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Helsearbeidere marsjerer mot nedskjæringer


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Helsearbeidere marsjerer mot nedskjæringer [Fremover/NTB] 2023-01-15

565 avlyste togavganger på grunn av streik [Spania i dag] 2022-11-07

Ryanair-streik kan vare i måneder [Dagbladet] 2022-08-04

Minstelønnen ser ut til å bli hevet til 1 000 euro [Spania i dag] 2022-02-07

4 dagers arbeidsuke fortsatt på dagsorden [Spania i dag] 2022-03-10

Ryanair-ansatte ut i streik [NRK] 2022-06-13

Massedemonstrasjoner over hele landet onsdag [Spania i dag] 2022-03-22

Arbeidslivsreform vedtatt etter angivelig feilstemme [abc nyheter/NTB] 2022-02-04

Makt tilbake til de ansatte [LO] 2022-01-19

Kan miste jobben hvis Norgesplaster flagges ut [Fri fagbevegelse] 2022-01-14


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Flygelederstreik rammer 16 flyplasser 2023-01-30 [Spania i dag]

Taxi drivers and public sector workers strike in Catalonia 2023-01-26 [Anadolu Agency]

Women journalists’ working and professional conditions are deteriorating in the post-pandemic period 2023-01-20 [EFJ]

Bebuder storstreik blant flygelederne 2023-01-19 [Spania i dag]

Tens of thousands of Spanish health workers protest for better future 2023-01-16 [CNA]

Helsearbeidere marsjerer mot nedskjæringer 2023-01-15 [Fremover/NTB]

High value, low pay: the care sector in Spain 2023-01-15 [Equal Times]

Zara workers stage strike as winter sales begin 2023-01-09 [Euractiv]

High value, low pay: the care sector in Spain 2023-01-09 [Equal Times]

Strike woes as low cost airlines in Spain continue to cause travel chaos over festive period 2022-12-26 [Olive Press]

H&M agrees to pay a 500 euro bonus to 4,000 workers in January 2022-12-22 [Saltwire]

Professional secrecy in journalism to be regulated by law 2022-12-15 [IFJ]

Professional secrecy in journalism to be regulated by law 2022-12-15 [IFJ]

CCOO calls for the release of Belarusian political prisoners  ActNOW!  2022-12-14 []

Some Spanish airport workers plan to strike around Christmas 2022-12-13 [Reuters]

Streiker på lufthavner i desember 2022-12-12 [Spania i dag]

In the Iberian peninsula, “unsustainable, unviable” berry businesses are draining water and exploiting migrant labour 2022-12-05 [Equal Times]

Zara workers in Spain start protests to demand higher pay 2022-11-25 [Saltwire]

Zara union calls Black Friday strike in fashion group's home town 2022-11-17 [Reuters]

Shopworkers' unions to discuss wages with Zara bosses 2022-11-17 [Saltwire]

Climate protests: A worrying number of journalists arrested 2022-11-11 [EFJ]

565 avlyste togavganger på grunn av streik 2022-11-07 [Spania i dag]

Spanish Airbus Unions Set To Strike 2022-10-31 [Simple Flying]

Ryanair-streiker ble avblåst i 12. time 2022-10-28 [Spania i dag]

Spain extends rights for domestic workers but excludes the undocumented 2022-10-28 [Equal Times]

Ny avtale om lønnsløft for hotell- og restaurantbransjen 2022-10-27 [Canariajournalen]

Tre dager med togstreik -er lei lav bemanning 2022-10-19 [Spania i dag]

Ryanair gir innrømmelser overfor kabinpersonalet 2022-10-11 [Spania i dag]

Forest firefighters march to demand rights 2022-10-09 [Saltwire]

Inditex global union committee fighting for workers in the supply chain 2022-10-07 [IndustriALL]

On the 15th anniversary of their Global Framework Agreement, Inditex and IndustriALL reaffirm commitment with a new protocol 2022-10-03 [IndustriALL]

Domestic staff fight to end discrimination 2022-09-20 [Digital JournaL]

Spain approves law improving working conditions and social security for domestic workers 2022-09-20 [ILO]

Flyvelederstreik kan påvirke spansk luftfart 2022-09-14 [Spania i dag]

La Liga's new television model infringes public’s right to information 2022-09-14 [IFJ]

World’s postal unions stand in solidarity with Spanish postal workers 2022-09-02 [UNI Global Union]

Spanish journalist held in pre-trial detention for six months despite “lack of evidence” 2022-08-29 [IFJ]

Iberia Express cabin crew members call for ten days of strike action 2022-08-19 [SUR]

Kabinansatte i flyselskapet Iberia Express planlegger 10-dagers streik 2022-08-17 [Hangar]

La primera de las cuatro jornadas de huelga de Ryanair esta semana deja seis cancelaciones y 78 retrasos 2022-08-15 [RTVE]

Ryanair-streik kan vare i måneder 2022-08-04 [Dagbladet]

Ryanair-streikene vil vare helt til januar 2022-07-30 [Spania i dag]

Repsol Workers Stage Three-day Strike 2022-07-16 [teleSUR]

Trade union says seven Ryanair cabin crew staff have been sacked since strikes were announced 2022-07-15 [Olive Press]

What's the latest on Ryanair strikes in Spain? 2022-07-14 [The Local]

Galicia International Press Centre opens in Santiago de Compostela 2022-07-12 [IFJ]

Ryanair cabin crew in Spain announce 12 more days of strikes 2022-07-03 [Reuters]

Fine against photographer underscores urgent need for reform of Gag Law 2022-06-23 [EFJ]

Ryanair strike dates: When staff in Spain are striking in June 2022, and how UK flights are affected 2022-06-19 [i]

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