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District of Columbia Compass Coffee workers at seven stores launch union drive


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District of Columbia Compass Coffee workers at seven stores launch union drive [Washington Post] 2024-06-01

District of Columbia Solidarity with Transdev bus workers [ITF] 2019-11-06


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District of Columbia DC coffee chain lists CEOs and Uber lobbyist as baristas to halt union drive 2024-06-24 [The Guardian]

District of Columbia Compass Coffee workers at seven stores launch union drive 2024-06-01 [Washington Post]

District of Columbia Union of American Physicians and Dentists fights for staffing, safety improvements at Unity Health Care 2024-06-01 [Washington Post]

District of Columbia Chants of 'shame on you' greet guests arriving for annual White House correspondents dinner 2024-04-28 [ABC]

District of Columbia Global Union Leaders Fight for Worker Rights, Democracy 2024-02-16 [Solidarity Center]

 VIDEO District of Columbia UAW Members At CAP Convention Interrupted Biden To Demand A Ceasefire & Were Shouted Down & Dragged Out 2024-01-25 [LVP]

District of Columbia Washington Post Journalists Go on One-Day Strike, Protesting Stalled Contract Talks and Potential Layoffs 2023-12-07 [New York Times]

 VIDEO District of Columbia KPFK's Working Voices LA Interviews CWA President Claude Cummings For more info 2023-11-08 [KPFK Working Voices]

District of Columbia Starbucks asks u.s. supreme court to decide on a union issue  ActNOW!  2023-10-05 [Restaurant Business]

District of Columbia Deputy Director Of Organizing and Field Services For more info 2023-07-31 [International Association of Fire Fighters]

District of Columbia Biden and Sanders meet union organizers amid labor turmoil 2023-07-19 [ABC]

District of Columbia Workers At Beloved D.C. Sandwich Shop Compliments Only Seek To Unionize 2023-07-19 [DCist]

District of Columbia Biden and Sanders meet union organizers amid labor turmoil 2023-07-18 [AP]


District of Columbia InterContinental Washington D.C. forces acclaimed restaurant Moon Rabbit to close rather than see UNITE HERE organize kitchen workers 2023-05-23 [Washington Post]

District of Columbia Nurses commerate nurses week in lobbying blitz on Capitol Hill 2023-05-12 [National Nurses United]

District of Columbia Markey staff to be first in Senate to unionize 2023-03-09 [Aol]

District of Columbia Union Kitchen Workers Win Back Pay In National Labor Relations Board Settlement 2023-02-11 [DCist]

 VIDEO District of Columbia The SWA Meltdown, Deregulation, Worker Rights & Safety With TWU President John Samuelson For more info 2023-01-05 [LVP]

District of Columbia After 3 years of bargaining, DC teachers union reaches a tentative contract 2022-11-23 [Washington Post]

District of Columbia Lawmaker Pushes for Legislative Branch Employees to Have the Same Rights as Other Feds 2022-08-27 [Gov Exec]

District of Columbia Judge Rules COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement For D.C. Government Workers Is Unlawful 2022-08-27 [DCist]

District of Columbia American University students walk out of opening convocation in support of striking SEIU staff 2022-08-26 [Washington Post]

District of Columbia 500 SEIU members strike American University over wages as administration offers two-tier wage system 2022-08-23 [WTOP]

District of Columbia Lululemon workers to vote this month on unionizing D.C. store 2022-08-10 [Bloomberg]

District of Columbia DC Lululemon Store Workers Initiate Unionization Process 2022-07-27 [Gear Junkie]

District of Columbia D.C. schools and teachers struggle to reach contract after 3 years; teachers blame working conditions 2022-07-09 [Washington Post]

District of Columbia The House will allow staffers to unionize. Here's how it will work. 2022-05-10 [Vox]

District of Columbia Tentative contract reached in three-day DC Circulator strike 2022-05-05 [Washington Post]

District of Columbia Drivers union votes to strike DC Circulator bus system 2022-04-30 [Washington Post]

 VIDEO District of Columbia The AFL-CIO In South Africa and Jabu Ndlovu With Trade Union Organnizer David Hemson For more info 2022-04-19 [LEPAIO]

District of Columbia Congressional Workers Union Announce Union Drive, With Speaker Pelosi's Blessing 2022-02-05 [Teen Vogue]

District of Columbia Employees at civic tech company Nava PBC request voluntary recognition of their wall-to-wall union with OPEIU Tech Workers Union Local 1010 2022-02-04 [OPEIU]

District of Columbia Airline CEOs tell Congress we don't need masks on planes, get factchecked by Flight Attendant Union President 2021-12-18 [Forbes]

District of Columbia ILWU President Willie Adams meets with President Biden to discuss supply chain issues 2021-11-09 [ILWU]

District of Columbia Politico's journalists are seeking union recognition from new owners 2021-10-29 [New York Times]

District of Columbia D.C. Mayor Orders City Workers, Teachers to Get Vaccinated or Undergo Testing 2021-08-15 [Daily Beast]

District of Columbia Staff at the Democratic National Committee unionize 2021-08-03 [New York Times]

District of Columbia Free LaborFest Thursday concert by DC Musicians 2021-05-28 [Metro Wash AFL-CIO]

District of Columbia Elizabeth Davis, president of the Washington Teachers Union, dies in car crash 2021-04-05 [Washington Post]

District of Columbia Helping hospitality workers 2021-02-17 [Metro Wash AFL-CIO]

District of Columbia Almost 1,600 Postal Workers in DC Region Tested Positive for COVID-19; 7 Have Died 2021-02-06 [NBC]

District of Columbia D.C. files restraining order against teachers' union to stop teachers from discussing a strike 2021-02-02 [Washington Post]

District of Columbia DC Child Care Workers Ask Officials Not to Push Back Their COVID-19 Vaccinations 2021-01-25 [NBC]

District of Columbia EMILY's List Employees are Latest to Form a Union with OPEIU 2021-01-21 [OPEIU]

District of Columbia Washington DC hotels weigh inauguration profits against safety 2021-01-20 [NBC News]

District of Columbia Leaders join in blaming Trump for insurrection 2021-01-09 [People'sWorld]

District of Columbia Police union speaks out regarding capitol hill riots 2021-01-09 [Wtopnews]

District of Columbia Condemning the capitol hill attack 2021-01-09 [CoopNews]

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