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Alaska Teamsters Local 959 Alascom workers reach agreement with AT & T on new contract, avoid strike 2022-08-02 [International Brotherhood of Teamsters]

Alaska AK AFL-CIO Pres: Standing up for Alaska workers' rights 2022-04-28 [Anchorage Daily News]

Alaska Cannery workers document the Chinese history of Alaska's fishing industry 2021-05-15 [APM]

Alaska Seafood workers trade freedom for a paycheck this summer on closed campus 2020-09-02 [KFSK]

Alaska 56 workers at Anchorage seafood processing plant test positive for COVID-19 2020-07-25 [Anchorage Daily News]

Alaska Alaska has another record-high COVID-19 count with dozens of cases among seafood workers 2020-07-20 [AK Pub Radio]

Alaska Alaska's active coronavirus infections hit new high, while cases in seafood workers spike 2020-06-26 [Anchorage Daily News]

Alaska Union calls on state to treat Alaska grocery workers as 'first responders,' bolstering access to masks and tests 2020-03-28 [Anchorage Daily News]

Alaska Union sues state, saying it has failed to protect workers from coronavirus 2020-03-28 [Anchorage Daily News]

Alaska Already under siege, labor unions face a new threat from Alaska 2019-10-11 [NYT]

Alaska Already Under Siege, Labor Unions Face a New Threat From Alaska Governor 2019-10-09 [NYTimes]

Alaska Court blocks Dunleavy union rule change. For now 2019-10-05 [AK Public Media]

Alaska A New Assault on Organized Labor 2019-09-03 [Slate]

Alaska On Labor Day, support Alaska's workers 2019-09-02 [Anchorage Daily News]

Alaska A New Assault on Organized Labor: Alaska may crush public sector unions by treating them like abortion clinics. 2019-09-02 [Slate]

Alaska Ferry workers union explains why strike happened, and what workers gained from it 2019-08-08 [AK Public Media]

Alaska Alaska labor deal reached to end 10-day ferry strike 2019-08-03 [Reuters]

Alaska Alaskan ferry workers end two-week long strike 2019-08-03 [KING5]

Alaska ‘We Believe in Ferries': Alaskan Ferry Workers Walk Off the Job 2019-08-02 [Labor Notes]

Alaska The party's over. On Aug 1, Inland Boatmen's Union employees lose their health insurance for August 2019-08-01 [Must Read AK]

Alaska Alaska ferry strike talks drag on 2019-07-31 [Bellingham Herald]

Alaska State warns striking ferry workers of loss of health coverage 2019-07-27 [AK Public Media]

Alaska IBU spokesman tips the hand of the union: Strike is about budget cuts 2019-07-26 [Must Read AK]

Alaska Union workers strike AMHS vessels 2019-07-26 [Cordova Times]

Alaska Alaska ferry workers go on strike for first time in 42 years: 'We have tried and tried to work with the state' 2019-07-25 [USAToday]

Alaska Hundreds of Alaska ferry workers go on strike 2019-07-25 [CBC]

Alaska Ferry workers' union rejects contract terms, threaten Wednesday strike 2019-07-24 [KTUU]

Alaska Ferries risk shutdown over strike threat 2019-07-24 [KRBD]

Alaska Faculty union fears loss of accreditation if financial exigency is declared 2019-07-10 [KTUU]

Alaska Healing the Helpers: Why Workplace Wellness for Child Protection Workers Matters 2019-05-04 [KTUU]

Alaska Alaska has nation's highest rate of workplace deaths 2019-04-30 [KTVA]

Alaska Alaska Labor Union Sues To Block Privatization Of Hospital 2019-04-20 [KFQD]

Alaska Labor union sues to block privatization of hospital 2019-04-18 [WATE]

Alaska Union head: Dunleavy budget rips apart the fabric of Alaska 2019-02-27 [KTVA]

Alaska AK AFL-CIO says budget cuts would be a savage attack on Alaska's jobs 2019-02-27 [KTUC]

Alaska Banks, credit unions offer help to federal workers during shutdown 2019-01-09 [Anchorage Daily News]

Alaska Alaska Airlines union workers picket for better wages 2018-09-11 [KTOO Public Media]

Alaska Union leaders march in solidarity with Fairbanks city workers 2018-08-25 [Daily News-Miner]

Alaska Kodiak International Longshore and Warehouse Union claims employer is engaging in unfair practices 2018-08-14 [KTUU]

Alaska How the defeat of the bathroom bill shows historic change in Anchorage 2018-04-06 [Anchorage Daily News]

Alaska United Steelworkers sues BP after it cut union-represented positions on North Slope 2018-03-12 [Anchorage Daily News]

Alaska 260 workers to be laid off after BP switches contractors 2018-02-12 [KTUU]

Alaska Mostly union force of 261 to be laid off in Prudhoe Bay contract change 2018-02-09 [Anchorage Daily News]

Alaska Judge backs Texas company over workers claims of toxic gas exposure in Alaska 2018-01-05 [Anchorage Daily News]

Alaska Staff Council broaches topic of unionizing 2017-11-14 [Northern Lights]

 VIDEO Alaska Hilton Hotel under fire from labor union after firing longtime employee 2017-10-18 [KTUU]

Alaska North Country Services Agrees to Pay $280,000 Fine for Employee Death 2017-10-18 [AK Native News]

Alaska Wrangell contract talks end, strike may resume 2017-07-07 [KTOO]

Alaska Update: Wrangell prepares for municipal workers' strike 2017-06-20 [KSTK]

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