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50 000 pedagoger streiker [Utdanningsnytt] 2023-03-15


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Nurses union discusses next steps in pay negotiations with Te Whatu Ora 2023-05-29 [RNZ]

Nurses to take to stop work meetings to assess latest Te Whatu Ora offer 2023-05-26 [Radio New Zealand]

Hundreds support striking Gisbourne nurses after court win 2023-05-26 [NZNO-Toputanga Tapuhi Kaitiaki o Aotearoa]

Union fights for employees facing Victoria University job cuts 2023-05-25 [Radio New Zealand]

Reserve Bank exacerbating the cost of living crisis 2023-05-25 [First Union]

Remembering Bastion Point 2023-05-25 [E Tangata]

New general practice wage funding welcome move in the right direction 2023-05-24 [NZNO-Toputanga Tapuhi Kaitiaki o Aotearoa]

Wage theft: 'Its widespread. Its ugly. Its a bloodsport in our country. 2023-05-24 [Stuff]

National leader agrees CTU numbers are right, but still no fiscal plan 2023-05-24 [NZCTU-Te Kauae Kamahi]

Action needed to stop cuts at Victoria 2023-05-24 [TEU-Te Hautu Kahurangi]

Protective screens trialed for bus drivers in Auckland 2023-05-24 [Radio New Zealand]

Too little, too late 2023-05-24 [TEU-Te Hautu Kahurangi]

A te Tiriti-led union 2023-05-24 [TEU-Te Hautu Kahurangi]

New funding to reduce carbon emissions positive for industry, union says 2023-05-24 [E tu union]

New scope statement supports full potential of enrolled nurses 2023-05-23 [NZNO-Toputanga Tapuhi Kaitiaki o Aotearoa]

National's tax plan blows out to $8.2 billion, time to front up on spending cuts 2023-05-23 [NZCTU-Te Kauae Kamahi]

National's tax plan has $1.5 billion fiscal hole-Council of Trade Unions 2023-05-23 [Radio New Zealand]

Employment Court upholds nurses right to strike over health and safety 2023-05-23 [NZNO-Toputanga Tapuhi Kaitiaki o Aotearoa]

New Zealand Nurses Organization slams Te Whatu Ora for taking legal action to stop Gisbourne strike 2023-05-23 [Newshub]

Lawyers work overtime, somee below minimum wage 2023-05-23 [Radio New Zealand]

Primary teachers vote on next actions 2023-05-23 [NZEI]

The Uber Economy: John Campbell 2023-05-22 [TVNZ]

Wage theft: 'It’s widespread. It’s ugly. It’s a bloodsport in our country'. 2023-05-21 [Stuff]

CTU Backs Emissions Reduction Plan For Glenbrook Steel Workers 2023-05-21 [NZCTU]

Te Whatu Ora takes legal action to stop Gisbourne nurses strike 2023-05-21 [NZNO-Toputanga Tapuhi Kaitiaki o Aotearoa]

A positive Budget for the public service and public service workers 2023-05-21 [PSA-Te Pukenga Here Tikanga Mahi]

Auckland Council's staffing cuts will put the squeeze on vital services and workers 2023-05-21 [PSA-Te Pukenga Here Tikanga Mahi]

Disabled workers celebrate end of minimum wage discrimination 2023-05-21 [PSA-Te Pukenga Here Tikanga Mahi]

Process for members requested to be interviewed or involved in any internal or external inquiry into Loafers Lodge fire 2023-05-20 [NZPFU-Te Kahui Kaipatuahi O Aotearoa]

Budget fails to value nurses 2023-05-20 [NZNO-Toputanga Tapuhi Kaitiaki o Aotearoa]

Teacher strikes: Everything you need to know about the on-going pay talks 2023-05-20 [Stuff]

Children, families, women, and disabled workers are the winners of Budget 2023 2023-05-20 [NZCTU]

What Budget 2023 means for working people 2023-05-20 [NZCTU]

Lab tests group plans to cut Nelson services, courier samples to Christchurch 2023-05-17 [RNZ]

Messages of support for those affected by the Wellington hostel fire 2023-05-16 [NZPFU-Te Kahui Kaipatuahi O Aotearoa]

Budget can offer solutions to aged care crisis 2023-05-15 [NZNO-Toputanga Tapuhi Kaitiaki o Aotearoa]

Budget can offer solutions to aged care crisis 2023-05-15 [NZNO-Toputanga Tapuhi Kaitiaki o Aotearoa]

Man tagged one of NZ's worst bosses fails to pay up, then chases ex-staffer for costs 2023-05-15 [Stuff]

Exhausted Gisbourne Hospital ward 5 nurses to strike 2023-05-12 [NZ Doctor]

Kindy teachers accept latest pay offer, while primary teachers hold out for more 2023-05-12 [Stuff]

Celebrate our invaluable nurses 2023-05-12 [NZNO-Toputanga Tapuhi Kaitiaki o Aotearoa]

Unions celebrate win in maintaining additional sick leave for community-based support workers at Access Community Health 2023-05-12 [PSA-Te Pukenga Here Tikanga Mahi]

PSA library worker celebrate deal to support longer hours at new Malborough library 2023-05-12 [PSA-Te Pukenga Here Tikanga Mahi]

Rotorua ratepayers not being told all the facts about proposed cuts to services and jobs 2023-05-12 [PSA-Te Pukenga Here Tikanga Mahi]

New Winter health plan a good start, but needs to go further 2023-05-12 [NZNO]

Nurses pay the price as area around Christchurch Hospital tops city for parking fines 2023-05-11 [The Press]

Warnings by firefighters and rescue crews fall on deaf ears 2023-05-10 [NZPFU-Te Kahui Kaipatuahi O Aotearoa]

'We have a target on our backs': University of Otago staff protest over hundreds of possible job cuts 2023-05-09 [Stuff]

Latest ministry offer still below cost of living increase 2023-05-09 [PPTA-Te Wehengarua]

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