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 VIDEO Voices from the world of work: Garment factory workers in Jordan 2020-01-25 [ILO]

Statement of solidarity with the popular uprising of people, workers, and students in Iran 2019-12-06 [Amman Center for Human Right Studies (ACHRS)]

Garment sector remains barred for Nepali workers over low wage issue 2019-11-19 [The Post]

Pay deal ends strike by UN Palestinian agency workers 2019-11-04 [Arab News]

Palestinian refugee agency workers strike 2019-11-03 [Middle East Eye]

Teachers secure pay raise 2019-10-07 [The New Arab]

New Radio Show in Jordan Showcases Worker Issues For more info 2019-09-26 [Solidarity Center]

Teachers vow to fight on for long-promised raises 2019-09-18 [al Jazeera]

State Teachers Hold Open Strike 2019-09-08 [Asharaq]

It’s all about people: how focusing on workers improves productivity in Jordanian factories 2019-08-10 [World Bank]

Union signs major agreement for decent jobs with APM terminals 2019-05-25 [ITF]

National Labour Law should uphold trade union rights, not deny them 2019-05-25 [EI]

Migrant worker leaders elected in Jordan garment factories 2019-04-04 [IndustriALL]

After fleeing conflict at home, African refugees battle racism in Jordan 2019-03-22 [Equal Times]

Jordan's trade unions to place Israeli flag in building entrances for all to step on 2019-01-05 [Hareetz]

The Jordanian women fighting for labour rights 2018-12-07 [Equal Times]

The Jordanian women fighting for labour rights 2018-12-04 [Equal Times]

Municipal workers to resume strike, rejecting outcome of mayors meeting 2018-10-31 [The Times]

Municipal Workers Threaten to Resume Strike if More Wages Not Raised 2018-10-30 [Al Bawaba]

Municipal workers may resume strike Wednesday 2018-10-29 [The Times]

Despite Labour Law, agriculture sector suffers from ‘persistent deficits’ — ILO 2018-10-17 [The Times]

Thumbs Down For Bad Working Conditions 2018-10-09 [Al Bawaba]

Unacceptable work conditions 2018-10-09 [The Times]

IFJ-ILO joint project to improve media coverage on forced labour issues kicks off in Jordan 2018-09-27 [IFJ]

Syrian women face heat, harassment while picking Jordan's crops 2018-08-10 [al-Monitor]

Stakeholders join forces for effective partnerships in garment sector 2018-08-05 [The Times]

Decent jobs and skills key to Jordan garment growth 2018-08-04 [Just Style]

Forum for job creation, sustainable growth, women empowerment 2018-08-03 [Devdicourse]

Dar Al Dawa workers suspend strike amid settlement with administration 2018-07-27 [The Times]

ILO urges Jordan to address labour rights violations, ratify convention 2018-07-20 [The Times]

Initiative Launched to Protect More Than 200,000 Migrant Workers' Rights 2018-07-09 [Al Bawaba]

Jordan's prime minister quits as protestors demand an end to austerity 2018-06-05 [New York Times]

UNRWA staff in Jordan strike following pay cuts 2018-05-22 [Middle East Monitor]

150 GAM workers awarded for Labour Day 2018-05-03 [The Times]

20% drop in labour protests not indicator of better work conditions in Kingdom — report 2018-04-01 [The Times]

'Long bureaucratic procedures delaying establishment of daycares’ 2018-03-18 [JT]

Business world ‘rings bell’ for closing gender gap in Jordan’s economy 2018-03-13 [jordantimes]

Migrant factory workers centre marks fourth anniversary 2018-03-04 [Jordan Times]

Minimum wages need to be increased to cope with price, tax hikes — experts 2018-02-23 [jordantimes]

New work contract improves conditions of waste pickers 2018-02-13 [.jordantimes]

Migrant Domestic Workers Seek Rights in the Middle East For more info 2018-01-31 [Solidarity Center]

As garment sector grows, activists push for better migrant workers' rights 2018-01-14 [The News]

Migrant Workers Join Trade Unions after Strike 2017-12-16 [BWI Global Union]

Labour Watch calls for adoption of convention on harassment at workplace 2017-11-28 [Jordan Times]

Deadly cost of pregnancy for migrant women workers in Jordan 2017-08-28 [The New Yorker]

Trade unions organising Syrian refugees issues freelance work permits 2017-08-28 [Jordan Times]

Sisters in solidarity: the communal care of domestic workers in the Middle East 2017-08-15 [Open Democracy]

Women academics ‘widely discriminated against’ — report 2017-08-15 [Jordan Times]

Trade unions federation issues freelance work permits to Syrians 2017-08-06 [The Times]

Garment Workers clash with Jordanian police removing bodies after factory explosion. For more info 2017-06-28 [GWTUC]

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