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NUMSA says flying SAA is ‘risky’ as flights are reinstated 2019-11-18 [Fin24]

SAA strike: Unions threaten to ground SA's entire aviation industry 2019-11-18 [Reuters/IOL]

SACTWU accepts Brics summit declaration 2019-11-18 [Fascinating World]

NUMSA plans secondary strike in S.Africa's aviation industry after SAA talks go nowhere 2019-11-17 [Yahoo]

Kruger Park ranger suspended for allegedly torturing black employees 2019-11-17 [City Press]

SAA lost almost R200m from the crippling strike 2019-11-17 [Business Report]

'This strike is over more than 8% - our demand is for insourcing' says Numsa on SAA 2019-11-17 [JacarandaFM]

Irvin Jim applauds striking saa workers for ‘making history’ 2019-11-17 [Eyewitness News]

SAA strike: union wants urgent meeting with Govt ministers 2019-11-17 [Fin24]

Numsa calls for govt intervention in SAA strike 2019-11-17 [SABC]

Man accused of plotting to assassinate Popcru senior execs to apply for bail 2019-11-17 [Eyewitness News]

Union challenges PIC's move to liquidate Sekunjalo Independent Media 2019-11-17 [IOL]

SAA extends the cancellation of domestic flights to next week 2019-11-16 [Business Day]

SAA and unions to meet with ccma as strike enters second day 2019-11-16 [Eyewitness News]

'Insource all that was outsourced, and we will go back to work' says Numsa on SAA strike 2019-11-16 [JacarandaFM]

SACCA questions govt’s silence during SAA strike 2019-11-16 [Eyewitness News]

Cops take their leaders to task 2019-11-16 [Mail & Guardian]

ANC kept us in the dark about SAA job cuts, says Cosatu 2019-11-16 [News24]

SATAWU: SAA being unreasonable and need to come to their senses 2019-11-16 [Eyewitness News]

A fight for the many, not the few 2019-11-16 [Fin24]

No chicken, serious beef': Unions blame 'incompetent' SAA execs for airline's woes 2019-11-15 [Fin24]

NUMSA says SAA made late offer to avert to strike 2019-11-15 [Eyewitness News]

Processes are separate – SAA Chief Financial Officer 2019-11-15 [Diamond Fields Advertiser ]

SAA Pilots’ Association supports NUMSA, SACCA call for SAA leadership overhaul 2019-11-15 [Polity]

Wage deal struck on platinum belt – but tensions simmer on 2019-11-15 [Daily Maverick]

Prasa meltdown likely to derail 10,000 jobs 2019-11-15 [Daily Maverick]

Economic problems are often blamed on trade unions and their wage demands. However, several international research reports say something different. 2019-11-15 [Daily Maverick]

Amcu again says that platinum wage deals will be signed 2019-11-15 [Daily Maverick]

Popcru CEO sought by Hawks for kidnapping, murder plot against union's top brass 2019-11-15 [News24]

Passengers left frustrated as SAA strike grounds operations 2019-11-15 [Eyewitness News]

SAA: All attempts to resolve union grievances failed 2019-11-15 [Eyewitness News]

Vavi: SAA management using strike to privatise airline 2019-11-15 [Eyewitness News]

EFF says it will send 'ground forces' in to support SAA strikers 2019-11-14 [SowetanLive]

SAA makes new offer to unions as strike nears 2019-11-14 [Fin24]

Comair Airways Limited schedule back to normal, following a protest threat 2019-11-14 [Reuters/ANA/IOL]

Income inequality worsens for black Africans, improves for whites and Indians 2019-11-14 [SowetanLive]

Jobs won’t materialise until investment pledges do 2019-11-14 [New Frame]

Female truckers on the rise thanks to unique training programme 2019-11-14 [Business Day]

Numsa calls for rolling mass action to 'close down SAA' 2019-11-14 [TimesLIVE]

Have you screened your drivers for diabetes? 2019-11-14 [Business Day]

Union to interdict SAA over more than 900 retrenchments 2019-11-14 [Business Day]

Comair puts contingency plans in place ahead of SAA strike 2019-11-14 [TimesLIVE]

Satawu will not be joining SAA strike 2019-11-14 [SABC]

Brinkmanship as SAA and unions head for showdown in latest ailing SOE scrap 2019-11-14 [Daily Maverick]

South African Airways cancels flights as workers go on strike 2019-11-14 [al Jazeera]

SAfrican Airways workers to go on strike Friday 2019-11-14 [The New Telegraph]

SAA censured as it pleads financial dire straits ahead of strike 2019-11-14 [Daily Maverick]

SAA cancels flights for Friday, saturday ahead of strike 2019-11-14 [Eyewitness News]

Communists, unions may force alliance to ditch Mboweni's paper 2019-11-14 [TimesLIVE]

Statement of the Alliance Political Council 2019-11-14 [COSATU]

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