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'In This Pandemic, We Got Nothing but Solidarity': The Struggle of Migrant Domestic Workers in Malaysia in Surviving the Lockdown 2020-05-23 [IDWF]

Protect Migrant Domestic Worker from the Extreme Abuse and Exploitation, Justice for the Victim! 2020-05-23 [IDWF]

Malaysia detains hundreds of foreign workers in major raid on KL Wholesale Market 2020-05-11 [The Straits Times]

Court denies access to journalists 2020-05-07 [IFJ]

MTUC: Easing of MCO ‘too fast and too soon’ 2020-05-04 [The Daily Express]

Unions call on government and employers to do more to protect workers, stop COVID-19 2020-04-29 [BWI]

Authorities implement ‘stern action’ against online media 2020-04-15 [IFJ]

Malaysian unions fight for workers during lockdown 2020-04-04 [IndustriALL]

Timber unions call for mandatory COVID-19 testing 2020-04-04 [BWI]

Union picket breaks deadlock in Malaysia 2020-03-17 [IndustriALL]

MTUC calls for establishment of national action committee to contain Covid-19 2020-03-13 [The Straits Times]

MTUC: Give space to new PM to develop country 2020-03-04 [The Mail]

Social Audit of Stabilo Plant in February 2020-02-29 [BWI]

MTUC: India's call to ban M'sian palm oil harms workers most 2020-01-10 [Malaysiakini]

MTUC warns labour law reforms will backfire on workers 2019-12-27 [Insight]

With suspension, MTUC cannot disburse RM1m compensation to workers 2019-12-27 [Malaysiakini]

MTUC says still temporarily suspended, deregistration still possible 2019-12-26 [The Mail]

MTUC to know fate in one week 2019-12-26 [The Straits Times]

Sarawak MTUC wants minimum wage fixed at RM1,500 for all 2019-12-24 [The Mail]

IFJ calls on authorities not to deport Kurdish journalist to Syria 2019-12-16 [IFJ]

DHL Supply Chain recognizes Kesatuan Pekerja-Pekerja union 2019-11-18 [UNI Global Union]

Labour law amendment akin to state-backed union busting, MTUC claims 2019-11-03 [The Mail]

Bank workers’ union seeks court chairman’s recusal over language dispute 2019-10-28 [Insight]

Move to neutralise MTUC mischievous 2019-10-22 [Malaysiakini]

Utusan union asks authorities to monitor paper’s liquidation 2019-10-15 [Yahoo]

800 jobs lost as Utusan Media Group shuts down 2019-10-11 [IFJ]

Call for ratification of ILO C87 in Malaysia 2019-09-16 [IndustriALL]

Pension scheme for civil servants being studied 2019-09-06 [The Reserve]

Parliament starts discussion on a new law to protect domestic workers' rights 2019-09-02 [Biz&Human Rights Resource Ctr]

UN poverty report justifies need for living wage, says MTUC 2019-08-26 [Insight]

Union win for Utusan journalists 2019-08-21 [IFJ]

Journalists ejected from opposition party annual meeting 2019-07-23 [IFJ]

Journalists ejected from opposition party annual meeting 2019-07-22 [IFJ]

RM700 too high to encourage workers to take up latest amnesty programme, says union 2019-07-19 [Free Malaysia Today]

1,500 Sipitang timber workers hopeful for their job security 2019-07-09 [MalaysiaKini]

Dr M's 'Malaysians don't want to work' remark irks Penang MTUC 2019-07-01 [Malaysiakini]

Empower our local workers with a living wage 2019-07-01 [The Star]

MTUC urges govt to ratify treaty 2019-06-30 [The Star]

MTUC at loggerheads with HR Ministry, MEF over ratification of trade union rules 2019-06-22 [The Star]

GPs go ‘on strike’ for higher consultation fees 2019-06-11 [Today]

NGOs back reinstatement of foreign workers replacement system 2019-05-29 [New Straits Times]

Address workers’ issues, MTUC Sabah urges govt 2019-05-22 [Borneo Post]

Ministry: No freeze in intake of foreign workers 2019-05-22 [NST]

Dr M: Govt gives priority to employment of citizens 2019-05-22 [NST]

KUB to lay off staff, sell mill to be profitable again 2019-05-22 [NST]

Statistics show higher labour force and participation rate - but MTUC says exploitation a problem 2019-05-22 [The Star]

MTUC slams PM remark on low wage 2019-05-22 [The Malaysian Insight]

Ban political ownership of news media, says MTUC 2019-05-22 [Free Malaysia Today]

MTUC calls on Govt to formulate special Act to protect TVET graduates 2019-05-22 [The Edge Markets]

Workers union to meet director of Ipoh-based health support firm following protest 2019-05-22 [Malay Mail]

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