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Alabama UAW says majority of workers at Mercedes Benz US plant seek to join union


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Alabama UAW says majority of workers at Mercedes Benz US plant seek to join union [Reuters] 2024-02-28

Alabama Slavery rejected in some, not all, states where on ballot [NBC] 2022-11-10

Alabama Alabama miners' strike: ‘We are Union!' [UMWA] 2021-06-06

Alabama Amazon's Creepy Fight Against Unionization Has Reached This Warehouse's Bathrooms [The Daily Beast] 2021-02-17

Alabama Workers at a Birmingham Starbucks become 1st to unionize in Alabama [WWNO] 2022-05-28

Alabama Amazon warehouse workers in Alabama vote for second time in union effort [NPR] 2022-02-05

Alabama Labor board calls for revote at Amazon warehouse in Alabama in major victory for union [Washington Post] 2021-12-03

Alabama NLRB Directs new Election at Amazon in Bessemer, Alabama [RWDSU] 2021-12-02

Alabama NLRB hearing officer recommends new election at Amazon in Bessemer [RWDSU] 2021-08-03

Alabama More company violence on the Warrior Met picket line [UMWA] 2021-07-11


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Alabama With a Velvet Glove, Mercedes Tries to Punch Down AL Union Momentum 2024-04-12 [Labor Notes]

Alabama Seeking to defy history, the UAW is coming closer to unionizing in the South 2024-04-07 [WAMU 88.5]

Alabama Mercedes workers at an Alabama plant call for union representation vote 2024-04-07 [Columbia Missourian]

Alabama Mercedes-Benz Workers in Alabama Ask for Unionization Vote 2024-04-06 [NYTimes]

Alabama Mercedes Workers In Alabama Stand Up to Vote on a Union 2024-04-06 [More Perfect Union]

Alabama North Alabama Area Labor Council condemns “anti-worker” legislation 2024-03-27 [APR]

Alabama UAW says majority of workers at Mercedes Benz US plant seek to join union 2024-02-28 [Reuters]

Alabama UAW: Majority of workers at Mercedes plant in Vance signal they want to join auto workers union 2024-02-28 [WBRC]

Alabama Tuscaloosa Mercedes workers say majority have signed union cards 2024-02-28 [The News]

Alabama Majority Of Workers At Alabama Mercedes Plant Signed Union Cards, UAW Says 2024-02-28 [HuffPost]

Alabama Most Workers At Largest U.S. Mercedes Plant Signal Union Support, UAW Says 2024-02-27 [Forbes]

Alabama IAFF bolsters organizing and collective bargaining opportunities 2024-02-18 [IAFF]

Alabama More than 30% of Alabama Hyundai workers support effort to join UAW 2024-02-02 [UPI]

Alabama Workers at Alabama Hyundai plant announce union as UAW drives deeper into Southeast 2024-02-02 [The Hill]

Alabama Montgomery Hyundai workers announce union drive, 2nd at Alabama auto plant 2024-02-02 [The Reflector]

Alabama Mercedes Workers Ditched the Old Organizing Playbook 2024-01-20 [Jacobin]

Alabama Montgomery Hyundai workers hold unionization forum with United Auto Workers 2024-01-17 [The Daily News]

Alabama Unions threaten Alabama’s low wages, not Alabama’s workers 2024-01-16 [AL Political Reporter]

Alabama Workers Killed by Nitrogen Leak While Trying to Save Their Coworkers, Report Finds 2024-01-11 [EJI]

Alabama Mercedes Plant in Alabama Reaches Key Milestone in UAW Union Campaign 2024-01-11 [BNN]

Alabama Mercedes-Benz workers launching union campaign at Vance plant 2024-01-11 [Reflector]

Alabama Mercedes-Benz plant hits 30% UAW authorization support 2024-01-11 [The Journal-Gazette]

Alabama The workers at Mercedes-Benz in Alabama just made history: Over 30% have signed union cards! 2024-01-11 [UAW]

Alabama The 2024 AFL-CIO Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Civil and Human Rights Conference 2024-01-03 [MLK Conference]

Alabama Tuscaloosa auto workers reach agreement after going on strike 2023-10-20 [WBRC]

Alabama UAW workers at ZF plant in Alabama ratify labor deal, end strike 2023-10-20 [Reuters]

Alabama ZF workers in Alabama mark 10-days on strike 2023-09-30 [UAW]

Alabama Nearly 200 workers go on strike at Tuscaloosa Mercedes supplier 2023-09-22 [MI Advance]

Alabama Amazon reinstates Alabama warehouse worker and union leader weeks after her firing 2023-06-16 [CNN]

Alabama Could there be a third Amazon union election in Bessemer? 2023-06-07 [AL]

Alabama Amazon Fired Another Alabama Union Organizer, Union Says 2023-06-03 [BNN]

Alabama Amazon Fires Alabama Union Leader Who 'Lit the Spark of the Current Rise of Labor Activism' 2023-06-03 [Common Dreams]

Alabama Amazon fires global face of BAmazon campaign 2023-06-03 [UNI]

Alabama Incarcerated Mine Workers, 1907 2023-04-15 [Encyclopedia of AL]

Alabama Striking Mine Workers in 1934 For more info 2023-04-15 [Encyclopedia of AL]

Alabama UMWA ends two-year strike at Warrior Met Coal mine without a contract 2023-03-04 [New York Times]

Alabama The longest strike in the U.S. just ended: This is the workers’ story 2023-02-26 [Fast Company]

Alabama United Mine Workers of America seeks new strategy to end nearly two-year Alabama strike 2023-02-18 [CBS]

Alabama AL Democrats want to ban employers from forcing workers to get microchipped For more info 2023-02-13 [FOX]

Alabama House Dems Urge Biden Administration to Rid Hyundai Supply Chain of Child Labor 2023-02-12 [Common Dreams]

Alabama US mining company dispute: AL miners demand better pay 2022-12-24 [Al Jazeera]

Alabama Slavery rejected in some, not all, states where on ballot 2022-11-10 [NBC]

Alabama From Call Centers to Coal Mines: Swapping Stories at the Alabama Troublemakers School 2022-10-21 [Labor Notes]

Alabama Union says Alabama paper mill workers locked out of WestRock Mahrt Mill 2022-10-07 []

Alabama 'Society Has Shut Down On Us:' Prison Strikers Across Alabama Demand Change Despite Severe Retaliation For more info 2022-10-07 [Labor Notes]

Alabama NLRB revises damages calculations in Warrior Met strike 2022-09-20 [UMWA]

Alabama Warrior Met demands to fire 40 strikers without due process 2022-09-03 [UMWA]

Alabama GE workers in Alabama launch union organizing campaign 2022-08-23 [Reuters]

Alabama Auburn GE workers launch union campaign 2022-08-23 [Alabama Political Reporter]

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