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Limpopo Hundreds of govt staff on go-slow to return to work

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Limpopo Hundreds of govt staff on go-slow to return to work [The Citizen] 2020-07-13

Limpopo NUM in North East calls for temporary closure of all mines in province [Polity] 2020-05-21

Limpopo Nehawu leader shot [CapricornFM] 2020-03-01

Limpopo Unions demand absorption of community service workers [Health-E News] 2019-12-12

Limpopo Another day, another wildcat strike on South Africa’s platinum belt [Daily Maverick] 2019-05-21

Limpopo Amplats fires half Mototolo workforce after unprotected strike [Business Day] 2019-05-20

Limpopo Cosatu calls for arrests of murderers of VBS whistleblowers [ANA/The Citizen] 2019-02-06

Limpopo Union leaders flee homes after killings [City Press] 2019-02-05

Limpopo Samwu provincial official gunned down, allegedly over VBS [ANA/The Citizen] 2019-02-01

Limpopo Samwu provincial secretary in believes threat on his life is due to VBS saga [Sowetan] 2018-10-30


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Limpopo Nehawu accuses Premier of paying lip service 2020-09-21 [SABC]

Limpopo Why Cosatu have called for Premier Stan Mathabatha to step down 2020-09-19 [The Citizen]

Limpopo COSATU Post-Provincial EC statement 2020-09-19 [COSATU]

Limpopo Sadtu says province is far from ready to reopen schools 2020-09-17 [Opera News]

Limpopo NUM flabbergasted by rising number of fatal incidents around mines 2020-09-16 [COSATU]

Limpopo 3 miners believed to be killed at mine 2020-09-16 [JacarandaFM]

Limpopo SAMWU wants political deployees to stop interfering in administrative issues 2020-09-16 [CapricornFM]

Limpopo NUM to intensify protest at IvanPlats 2020-09-11 [CapricornFM]

Limpopo Alliance partners reject decision to allow Radzilani, Msiza to resume their duties 2020-09-11 [The Citizen]

Limpopo Nehawu gives government 10 days 2020-09-11 [Polokwane Observer]

 VIDEO Limpopo Nehawu remembers fallen frontline workers 2020-09-10 [Bosveld Review]

Limpopo SAMWU members at Greater Tzaneen resume work 2020-09-10 [CapricornFM]

Limpopo NUM marches to Ivanplats over ‘unfair retrenchment’ 2020-08-28 [Bosveld Review]

Limpopo NUM to embark on protest march at Ivanplats Mokopane 2020-08-27 [NUM]

Limpopo Nehawu, DA call for Premier Mathabatha to suspend MEC Ramathuba 2020-08-18 [Rising Sun]

Limpopo Nehawu wants officials implicated in PPE tender fraud placed on special leave 2020-08-17 [SABC]

Limpopo SAMWU update on salary increases and compliance with covid-19 regulations 2020-08-06 [COSATU]

Limpopo 3 months suspension without pay for HOD a slap on the wrist - Nehawu 2020-08-02 [IOL]

Limpopo NEHAWU reaction to Provincial Command Council press statement 2020-08-01 [COSATU]

Limpopo NEHAWU unimpressed by HOD's 3-month suspension 2020-07-30 [CapricornFM]

Limpopo DENOSA worried about rising infection among healthcare workers, especially nurses 2020-07-14 [COSATU]

Limpopo Hundreds of govt staff on go-slow to return to work 2020-07-13 [The Citizen]

Limpopo SAMWU critical of ANC's handling of members implicated in VBS scandal 2020-07-04 [Eyewitness News]

Limpopo SAMWU Limpopo reacts to Auditor-General report 2020-07-02 [CapricornFM]

Limpopo Fear rules in affected communities as prosecutors zoom in on suspected VBS killings 2020-06-26 [Daily Maverick]

Limpopo SAMWU claims Sekhukhune municipality is unsafe 2020-06-25 [CapricornFM]

Limpopo Sekhukhune District Municipality acts recklessly after COVID-19 Case 2020-06-24 [COSATU]

Limpopo SAMWU says members did not die in vain 2020-06-20 [CapricornFM]

Limpopo COSATU welcomes the arrests of VBS looting suspects 2020-06-18 [COSATU]

Limpopo SAEPU rejects Health Department performance and payment of overtime to EMS Covid-19 response team memo 2020-06-11 [COSATU]

Limpopo Parents have mixed reactions to back-to-school announcement 2020-06-08 [The Citizen]

Limpopo NEHAWU notes with grave concern growing number of frontline workers infected with Coronavirus 2020-06-06 [Facebook]

Limpopo Murder case of Samwu members postponed to September 2020-06-04 [The World News]

Limpopo NEHAWU asks Ramaphosa to intervene in fight with premier 2020-06-04 [Knysna-Plett]

Limpopo PSC tells provincial government to abide by 60-day rule and reinstate suspended officials 2020-05-31 [News24]

Limpopo Premier’s office denies flouting rules after cop tests positive for Covid-19 2020-05-29 [The Citizen]

Limpopo NUM concerned about high numbers of Covid-19 in mines, at Eskom operations 2020-05-21 [Engineering News]

Limpopo NUM in North East calls for temporary closure of all mines in province 2020-05-21 [Polity]

Limpopo Impala halts production at Marula mine 2020-05-19 [Business Report]

Limpopo NUM calls for ‘indefinite’ closure of Marula mine amid Covid-19 outbreak 2020-05-18 [JacarandaFM]

Limpopo Nehawu accuses Premier Stan Mathabatha of having a hand in former spokesperson's dismissal, which he denies 2020-05-16 [News24]

Limpopo NUM disturbed after mine allegedly kept Covid-19 case secret 2020-05-14 [The Citizen]

Limpopo Nehawu shocked at Seloba's dismissal 2020-05-12 [CapricornFM]

Limpopo Denosa Limpopo statement on withdrawal of payment of grade progression and uniform allowances to nurses 2020-05-09 [COSATU]

Limpopo NUM concerned after another DCM miner is diagnosed with Covid-19 2020-05-08 [Steelburger News]

Limpopo Assore chrome mine shuts after worker diagnosed 2020-05-06 [Reuters/Daily Maverick]

Limpopo NUM North East region disappointed with Dwarsrivier mine after employee test positive of Coronavirus 2020-05-05 [Market Screener]

Limpopo Covid-19 doctors are free – but fighting new ‘falsehoods’ 2020-04-09 [Daily Maverick]

Limpopo Doctors in Modimolle facility released after Covid-19 test results 2020-04-09 [Bosveld Review]

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