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NT Emergency Service Workers win PTSD protections, bill passes today 2020-06-24 [UWU]

 VIDEO Thomas Mayor speaks at Black Lives Matter Rally Darwin 2020-06-15 [MUA]

MUA achieve agreement to get ship’s crew health checks 2020-04-13 [MUA]

Darwin: Three foreign vessels to dock in breach of coronavirus quarantine 2020-04-03 [MUA]

Wharfies union warns of unsafe ships 2020-04-02 [7 News]

Win for NT emergency service workers diagnosed with PTSD 2020-02-21 [UWU]

Darwin: Coronavirus Fears Following Arrival of Vessel from China 2020-02-15 [MUA]

Sex Workers Finally Have Decriminalisation: An Interview With SWOP NT’s Coordinator Leanne Melling 2019-12-13 [SCL]

Mine site had multiple safety complaints and wall collapses months before worker was killed 2019-12-09 [ABC]

Red alert – NT Ambos rally at last sitting day 2019-11-29 [UWU]

NT ALP Conference calls for action on Alice Springs power supply crisis This issue won’t go away, ETU warns TGen and Government For more info 2019-10-22 [ETU]

Alice needlessly in the dark again, ETU calls for heads to roll For more info 2019-10-14 [ETU]

TGEN’s incompetent managers put Alice at risk of more blackouts: ETU For more info 2019-10-08 [ETU]

CDU needs to come clean with the public over nursing restructure 2019-09-04 [NTEU]

Worker's body yet to be recovered from Bootu Creek mine due to unstable ground 2019-08-27 [ABC]

Man dead after Bootu Creek mine wall collapse, unions call for industrial manslaughter laws 2019-08-26 [ABC]

Brook Holloway receives Indigenous Service award 2019-08-21 [CPSU]

Safety for Correctional Officers 2019-07-24 [United Voice]

CDU Restructure Threatens the Future of the Territory Health System 2019-06-27 [NTEU]

Rio Tinto NT mine production suspended amid safety concerns 2019-06-19 [ABC]

Ross wins his job back 2019-06-05 [United Voice]

Union claims NT Border Force workers won't be able to afford rent after allowance cut 2019-04-05 [ABC]

Pine Gap spy base contractor Raytheon locked in redundancy payout dispute 2019-04-02 [ABC]

Scarlet M for Manslaughter 2019-03-19 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Fancy a holiday in Bali? 2019-03-03 [CPSU]

Darwin pub staff allegedly told to ban 'blacks' and charge Aboriginies for water 2019-01-22 [ABC]

Government urged to introduce industrial manslaughter laws following “paltry” $190,000 fine following preventable death of worker 2018-12-14 [MUA]

Push for industrial manslaughter laws in the NT as grieving families are being 'left in the dark' 2018-12-05 [ABC]

FNWA joins AEUNT for tour of Arnhem Land communities and schools 2018-08-09 [ACTU]

Paula Schubert was bullied before her suicide 2018-07-31 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Darwin bus drivers suffer 'battle fatigue' from passenger abuse, spitting, rock throwing 2018-05-27 [ABC]

Meatworkers' union petition finds 106 willing workers 2018-03-22 [The Northern Leader]

Union argues against changing cabotage laws in the Northern Territory 2018-01-04 [NT News]

Public service workers get ‘dud’ pay deal 2017-12-19 [NT News]

Rogue Darwin mango trader fined for paying backpacker workers as little as $2.68 an hour 2017-12-14 [ABC]

Court fines ‘rogue operator’ $25,000 for exploiting mango pickers near Darwin 2017-12-14 [NT News ]

 VIDEO What was th Darwin Rebellion? 2017-12-12 [ABC]

Exact cause of death for deckhand found in Darwin waters unknown, police tell inquest 2017-12-11 [ABC]

Coronial Inquiry Sparks Demand For Maritime Reform and Industrial Manslaughter Laws in the NT 2017-12-11 [MUA]

Albert Namatjira painting gifted to Alice Springs Aboriginal dialysis centre to raise funds for nurses' wages 2017-12-08 [ABC]

Inpex workers to strike over claims of wages non-payment after workmate Carl Delaney’s death 2017-12-08 [ NT News]

Inpex: Kentz workers missing pay for last week 2017-12-07 [NT News]

Unions call for industrial manslaughter laws in NT after workplace death 2017-12-06 [ABC PM]

Union calls for work manslaughter laws 2017-12-06 [AAP]

Inpex worker death: Union calls for industrial manslaughter laws in NT after contractor killed 2017-12-06 [ABC]

Mates gather to remember Carl Delaney after worker’s tragic death on Inpex construction site 2017-12-04 [NT News]

Inpex workers donate a day’s pay to Carl Delaney’s family after fatal accident 2017-12-02 [NT News]

Construction Union denied entry to Inpex site following workplace death 2017-12-02 [ABC]

Inpex worker dies after 'serious' workplace incident 2017-12-01 [ABC]

Seasonal workers from East Timor to use Top End mango harvest to improve their skills 2017-11-28 [ABC]

This month in labour history

This month in labour history

3-07-1892 A 6,000 strong meeting calls for immediate strike action at Broken Hill as miners' previous agreements with employers expire. [more]

16-07-1986 The mining community of Moura was hit with disaster when a massive explosion at No. 4 mine claimed 12 lives. [more]

27-07-1917 A mass meeting of the Amalgamated Society of Engineers in Sydney votes to strike against the introduction of a time card system. [more]