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FAJ’s president Sadiq Ibrahim Ahmed has been released 2019-08-01 [IFJ]

FAJ’s president Sadiq Ibrahim Ahmed has been released 2019-07-31 [IFJ]

Four students killed in El-Obeid 'massacre': Sudan opposition 2019-07-31 [al Jazeera]

IFJ demands release of journalists’ union leader seized by military 2019-07-26 [IFJ]

Sudan's resistance committee's plot 'new wave' of protests against power deal 2019-07-21 [Middle East Eye]

Khartoum’s vulnerable tea sellers face deadlier risks in Sudan’s time of turmoil 2019-07-09 [The Globe and Mail]

Sudan protestors call for civil disobedience on July 14th 2019-07-03 [News24]

Education unions condemn the arrest of Sudanese teachers' leader 2019-07-03 [Mena Solidarity Network]

'No-one can turn the Sudanese people back'; Hundreds of thousands answer 30th June call 2019-07-02 [MENA Solidarity Network]

Masses demand civilian government 2019-06-30 [Washington Post]

Sudan: Tens of thousands protest in Sudan, demanding civilian rule 2019-07-01 [CNN]

Ruling generals warn opposition ahead of 'millions march' 2019-06-30 [al Jazeera]

Country braces for 'millions march' as defiant protesters regroup 2019-06-30 [al Jazeera]

Sudan's revolution hangs in the balance 2019-06-24 [Solidarity.net]

Revolutionary Escalation Schedule 2019-06-19 [SPA/DFCF]

Awadeya Mahmoud Koko: From tea seller to union leader to 'mother of the revolution' 2019-06-17 [Madamasr.com]

Violations against those who participated in the civil disobedience 2019-06-14 [SPA]

Civil Disobedience and General Strike- Field Report 2019-06-14 [SPA]

Opposition members 'deported' on 2nd day of general strike 2019-06-11 [al Jazeera]

Four deaths on the first day of general strike in Sudan 2019-06-11 [Radio New Zealand]

Mass civil disobedience campaign shuts down Sudanese capital as death toll rises 2019-06-10 [CNN]

Millions join general strike in Sudan aimed at dislodging army 2019-06-10 [The Guardian]

Four killed during the first day of Sudan’s general strike 2019-06-10 [The Tribune]

'Several killed' on first day of civil disobedience 2019-06-10 [al Jazeera]

'The general strike can force the regime to go' Sudanese trade unionists speak out as killings continue 2019-06-10 [Mena Solidarity Network]

Sudan’s generals launch renewed crackdown to defeat general strike 2019-06-09 [Guardian]

Hundreds of bank, airport and electricity workers arrested ahead of a strike against the military rule 2019-06-09 [BBC]

Civil disobedience: West Kordofan oil field workers down tools 2019-06-09 [Radio Dabanga]

Generals launch renewed crackdown to defeat general strike 2019-06-09 [Guardian]

Cautionary Statement 2019-06-09 [SPA]

Protesters start nationwide 'civil disobedience' campaign 2019-06-09 [al Jazeera]

Complete civil disobedience, and open political strike... 2019-06-06 [SPA]

Protest leaders dismiss army's offer to hold talks 2019-06-06 [al Jazeera]

Escalating the Revolution and Terminating Negotiations with the Coup Council 2019-06-04 [SPA/DFCF]

Security forces move in on Khartoum protesters with live fire 2019-06-03 [The Guardian]

Sudan protestors plan general strike as talks falter 2019-05-22 [Al Jazeerah]

IFJ demands military rulers end gross interference in journalists' union 2019-04-30 [IFJ]

Massive union-organized crowds at Sudan's Defense Ministry demand civilian rule 2019-04-26 [Deutsche Welle]

'Million-strong march' for civilian rule 2019-04-26 [BBC]

Unions 'to name transitional government' 2019-04-20 [BBC]

Central Darfur Doctors Strike for Salary Payments 2019-04-06 [Radio Dabanga]

Journalists protest against the continued detention of press editor 2019-03-27 [IFJ]

In solidarity with human rights activists 2019-03-19 [Education International]

Bashir's state of emergency fails to end protests 2019-02-26 [BBC]

'This is not just a protest over bread and fuel, it is a revolution':Sudanese doctors speak out 2019-02-04 [Mena Solidaity network]

Authorities Order Release Of All Detainees 2019-01-30 [ANN]

Port Sudan Workers Strike, Block New Foreign Manager 2019-01-30 [Radio Dabanga]

The clampdown on journalists must stop immediately 2019-01-28 [IFJ]

World Medical Association condemns the use of lethal force against Sudanese physicians and protesters 2019-01-27 [World Medical Association]

Biggest protests 'in living memory' led by doctors union 2019-01-25 [BBC]

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