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Minnesota The Amazon Prime Day strike shows how to take on Amazon – and win


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Minnesota The Amazon Prime Day strike shows how to take on Amazon – and win [Guardian] 2019-07-17

Minnesota Amazon Workers Plan Prime Day Strike Despite $15-an-Hour Pledge [Bloomberg] 2019-07-08

Minnesota Labor Day actions planned to support $15 wage, paid leave [Workday Minnesota] 2017-08-31

Minnesota Rally fights deportation of Twin Cities labor leader: Supporters say return to Guatemala could be fatal [Star Tribune] 2017-06-27

Minnesota Allina nurses settlement could embolden hospitals against nurses [MPR] 2016-10-24

Minnesota Allina nurses reject contract, remain on strike. No-vote will send 4,800 caregivers at five Allina hospitals back to the picket lines [Star Tribune] 2016-10-04

Minnesota Dozens fired at St. Paul charter school in suspected union retaliation [City Pages] 2016-06-09


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Minnesota Healthcare Workers Vote To Ratify Allina Health Agreement 2021-05-18 [KTOE]

Minnesota Allina Healthcare Workers File 10-Day Notice For ULP Strike 2021-04-29 [SEIU Healthcare MN]

Minnesota Allina Workers announce intent to strike in May 2021-04-29 [KSTP]

Minnesota Union Workers Rally for Justice for Daunte Wright at Brooklyn Center Site 2021-04-17 [CCX Media]

Minnesota Essential Workers Speak about a Year of COVID-19 2021-03-14 [Workday MN]

Minnesota Union representing food retail workers raises vaccine rollout concerns 2021-03-06 [KARE-11]

Minnesota Amazon Employee on Bezos stepping down: He’s ‘gotten very wealthy’ off of ‘work that all of his employees have done’ 2021-02-05 [Yahoo Finance]

Minnesota JBS labor union calls for legislation to protect local workers 2021-01-30 [Globe]

Minnesota House DFL bill would offer safety protections for meatpacking workers 2021-01-28 [MPR]

Minnesota Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid Tackles Worker Misclassification 2021-01-23 [MN Legal Services]

Minnesota Minnesota leads Midwest in wage theft, report says 2021-01-23 [Finance&Commerce]

Minnesota Teamsters at Marathons's St Paul Park strike over safety 2021-01-23 [Union Advocate]

Minnesota COVID sparks more job protection for workers 2021-01-18 [StarTribune]

Minnesota Tentative contract agreement gives Minnesota home care workers a 15 percent raise 2021-01-18 [MPR]

Minnesota United Food & Commercial Workers Local 663 Members Secure a Better Life, Ratify First Union Contracts 2020-12-31 [UFCW]

Minnesota Many of Minnesota's lowest wage workers to get a raise of 6 to 8 cents an hour 2020-12-30 [StarTribune]

 VIDEO Minnesota Covid, The Pandemic and The War On Healthcare Workers: MN NNU Nurse Steward Willmeng Speaks Out For more info 2020-12-03 [LVP]

Minnesota Hospitals race to set vaccine priorities for health care workers 2020-11-28 [Ponca City News]

Minnesota Minneapolis/St. Paul Health systems short at least 6,000 workers due to Covid-19 spread 2020-11-14 [Minn/St Paul Biz Jrnl]

Minnesota Workers Celebrate Election, Continue to Fight 2020-11-13 [Workday MN]

Minnesota ‘Work From Home If You Can’ Policy For State Workers Extended Until June 2021 2020-10-22 [CBS]

Minnesota Spyhouse Coffee Workers Strike 2020-09-20 [CBS]

Minnesota Allina Health technical workers set to strike at Shakopee, Minneapolis hospitals 2020-09-07 [MN Bring Me the News]

Minnesota MN AFL-CIO Calls on Police Union President to Resign over George Floyd’s Killing 2020-07-30 [News Break]

Minnesota Nursing home workers plan Monday strike 2020-07-20 [KARE]

Minnesota Some workers at Tattersall Distilling in Minneapolis push to form a union 2020-07-10 [StarTribune]

Minnesota Undocumented Farmworkers Are Refusing Covid Tests for Fear of Losing Their Jobs 2020-06-22 [Workday]

Minnesota MN Behavioral Health Members Find Community Online, Build Union Strength 2020-06-19 [AFSCME]

Minnesota USW Urges Minneapolis Police Union President Kroll's Resignation or Ouster 2020-06-10 [USW]

Minnesota Unsafe Working Conditions Due to COVID-19? Learn About Your Right to Refuse! 2020-06-08 [MN AFL-CIO]

Minnesota Healthcare workers stand in solidarity with black community 2020-06-07 [KBJR6]

Minnesota Various labor organizations call for Minneapolis police union chief Bob Kroll to resign 2020-06-03 [Up News Info]

Minnesota Several Minn. Labor Organizations Call For Minneapolis Police Union Head Bob Kroll To Step Down 2020-06-03 [CBS]

Minnesota Sign the petition: Union Members for #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd For more info 2020-06-03 [Labor Notes]

Minnesota Twin Cities Labor Mobilizes Against George Floyd Murder 2020-06-03 [Labor Notes]

Minnesota Minnieapolis bus driver: 'Its imperative that unions fight for all workers' 2020-06-01 [Jacobin]

Minnesota MNA nurses respond to the killing of a black Minnesotan by Minnieapolis police 2020-05-31 [Minniesota Nurses Association]

Minnesota Justice for George Floyd 2020-05-31 [Rducation Minniesota]

Minnesota See flash-bangs go off near NBC new reporter as Minnieapolis protest retreat 2020-05-31 [Youtube]

Minnesota Twin cities Labor mobilize against George Floyd murder 2020-05-30 [Labor Notes]

Minnesota Transit Workers Union Backs Members Who Refuse Transporting Minneapolis Police 2020-05-30 [Huffington Post]

Minnesota Transit workers union backs members who refuse transporting Minnieapolis police 2020-05-30 [Huffington Post]

Minnesota Police arrest CNN reporter Omar Jimminez and crew on live television 2020-05-29 [Youtube]

Minnesota Minnieapolis protests: CNN crew arrested as fires rage in Minnieapolis; Trump calls protestors 'THUGS' suggest looting will lead to shooting 2020-05-29 [Washington Post]

Minnesota Journalist assaulted in Minneapolis 'over perceived sexual orientation' 2020-05-22 [IFJ]

Minnesota Unions Hold Vigil For Workers Exposed to COVID-19 2020-05-03 [Workday MN]

Minnesota Hormel union workers ask for reclassification as first responders to help protect them from COVID-19 2020-04-16 [ABC]

Minnesota Inside the Union Where Coronavirus Put 98% of Members Out of Work 2020-04-11 [Workday MN]

Minnesota Coronavirus In Minnesota: Metro Transit And Union Join Forces To Secure More Face Masks 2020-04-08 [CBS]

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