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Georgia More than 100 years ago, black domestic workers in Georgia rose up for better pay. Now they're getting out the vote for Stacey Abrams


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Georgia More than 100 years ago, black domestic workers in Georgia rose up for better pay. Now they're getting out the vote for Stacey Abrams [NYTimes] 2018-11-06

Georgia Unions allege severe violations of workers' rights at eyewear giant Luxottica [UNI Global Union] 2021-07-16

Georgia Apple workers in Atlanta become company's 1st retail workers to file to unionize [NPR] 2022-04-22

Georgia Essential Workers Celebrate Two US Senate Victories in Georgia [SEIU] 2021-01-07


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Georgia Fire fighter takes daughter along for the ride 2024-05-12 [IAFF]

Georgia Some Georgia workers would find it harder to become union members under a new bill 2024-03-21 [CP]

Georgia Southern Industrial Chemicals exposed workers of Atlanta to chemical, struck-by hazards 2024-03-09 [US DOL]

Georgia Former Georgia election workers awarded $148M in civil suit against Giuliani 2024-02-23 [USAToday]

 VIDEO Georgia Anheuser-Busch workers ready to strike 2024-02-12 [FOX]

Georgia Senate passes bill that threatens incentives for companies whose workers seek to unionize 2024-02-10 [The Morning News]

Georgia In possible test of federal labor law, Georgia could make it harder for some workers to join unions 2024-02-09 [ABC]

Georgia The Georgia Senate panel is advancing a bill that would make the state even less hospitable to union workers – WABE 2024-02-04 [Georgia Law News]

Georgia Longtime Georgia starbucks worker fired 2 days after store files for union vote For more info 2023-10-05 [TastingTable]

 VIDEO Georgia The cost of the Big Lie: Giuliani ordered to pay damages to Georgia election workers For more info 2023-09-04 [MSNBC]

Georgia Judge rules Giuliani liable for defaming Georgia election workers 2023-08-30 [AP]

Georgia Election Workers Named as Victims in Georgia Trump Indictment 2023-08-20 [MSNBC]

Georgia Union win - US tyre workers approve USW contract 2023-08-16 [IndustriALL]

 VIDEO Georgia Sanitation service rally held in Atlanta, union workers demand better wages 2023-07-23 [Atlanta News First]

Georgia Unionized Georgia Starbucks workers grapple with Starbucks over contract impasse, while other battles continue 2023-07-21 [Atlanta Civic Circle]

 VIDEO Georgia Hundreds of local film industry workers, on and off camera, gather as actors’ strike continues For more info 2023-07-18 [WSB-TV]

Georgia Georgia UPS workers prepare for strike, demand better wages and conditions 2023-07-10 [Atlanta News First]

Georgia Two Georgia election workers cleared of wrongdoing in 2020 elections 2023-06-23 [The Guardian]

Georgia GA’s child care workers are among the lowest paid in the nation 2023-06-18 [Rough Draft Atlanta]

Georgia Starbucks workers say company won’t let them hang up pride decorations 2023-06-15 [WSB TV]

Georgia Pro-union Delta workers rally for change outside Atlanta airport 2023-05-26 [ANF]

Georgia Union Win at Bus Company Electrifies Georgia 2023-05-16 [Labour Notes]

Georgia Steelworkers win union election at Blue Bird, electric bus maker in Fort Valley, Ga 2023-05-14 [New York Times]

 VIDEO Georgia GA election workers honored for defending democracy; Trump continues baseless attacks For more info 2023-01-07 [MCNBC]

Georgia Warehouse workers in Atlanta accuse Amazon of unfair labor practices 2022-10-20 [Yahoo]

Georgia Tucker Brewing Co Terminated Workers for Asking About Pay 2022-09-29 [Food Manufacturing]

Georgia False claims, threats fuel poll worker sign-ups for midterms 2022-09-27 [AP]

 VIDEO Georgia After week 1 of school year, Chatham County teachers already feeling the effects of staff shortage 2022-08-15 [WJCL]

Georgia Atlanta EMS Unionize to Push Back against Understaffing 2022-07-31 [Payday Report]

Georgia Brenau students help farm workers, children in south Georgia 2022-07-05 [Brenau]

Georgia “Do you know how it feels to have the president of the United States target you?” Powerful January 6 testimony from Georgia poll workers reveals a serious — and ongoing — threat to democracy 2022-06-22 [Vox]

Georgia Election workers describe racist threats after Trump attacks 2022-06-22 [NewsNation]

Georgia Atlanta's Apple store union vote is postponed not cancelled, says organizers 2022-06-05 [Apple Insider]

Georgia Workers exposed to hazardous substance in Best Buy warehouse in GA 2022-06-04 [Telegraph]

Georgia Apple Store Showdown: Inside the Battle for Union Representation 2022-06-02 [NYTimes]

Georgia Apple union push faces setback as Atlanta organizers withdraw vote bid, citing alleged intimidation, rising Covid cases 2022-06-01 [CNBC]

Georgia Atlanta Apple store workers reportedly withdraw request for union vote scheduled just days away, citing alleged intimidation 2022-05-29 [Business Insider]

Georgia Atlanta Apple store workers say ‘intimidation' has made a fair union vote impossible 2022-05-28 [Verge]

Georgia Apple allegedly intimidates retail workers into canceling union vote 2022-05-28 [Cult of Mac]

Georgia Campaign Workers for Democratic Party of Georgia Secure Teamster Contract 2022-05-28 [Teamsters]

Georgia Apple Atlanta Workers Drop Bid for Union Vote Next Week, Claiming Intimidation 2022-05-27 [Bloomberg]

Georgia Viewpoint: Abolish the H-2A Program! 2022-04-22 [Labor Notes]

Georgia Apple workers in Atlanta become company's 1st retail workers to file to unionize 2022-04-22 [NPR]

Georgia Workers at Atlanta Apple store file to hold first U.S. union election 2022-04-21 [Reuters]

Georgia Workers at Apple Retail Store in Atlanta First in US to File for Union Election 2022-04-21 [CWA]

Georgia Apple geniuses in Atlanta beat New York to the punch, file petition to unionize 2022-04-21 [The Register]

Georgia Apple store workers in Atlanta file for first union election 2022-04-21 []

Georgia Registered nurses demand Charlie Norwood VA address veterans patient safety concerns and hostile workplace environment 2022-04-20 [National Nurses United]

Georgia Atlanta airport cleaners win minimum wage jump, from $8.50 to $12-15 per hour 2022-04-04 [WABE]

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