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Gauteng Healthcare workers shut down hospital as health department pleads poverty

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Gauteng Healthcare workers shut down hospital as health department pleads poverty [City Press] 2022-04-07

Gauteng Cosatu calls on SACP to ditch ANC and fight 2024 election on its own [IOL] 2022-02-20

Gauteng University of Pretoria workers demand better pay and benefits [GroundUp] 2022-02-18

Gauteng University of Pretoria staff on day six of protest over working conditions [SowetanLive ] 2022-02-15

Gauteng Security guards and cleaners at hospitals demand permanent employment [GroundUp] 2022-02-02

Gauteng SAMWU concerned for workers’ safety following brutal killing of 5 workers at a Pikitup Depot [COSATU] 2022-01-13

Gauteng As Covid-19 infections soar, union blasts government [IOL] 2021-06-12

Gauteng Tshwane municipal workers threaten total shutdown of services [The Citizen] 2021-06-02

Gauteng Tshwane municipal workers to march for salary increases [Pretoria News] 2021-06-01

Gauteng Strike at Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University enters second week [GroundUp] 2021-05-17


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Gauteng NUMSA says whether City of Tshwane takes it to court or not, its planned strike is going ahead 2022-05-17 [SABC]

Gauteng Tshwane warns it may act if Numsa workers’ bus services strike intensifies 2022-05-17 [Pretoria News]

Gauteng NUMSA threatens to go on secondary strike if demands are not met! 2022-05-16 [Daily Sun]

Gauteng City of Tshwane says independent mediator needed to solve Areyeng bus dispute 2022-05-16 [Eyewitness News]

Gauteng Numsa threatens to go on strike if Tshwane does not accede to transport allowance demands 2022-05-15 [News 24]

 VIDEO Gauteng Numsa calls on City of Tshwane to cancel contracts with rapid bus transport companies 2022-05-14 [SABC]

Gauteng Numsa to march to Tshwane offices to demanding transport allowance 2022-05-13 [IOL]

Gauteng Bus services in Tshwane remain suspended amid Samwu strike 2022-05-12 [SABC]

Gauteng Samwu questions Tshwane speaker’s key appointments ‘without following staffing recruitment policy’ 2022-05-12 [Pretoria News]

Gauteng Possible disruption of Tshwane bus services due to NUMSA strike 2022-05-10 [Muhabarishaji News]

Gauteng “We are overwhelmed,” says nurse at Steve Biko Academic Hospital 2022-05-04 [GroundUp]

Gauteng City of Joburg wins court battle against workers over contract conversions 2022-05-03 [News24]

Gauteng SAMWU secures reinstatement of 52 unfairly dismissed workers 2022-05-03 [COSATU]

Gauteng No refuse removal or licensing services due to strike 2022-04-29 [Krugersdorp News]

Gauteng Axed 130 City of Joburg employees return to court to seek permanent relief 2022-04-27 [SowetanLIVE]

Gauteng COJ130 dispute heads back to bargaining council 2022-04-26 [JacarandaFM]

Gauteng Nehawu to challenge suspension of five members after ‘unsafe’ 2022 graduation ceremony 2022-04-26 [Pretoria Rekord]

Gauteng City of Joburg: Lack of fire engines due to appointment of 130 ‘political workers’ 2022-04-24 [JacarandaFM]

Gauteng Short-lived victory for CoJ employees as bargaining council quashes their unfair dismissal claim 2022-04-23 [TimesLIVE]

Gauteng 130 City of Joburg employees get reprieve from labour court 2022-04-23 [TimesLIVE]

Gauteng City of Joburg says 130 jobs will end next week, SALGBC gives nod 2022-04-23 [The Bulrushes]

Gauteng City of Tshwane fails in bid to stop municipal salary increases, union awaits pay bumps for employees 2022-04-22 [The Citizen]

Gauteng Tshwane fails again to deny municipal workers salary increases – SAMWU 2022-04-22 [Politicsweb]

Gauteng Samwu slams DA 'double standards' over 130 sacked Joburg employees 2022-04-14 [TimesLIVE]

Gauteng Tshwane’s bid for salary hike exemption with workers’ unions dismissed 2022-04-13 [Pretoria News]

Gauteng Diepsloot week-long crisis reflects government failures 2022-04-12 [COSATU]

Gauteng Healthcare workers shut down hospital as health department pleads poverty 2022-04-07 [City Press]

Gauteng SA Medical Association wants more protection from government after Soweto doctor killed 2022-04-05 [The Citizen]

Gauteng Samwu surprised by City of Joburg’s advertisement of new posts despite pending court case 2022-04-04 [SABC]

 VIDEO Gauteng Samwu calls for action over JRA scandal 2022-04-04 [eNCA]

Gauteng NCOP delegation hears concerns of protesting SAMWU workers 2022-04-02 [Parliament]

Gauteng SAMWU tells ‘fired’ COJ staffers ‘don’t panic’, court challenge set 2022-03-27 [The Bulrushes]

Gauteng City of Tshwane secures contempt of court order against Samwu on unlawful strike 2022-03-26 [SABC]

Gauteng Tshwane issues job termination letters to striking Samwu members 2022-03-25 [Sunday World]

Gauteng No political plan to ‘weaken’ Samwu, says Tshwane Mayor Randall Williams 2022-03-24 [Pretoria News]

Gauteng Samwu set to interdict City of Joburg mayor over ’illegal permanent contracts’ 2022-03-24 [IOL]

Gauteng SAMWU statement on unrest and disruption of services in City of Tshwane 2022-03-23 [COSATU]

Gauteng Tshwane begins termination process against Samwu affiliated workers involved in ‘illegal’ strike 2022-03-23 [The Citizen]

Gauteng Samwu insists Tshwane members were never on strike 2022-03-23 [JacarandaFM]

Gauteng Socio-economic challenges facing workers and working-class 2022-03-22 [COSATU]

Gauteng SAMWU angry at Tshwane for roping in AfriForum to quell protests 2022-03-20 [JacarandaFM]

Gauteng City of Tshwane outsourcing its powers and functions to vigilante groups 2022-03-18 [COSATU]

Gauteng Workers protest, demand health department give them jobs 2022-03-17 [GroundUp]

Gauteng UNISA meets with NEHAWU after disgruntled workers disrupt graduation ceremony 2022-03-17 [Eyewitness News]

Gauteng 130 COJ staff to forge ahead with legal action as their jobs are at stake 2022-03-17 [Eyewitness News]

Gauteng Tshwane City contractors prevented from attending to outages due to protests 2022-03-17 [The Citizen]

Gauteng Nurses to picket outside Health Department 2022-03-16 [The Citizen]

Gauteng Unisa graduation ceremony disrupted by protest 2022-03-16 [SABC]

Gauteng Impasse between Clover and workers heads to court 2022-03-15 [New Frame]

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