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TVNZ's consultation process legally challenged by E tu

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TVNZ's consultation process legally challenged by E tu [E tu union] 2024-04-11

Postie unions decry 'race to the bottom' as job losses loom [RNZ] 2024-03-26

Council of Trade Unions finds another $500m shortfall in Government's tax plan [News Hub] 2024-03-25

CTU to Support Uber Drivers Rallying For Basic Workers’ Rights [The National Tribune] 2024-03-19

Workers should worry about new threat to workplace protections in Minister’s speech [The National Tribune] 2024-03-13

Govt must commit to follow Australia’s lead on pay gap reporting [NZCTU] 2024-03-08

Child poverty data shows Government must take action [NZCTU] 2024-02-25

Minimum wage decision a signal of what this government really think about workers [NZCTU-Te Kauae Kamahi] 2024-02-03

Postal Workers Union on NZ Post plans to hire only contractors [RNZ] 2024-01-31

Maritime Union opposes Red Sea military involvement [MUNZ] 2024-01-24


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Nurse to patient ratios will ease health crisis 2024-12-31 [NZNO]

Large scale impacts at Education ministry will have negative impacts to children 2024-04-17 [NZEI-Te Riu Roa]

Inflation data shows need for a plan on climate and population 2024-04-17 [NZCTU]

Oranga Tamariki, Ministry of Education cuts: Unions, Organizations furious as over 1200 jobs go in one day 2024-04-17 [Newshub]

Brutal day of government cuts-axing support for children and young people 2024-04-17 [PSA-Te Pukenga Here Tikanga Mahi]

Early childhood regulation changes; put children first, not business, says union 2024-04-16 [NZEI-Te Riu Roa]

E tu hopes Stuff/WBD plan to save 6pm bulletin is workable 2024-04-16 [E tu union]

Government forces DOC ti shed 130 jobs despite fragility of the environmemt 2024-04-16 [PSA]

More Worksafe cuts will put workers health and safety at risk 2024-04-16 [PSA-Te Pukenga Here Tikanga Mahi]

Doctors at public hospitals vote on private health insurance 2024-04-16 [Radio New Zealand]

Proposed Easysteel restructure an indictment on Fletcher Construction 2024-04-16 [First Union]

Union Organiser 2024-04-13 [NZCTU]

Field Officer 2024-04-13 [PPTA]

BK members win $200 union only payments, increased rates 2024-04-13 [Unite Union]

Government spending cuts force DIA to contract out critical legal work 2024-04-13 [PSA]

Minister of financ admits to new borrowing need 2024-04-13 [NZCTU]

Women set to bear the brunt of tertiary education commission changes-union 2024-04-12 [Radio New Zealand]

Sexual health pioneer honoured with portrait at Parliament 2024-04-11 [TVNZ]

Luxon's health targets delusional without workforce measures 2024-04-11 [ASMS-Toi Mata Hauora]

Union files claim against TVNZ 2024-04-11 [Radio New Zealand]

TVNZ's consultation process legally challenged by E tu 2024-04-11 [E tu union]

Another dark day for science and climate-90 jobs go at NIWA 2024-04-11 [PSA-Te Pukenga Here Tikanga Mahi]

Government forces DOC ti shed 130 jobs despite fragility of the environmemt 2024-04-10 [PSA]

Wellington workforce reeling from public sector job cuts 2024-04-10 [Newshub ]

Off air: All Newshub operations to close; 250 jobs axed 2024-04-10 [Stuff]

Attack on science steps with jobs going at Callaghan Institute 2024-04-09 [PSA-Te Pukenga Here Tikanga Mahi]

Now tax cuts put ahead of the environment-jobs to go at Environment Ministry 2024-04-08 [PSA-Te Pukenga Here Tikanga Mahi]

Government cuts 2024-04-08 [PSA-Te Pukenga Here Tikanga Mahi]

Ministry for the Environment asks for volluntary redundancies 2024-04-08 [Radio New Zealand]

Ministry for the Environment asks for volluntary redundancies 2024-04-08 [Radio New Zealand]

Ministry for the Environment asks for volluntary redundancies 2024-04-08 [Radio New Zealand]

Organiser positions 2024-04-06 [FIRST Union]

Union Organiser 2024-04-06 [PSA]

Bay of Plenty pathways shut today as workers strike for 24 hours 2024-04-05 [NZ Herald]

We need to learn the leasons of the past and reject more asset sales 2024-04-05 [The Post]

CTU stands in solidarity with public service workers 2024-04-05 [NZCTU-Te Kauae Kamahi]

Closing suicide prevention office among 134 job losses at Health 2024-04-05 [PSA-Te Pukenga Here Tikanga Mahi]

Suicide prevention office may close if Ministry of Health cuts go ahead 2024-04-04 [Newshub ]

Volluntary redundancies at MSD will make it harder for communities and clients 2024-04-04 [PSA-Te Pukenga Here Tikanga Mahi]

CTU call on government to exclude Myanmar junta from ASEAN meeting 2024-04-03 [NZCTU-Te Kauae Kamahi]

Living wage: Not paying fair rates results in more youth crime - E tū union's Michael Wood 2024-04-02 [News Hub]

Maritime union national secretary Craig Harrison resigns 2024-04-02 [MUNZ]

No security guards on hand at time of machete attack, union says 2024-04-02 [Radio New Zealand]

Posties need our support! 2024-04-02 [Unite Union]

Prime Minister Christpher Luxon vague on living wage for government workers 2024-04-01 [Newshub ]

Member Advisory Officer 2024-04-01 [NZEI]

Union Organiser 2024-04-01 [PSA]

Court dismisses Air NZ appeal over Covid-19compensation to crew member 2024-03-30 [Radio New Zealand]

Wellington trades hall bombing: Mystery still surrounds fatal explosion 2024-03-30 [Radio New Zealand]

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