 2016-02-27 [Lebanon Daily Record]

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