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Etter langvarig streik: Lokførere får kortere arbeidstid


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Etter langvarig streik: Lokførere får kortere arbeidstid [Fri fagbevegelse] 2024-04-04

Deutsche Bahn og lokførere til enighet i lønnskonflikt [Radio Haugalandet/NTB] 2024-03-25

Ny streik rammer nesten 100.000 flypassasjerer [abc nyheter/NTB] 2024-03-14

19.000 kabinansatte i Lufthansa streiker neste uke [NRK/NTB] 2024-03-09

Ny Lufthansa-streik varslet [Radio Haugalandet/NTB] 2024-02-18

Varsler Lufthansa-streik [NRK/NTB] 2024-02-05

Storstreik ved flyplasser [E24] 2024-01-31

Streik i kollektivtransport [Radio Haugalandet/NTB] 2024-01-29

Togstreik har startet [Radio Haugalandet/NTB] 2024-01-24

Lokførere varsler fem dagers streik [Radio Haugalandet/NTB] 2024-01-22


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New offer made in wage dispute at German seaports 2024-07-14 [DPA]

Workers strike at 3 major ports 2024-07-11 [The Daily]

Workers’ fight secures agreements across German retail sector 2024-07-08 [UNI Global Union]

ETF Statement on the EU Commission’s Approval of Lufthansa’s Stake in ITA Airways 2024-07-04 [ETF]

IG BAU calls for year-round climate short-time work benefits amid rising temperatures 2024-07-01 [BWI]

Verdi declares first settlement in prolonged salary disagreement 2024-06-21 [Aussiedlerbote]

Metall threatens strikes for wind industry workers over pay demands 2024-06-21 [Windpower]

Union calls for port strike 2024-06-17 [Port Technology]

Biggest industrial union seeks a 7% raise for millions of workers 2024-06-17 [The Post]

More strikes at German and French ports could bring congestion and delays 2024-06-15 [The Loadstar]

Journalist Ignacio Rosaslanda physically assaulted by police and arrested while covering a police operation 2024-06-03 [EFJ]

IG Metall stages warning strikes at STAEDTLER 2024-06-01 [BWI]

The longing of the new working class for a solidary ‘we’ 2024-05-23 [Social Europe]

IG Metall stages warning strikes at STAEDTLER 2024-05-17 [BWI]

Construction workers initiate the first strike in 17 years 2024-05-14 [ASB Zeitung]

Deutsche Telekom workers stage strike ahead of ‘decisive’ pay talks 2024-05-14 [Telco Titans]

Verdi urges Telekom customer service employees to go on strike on Sunday. 2024-05-12 [ASB Zeitung]

Community media journalists to report politics through a gender lens 2024-05-07 [IFJ]

Demonstrations Break Out in Germany Amid Workers’ Day 2024-05-03 [Atlas News]

Deutsche Bank and union reach pay deal for Postbank employees 2024-05-03 [Reuters]

Thyssenkrupp rebuffs union claims regarding steel stake sale 2024-04-29 [Reuters]

Union calls for strikes at retailers IKEA and Metro 2024-04-26 [DPA]

Action in Berlin demands release of Belarusian union activists 2024-04-24 []

Auto supplier workers in China have a new way to voice grievances, as the German supply chain act came into force 2024-04-22 [China]

Journalists’ organisations call for a day of action at public broadcasters 2024-04-17 [EFJ]

Urgent action to support NGG’s petition against closure of the Landliebe dairy plants 2024-04-15 [IUF]

Bus Drivers Strike with Climate Activists in 57 German Cities 2024-04-15 [Labour Notes]

Kabinansatte i Lufthansa får ønsket lønnsøkning 2024-04-11 [TravelNews]

Gjennombrudd i lønnsforhandlingene på flyplasser 2024-04-08 [TV 2/NTB]

Union Triumphs in Tesla Election Despite Elon Musk's Opposition 2024-04-08 [Focus]

German public service union agrees wage cuts and industrial action amnesty for Lufthansa ground staff 2024-04-05 [WSWS]

Etter langvarig streik: Lokførere får kortere arbeidstid 2024-04-04 [Fri fagbevegelse]

Lufthansa new offer to end strikes is 'historic', says happy union chief 2024-04-03 [Loadstar]

Ingen påskestreik i Lufthansa 2024-03-27 [E24/NTB]

DB rail OKs union's 35-hour-week demand to end months of dispute 2024-03-27 [DPA]

Deutsche Bahn And Train Drivers Reach Deal In Wage Dispute 2024-03-26 [Barron's]

Train drivers’ union and railway operator reach a deal in their long dispute 2024-03-26 [CITY]

Deutsche Bahn og lokførere til enighet i lønnskonflikt 2024-03-25 [Radio Haugalandet/NTB]

Union Falls Short of Majority at Key Tesla Plant Council 2024-03-21 [Bloomberg]

Ground workers, Lufthansa pick mediators ahead of wage talks 2024-03-19 [DPA]

GDL discusses accepting arbitration 2024-03-19 [WSWS]

Unionized public transport workers plan to strike in Bremen March 19-20 2024-03-16 [Crisis 24]

Rail Operator Sees End to Strikes, Agreement Next Week 2024-03-16 [Bloomberg]

Tesla Germany staff to elect new council to gain control over work conditions 2024-03-16 [Reuters]

Millions of passengers are affected in Germany as union members go on strike again 2024-03-14 [ABC]

Ny streik rammer nesten 100.000 flypassasjerer 2024-03-14 [abc nyheter/NTB]

UNI Europa in support of striking workers at German public broadcaster ARD 2024-03-13 [UNI]

Deutsche Bahn files legal action over German rail strike 2024-03-12 [The Guardian]

DGB rejects approving financial incentives to prolong employment of older workers 2024-03-10 [MENA FN]

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