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Western Cape SANTACO ends taxi strike

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Western Cape SANTACO ends taxi strike [GroundUp] 2023-08-10

Western Cape Massive COSATU strike to hit Cape Town streets [The South African] 2022-08-04

Western Cape Our rights are routinely violated by farmers, say frustrated women farmworkers [Daily Maverick] 2018-06-01

Western Cape Pick n Pay workers lose their jobs for ‘striking' during the lockdown [Mail & Guardian] 2020-04-16

Western Cape Fire fighter anger shifts to Cape Town, with protesters claiming they are ‘overworked and underpaid' [Daily Maverick] 2018-10-26

Western Cape ‘We have to get our house in order,' admits labour minister amid appeals from women farmworkers [Daily Maverick] 2021-05-07

Western Cape Community healthcare workers demand “danger pay” [GroundUp] 2020-09-02

Western Cape “Every day I fear for my life” says train driver [GroundUp] 2020-02-20

Western Cape Labour Department to probe “poor conditions” on Cape farm [GroundUp] 2021-03-17

Western Cape “No toilets equals crap wine” farm workers warn [GroundUp] 2018-06-04


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Western Cape Community health workers to receive feedback 2023-11-25 [George Herald]

Western Cape Small farmers celebrate victory outside Cape High Court 2023-11-22 [GroundUp]

Western Cape Farm worker family evicted, belongings dumped on the side of the road 2023-11-21 [GroundUp]

Western Cape SRC, DETAWU want external review of report into governance lapses at UCT 2023-11-10 [Eyewitness News]

Western Cape Women farm workers demand meeting with Minister of Agriculture 2023-11-09 [GroundUp]

Western Cape City of Cape Town concerned about attacks on its staff in townships 2023-11-02 [Eyewitness News]

Western Cape SAMWU calls for action from Knysna Municipality 2023-10-25 [Knysna-Plett Herald]

Western Cape NEHAWU believes investigation report into allegations of tender irregularities by CEO Andile Nongogo Provides sufficient grounds for his immediate dismissal 2023-10-19 [COSATU]

Western Cape Samwu members placed on special leave 2023-10-19 [Cape Times]

Western Cape Families of Rheinmetall Denel Munition victims call for a formal inquest 2023-09-08 [Elitsha]

Western Cape Taxi task team reach agreement, but stay mum on details 2023-09-02 [GroundUp]

Western Cape COSATU threatens to take COCT to court over electricity tariffs 2023-08-28 [Eyewitness News]

Western Cape Cosatu joins protest against Cape Towns electricity tariff hike 2023-08-26 [The Citizen]

Western Cape Metrorail manager ‘must have the skills to get the job done’ 2023-08-25 [Cape Times]

Western Cape COSATU statement on passing of former Provincial Chairperson of SACTWU, Comrade Mymoena Williams 2023-08-17 [COSATU]

Western Cape Figure out how to pay workers in full anyway, employers urged before taxi-strike wages disaster hits 2023-08-12 [News24]

Western Cape ‘A great relief’ — Santaco calls off taxi strike 2023-08-11 [Daily Maverick]

Western Cape SANTACO ends taxi strike 2023-08-10 [GroundUp]

Western Cape COSATU requests urgent intervention of CCMA to facilitate negotiations to resolve devastating taxi standoff 2023-08-10 [COSATU]

Western Cape SADTU media statement on ongoing taxi strike and associated violence 2023-08-10 [SADTU]

Western Cape Santaco accepts Cape Town mayor’s invitation back to negotiating table as taxi strike is extended 2023-08-10 [Daily Maverick]

Western Cape Taxi strike extended for two more days despite Santaco’s 9 August end date 2023-08-10 [Daily Maverick]

Western Cape Microcosm of a fractured society — taxi operators’ strike is not a simple black and white issue 2023-08-10 [Daily Maverick]

Western Cape Taxi strike continues after talks stall 2023-08-07 [Eyewitness News]

Western Cape HOSPERSA calls for swift action against perpetrators of violence in Cape Town 2023-08-07 [Eyewitness News]

Western Cape Day 4: Brace for another day of taxi strike after Santaco-government talks collapse 2023-08-07 [Daily Maverick]

Western Cape Cape Town taxi strike: SAMWU mourns death of municipal police officer 2023-08-06 [The Bulrushes]

Western Cape Lives of poor and working class people upended by violent taxi strike 2023-08-05 [GroundUp]

Western Cape COSATU media statement on SANTACO strike 2023-08-04 [COSATU]

Western Cape Taxi strike begins immediately, ranks emptied over by-law clash with City of Cape Town 2023-08-03 [Daily Maverick]

Western Cape Equal Education, SADTU fail in education challenge 2023-07-19 [GroundUp]

Western Cape COSATU condemns City of Cape Town’s outrageous implementation of unapproved electricity tariff increase 2023-07-18 [COSATU]

Western Cape NUMSA region in new fight with national leadership 2023-07-14 [GroundUp]

Western Cape COSATU appalled by provincial government's non-use of hundred and ten luxury BMW vehicles 2023-07-10 [Polity]

Western Cape DA provincial government snubs Cosatu memorandum 2023-07-07 [TimesLIVE]

Western Cape Numsa blocks regional secretary from returning to work 2023-07-01 [Sunday World]

Western Cape Numsa accuses its regional boss of misleading the CCMA 2023-07-01 [Cape Times]

Western Cape NUMSA regional secretary must be reinstated CCMA rules 2023-06-27 [GroundUp]

Western Cape COSATU wishes ANC a successful 9th Provincial Conference 2023-06-23 [COSATU]

Western Cape SADTU wishes ANC a successful provincial conference 2023-06-23 [COSATU]

Western Cape COSATU shocked by tragic vehicle accident that led to death of five learners 2023-05-31 [COSATU]

Western Cape Union demands 209 WC Health Covid-19 contract workers’ jobs be saved 2023-05-27 [The Independent]

Western Cape SAMWU clarity on postponed George Municipality strike action 2023-05-25 [Polity]

Western Cape SAMWU strike will not take place 2023-05-24 [George Herald]

Western Cape SAMWU alarmed by maladministration at Matzikama Local Municipality 2023-05-18 [COSATU]

Western Cape ‘Liar, liar pants on fire’, union alleges shenanigans in the Fire Department 2023-04-30 [The Independent]

Western Cape Popcru accuses Langa Vispol commander of victimising, intimidating its members 2023-04-06 [Cape Argus]

Western Cape NEHAWU pickets during lunch time 2023-04-06 [George Herald]

Western Cape 192 staff in tprovincial govt face disciplinary action for participating in Nehawu strike 2023-03-29 [News24]

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