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1. mai-kravene: Høyere lønn og kortere arbeidstid


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1. mai-kravene: Høyere lønn og kortere arbeidstid [Spania i dag] 2024-05-02

Første bankstreik på 40 år [Spania i dag] 2024-03-22

Bama og Coops spanske tomatprodusenter bryter menneskerettigheter [Framtiden i våre hender] 2024-03-21

Uforsvarlige arbeidsforhold i Bamas verdikjede [E24] 2024-03-03

Ryanair må ut med 30 000 euro i streike-erstatning [Spania i dag] 2023-04-26

Grønt lys for stor pensjonsreform [Spania i dag] 2023-03-21

Helsearbeidere marsjerer mot nedskjæringer [Fremover/NTB] 2023-01-15

565 avlyste togavganger på grunn av streik [Spania i dag] 2022-11-07

Ryanair-streik kan vare i måneder [Dagbladet] 2022-08-04

Minstelønnen ser ut til å bli hevet til 1 000 euro [Spania i dag] 2022-02-07


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Spain: Saint-Gobain workers fight plant closure 2024-05-22 [IndustriALL]

Cava producer Freixenet reaches deal with unions over drought measures 2024-05-05 [Reuters]

Terrorism investigation into Catalan journalist raises concerns ahead of elections 2024-05-03 [EFJ]

1. mai-kravene: Høyere lønn og kortere arbeidstid 2024-05-02 [Spania i dag]

Eight decades after the Spanish Civil War, is Spain’s slow exhumation of its traumatic past a signal that it is ready to build “a culture of memory? 2024-04-15 [Equal Times]

Spansk tomat-krangel i Norge 2024-04-08 [Spania i dag]

LAB presents tools to work on an anti-racist model that transforms the union and crosses the entire structure 2024-03-26 [Argia]

Zara shop workers protest outside Spanish stores after record profit 2024-03-25 [Reuters]

Basque government focus in on AI Act 2024-03-23 [Eurocadres]

Thousands of Spanish bank staff strike to demand pay rise, union says 2024-03-23 [Reuters]

Første bankstreik på 40 år 2024-03-22 [Spania i dag]

Ambassadeansatte tjener 248.000 kroner i året 2024-03-22 [Fri fagbevegelse]

Bama og Coops spanske tomatprodusenter bryter menneskerettigheter 2024-03-21 [Framtiden i våre hender]

Automotive industry and just transition 2024-03-21 [IndustriALL]

CCOO holds second training on gender portrayal of politicians 2024-03-20 [IFJ]

Hacia una Transformación Justa y Sostenible en la Industria Automotriz 2024-03-20 [IndustriALL]

Zara workers to protest outside Spanish stores after record profit 2024-03-19 [Reuters]

Planlegger ny lufthavnstreik i påskedagene 2024-03-18 [Spania i dag]

IFJ demands humane treatment of Spanish journalist Pablo González while he remains in pre-trial custody 2024-03-15 [IFJ]

RFEF and Women's Barça hit with labor sanctions for equality measure violations 2024-03-07 [Mundo Deportivo]

Women face union confrontations this year 2024-03-07 [Argia]

Uforsvarlige arbeidsforhold i Bamas verdikjede 2024-03-03 [E24]

Jennifer Hermoso: 'I felt protected knowing thousands of players were with me' 2024-02-25 [FIFPRO]

Firedagers togstreik i mars 2024-02-21 [Spania i dag]

Courts keep telling Meta to let workers unionize 2024-02-15 [Jacobin]

300 avganger kansellert på grunn av togstreik 2024-02-08 [Spania i dag]

Bank workers in Portugal and Spain to stage 8 February demo 2024-02-07 [UNI]

Ingen lufthavnstreik blant handlingpersonalet 2024-02-03 [Spania i dag]

H&M to shut 28 stores in Spain, lay off 588 workers, union says 2024-01-26 [XM]

Barcelona's World 11 connection: Bonmati, Bronze and Walsh 2024-01-20 [FIFPRO]

Øker minstelønnen 2024-01-13 [Spania i dag]

Kan bli ny storstreik på lufthavner 2024-01-09 [Spania i dag]

Baggage 'chaos' at Spain's airports as unions threaten more strikes 2024-01-08 [The Local]

Flyplass-streiken er i gang 2024-01-05 [Canariajournalen]

Ground staff at IAG-owned Iberia to strike from midnight 2024-01-05 [Reuters]

Ground staff at IAG-owned Iberia begin Spain strike, airline sees little impact 2024-01-05 [Reuters]

Det blir lufthavn-streik i januar 2023-12-29 [Spania i dag]

Amazon workers in Germany and Spain strike before Christmas 2023-12-22 [UNI Global Union]

Union set to call off baggage handler strikes at country's airports 2023-11-29 [Reuters]

Workers’ Union canvasses outside of Camp Nou amid reports of abuses – ‘We have rights?’ 2023-11-29 [Football Espana]

Streik i lufthavnene 5. og 10. desember 2023-11-28 [Spania i dag]

Will Spanish Union's Worker Strike Hurt Amazon? 2023-11-24 [Yahoo]

YouTuber sues Google Spain for wrongful dismissal 2023-11-24 [The Globe and Mail]

Strikes called at Amazon in Spain amid Black Friday and Cyber Monday retail rush 2023-11-22 [Sur]

Amazon Workers in Spain Plan Walkouts on Cyber Monday 2023-11-21 [Investopedia]

Unions and broadcasters unite to press for newsroom gender equality 2023-11-14 [IFJ]

Madrid IntegriSport 3.0 event highlights need to protect players against match-fixing 2023-11-05 [FIFPRO]

Mass protest in Barcelona against possible amnesty for Catalan separatists For more info 2023-10-09 [The Guardian]

#MakeTeachingAttractive | Interview of Pilar Alegría, Minister of Education of Spain 2023-10-05 [ETUCE]

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