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Mississippi Documents: Plant owners ‘willfully’ used ineligible workers


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Mississippi Documents: Plant owners ‘willfully’ used ineligible workers [AP] 2019-08-10

Mississippi A Fight for Civil and Labor Rights: Union Vote Looms at Nissan [NBC] 2017-08-04

Mississippi Bernie Sanders: Nissan dispute could go down as most vicious anti-union crusade in decades [The Guardian] 2017-08-03

Mississippi Nissan declines talks with union after Mar 4 rally healined by Bernie Sanders [St Louis Post-Dispatch] 2017-03-24

Mississippi Bernie Sanders backs unionization campaign as Democrats draft populist agenda [Washington Post] 2017-03-06


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Mississippi United Campus Workers Win in Tennessee, Fight for a Liveable Wage in Mississippi 2022-05-12 [CWA]

Mississippi Workers at call centers with federal contract win higher pay 2021-10-04 [AP]

 VIDEO Mississippi MS ICU Nurse: ‘We Need Help’ As Covid Cases Surge For more info 2021-08-12 [MSNBC]

 VIDEO Mississippi MS ICU nurse: ‘I don’t have any strength left’ as Covid cases surge among unvaccinated patients For more info 2021-08-12 [NBC]

Mississippi Case files on 1964 civil rights worker killings made public 2021-06-28 [Politico]

Mississippi ‘Breaking Point’: Restaurant Workers Push Back Amid Unemployment Benefit Crackdown 2021-05-29 [MS Free Press]

Mississippi As Mask Mandates Lift, Retail Workers Again Feel Vulnerable 2021-03-31 [NYTimes]

Mississippi US union calls on Safran to extend contract 2020-11-09 [IndustriALL]

Mississippi ‘Alarming rate’ of coronavirus infection among grocery store workers, study finds 2020-11-01 [FOX]

Mississippi Nissan faces safety fine in Mississippi as union rally looms 2019-12-15 [Spring Hill Insider]

Mississippi MS went big for Trump, but education supporters are threatening a political shakeup 2019-10-13 [Hechinger Report]

Mississippi Teacher Activism Is Making Red State Governor Races Competitive 2019-10-12 [Diane Ravitch]

Mississippi Chicago’s Koch Foods, whose Mississippi plant was raided by ICE, had history of ‘knowingly hiring and employing illegal aliens' 2019-08-17 [Chicago Tribune]

Mississippi MS Food Processing Company Is Looking For Workers After ICE Raids 2019-08-13 [NPR]

Mississippi Documents: Plant owners ‘willfully’ used ineligible workers 2019-08-10 [AP]

Mississippi Raided Plant Owners ‘Willfully’ Used Undocumented Workers 2019-08-10 [Huff Post]

Mississippi ICE Raids Targeted Workers Who Fought for Better Conditions 2019-08-10 [TruthOut]

Mississippi ICE Mississippi Raid That Saw 680 Workers Arrested Took Place On First Day Of School, Causing Chaos For Children 2019-08-09 [Newsweek]

Mississippi MS Immigration Raids Lead To Arrests Of Hundreds Of Workers 2019-08-09 [ME Public]

Mississippi DOJ, ICE release 300 of nearly 700 workers detained in Mississippi raid 2019-08-09 [NYPost]

Mississippi ICE raids targeted company whose workers won discrimination lawsuit 2019-08-08 [Democracy Now]

Mississippi 'Let them go!': Tears, shock over ICE raids at Mississippi food processing plants 2019-08-08 [Clarion Ledger]

Mississippi MS Immigration Raids Net Hundreds Of Workers 2019-08-08 [NPR]

Mississippi Minnesota Amazon workers plan Prime Day strike next week 2019-07-10 [ABC]

Mississippi Thousands of airline food workers vote to authorize a strike 2019-06-24 [WCBI]

Mississippi Maximus workers protest Mississippi business conditions, seek union 2019-06-08 [AP]

Mississippi How Mississippi’s abundant low-wage workers earn less today than 50 years ago 2019-05-21 [Daily Journal]

Mississippi Will Teachers in Mississippi Be Next to Strike? 2019-04-05 [Diane ravitch]

Mississippi Undocumented workers find it hard to access worker’s comp 2019-03-04 [Gillette News Record]

Mississippi Activist and labor organizer from 1963 lunch-counter protest photo dies at 84 2019-01-12 [NBC]

Mississippi Why Prison Privatization is Bad: A Case Study 2018-04-20 [AFSCME]

Mississippi CWA: Federal contractor underpaying workers at 11 call centers nationwide because of misclassification 2018-02-03 [USNews]

Mississippi Communications Workers union accuses General Dynamics of wage violations in Hattiesburg 2018-02-03 [The American]

Mississippi State dangerous for some workers, says report 2017-12-28 [NPR]

Mississippi Mississippi shipyard union members vote to extend contract 2017-11-29 [AP]

Mississippi 7,000 Ingalls workers vote on new labor contract 2017-11-28 [WLOX]

Mississippi Ingalls workers to vote on new labor contract 2017-11-23 [WLOX]

Mississippi Reflections After the Union Loss 2017-11-02 [Jackson Free Press]

Mississippi UAW takes Nissan to court, accusing it of playing dirty 2017-10-04 [Biz Live]

Mississippi UAW Accuses Nissan Of Illegally Surveilling Workers Involved With Union Activity 2017-09-30 [Jalopnik]

Mississippi UAW Alleges Nissan Surveils Workers at Plant Where Union Failed 2017-09-30 [Newsmax]

Mississippi Canton swarmed by record-setting crowd for Labor Day festival 2017-09-06 [Mountaineer]

Mississippi UAW’s loss at Nissan auto plant masks genuine progress for organized labor 2017-08-23 [Conversation]

Mississippi Labor Voices: Nissan union vote was influenced 2017-08-23 [Detroit News]

Mississippi Why Did Nissan Workers Vote No? 2017-08-12 [Labour Notes]

Mississippi UAW Confront Renewed Resistance In The South 2017-08-11 [CO NPR]

Mississippi Labor Lessons from Canton 2017-08-08 [Ricochet]

Mississippi UAW loses Nissan vote in face of threats and intimidation 2017-08-07 [IndustriALL]

Mississippi *Nissan, you made us mad*: Union promises to fight defeat 2017-08-07 [Guardian]

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