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Bring-budene har ikke makt over egen arbeidsdag: [Klassekampen] 2022-06-25

Tusenfryd betaler ungdom 52 kroner i timen [Sarpsborg arbeiderblad] 2022-06-25

50 000 gruvearbeidere streiket [Geo365] 2022-06-24

SAS-pilotene tar ut alle i streik fra dag én [E24] 2022-06-24

LO frykter mer ledighet etter rentehopp [Fri fagbevegelse] 2022-06-23

Gruvearbeidere i storstreik [abc nyheter/NTB] 2022-06-23

Flystreiken: Dette krangler de om [E24] 2022-06-22

NFO søker dispensasjon for lockout for flyteknikere i Babcock [VG] 2022-06-22

NHO varsler lockout i konflikten med flyteknikerne [TV 2] 2022-06-21

Flyteknikerne langer ut mot NHO [Børsen] 2022-06-21


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Unifor statement on the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade 2022-06-26 [Unifor]

As speculation lights up cannabis industry, workers are unionizing 2022-06-26 [The Breach]

Ontario Letter to Labour Minister McNaughton on use of scabs at Unifor strike at HBC Logistics 2022-06-26 [Unifor]

CEBEU guns for ex-chairman Fernando 2022-06-26 [The Island]

Histadrut brings Israeli and Palestinian businesswomen together to build bridges and talk business. 2022-06-25 [Histardrut]

Bring-budene har ikke makt over egen arbeidsdag: 2022-06-25 [Klassekampen]

Sas-pilotene raser: Går til krig mot oss 2022-06-25 [Dagbladet]

Tusenfryd betaler ungdom 52 kroner i timen 2022-06-25 [Sarpsborg arbeiderblad]

U.S. Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe is an attack on workers’ rights 2022-06-25 [Education MN]

Norway Says Goodbye to Temporary Workers? How Recent Changes to the Law Will Impact Employers 2022-06-25 [JDSupra]

California ‘Progressive’ Food Company Amy’s Kitchen Faces Multiple Unfair Labor Practice Charges 2022-06-25 [Labor Notes]

Explained: Apple, Amazon, Starbucks and the trend of workers forming unions in US 2022-06-25 [Indian Express]

Rights at Risk: Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade will roll back progress for many in Deep South 2022-06-25 [SoPovertyLwCtr]

AFL-CIO Affirms the Right of Everyone to Make Their Own Health Care Decisions 2022-06-25 [AFL-CIO]

New South Wales State budget dirt cheap on school cleaning 2022-06-25 [UWU]

Queensland Frontline Services Can’t Run Themselves 2022-06-25 [UWU]

The Right to Strike 2022-06-25 [RAFFWU]

Qantas payment only a ‘thank you’ if unconditional and paid to all workers including illegally sacked: unions 2022-06-25 [TWU]

Queensland Government announces standard-setting body to tackle deadly pressures in transport 2022-06-25 [TWU]

New South Wales Food delivery rider who died at work two years ago acknowledged as employee under NSW workers’ compensation scheme 2022-06-25 [TWU]

New South Wales AWU welcomes NSW Labor’s pledge to prioritise local manufacturing 2022-06-25 [AWU]

State of the Industry survey for performers 2022-06-25 [MEAA]

Queensland Vale Shane Morse 2022-06-25 [CWU]

Maryland Apple ready to bargain with its first U.S. store to unionize: source 2022-06-25 [Saltwire]

Healthcare workers temporarily call off wage strike 2022-06-25 [Saltwire]

Ontario 'We're done': Niagara education workers descend on Sam Oosterhoff’s office demanding 'fair deal' 2022-06-25 [The Tribune]

Union pushes Ontario to address 'deplorable situation' at National Steel Car after 3 worker deaths 2022-06-25 [CBC]

Hope Hicks case not an isolated incident, shows need for practical change in shipping 2022-06-25 [ITF]

Trade unions across the world tell Grant Shapps: “UK’s reputation is at risk” 2022-06-25 [ITF]

Unions urge government to honour wage agreement 2022-06-25 [IndustriALL]

National collective agreement signed in construction industry 2022-06-25 [BWI]

Wood and forestry network revisits and strengthens strategies leading to BWI World Congress 2022-06-25 [BWI]

​Jit Bahadur Malla elected in GEFONT Sudur pachhim province 2022-06-25 [GEFONT]

​GEFONT Bagmati Province First convention held: 2022-06-25 [GEFONT]

Shoprite win a slap in the face of workers 2022-06-25 [The Namibian]

Newfoundland and Labrador Transit Union Reaches Tentative Deal for Metrobus Workers 2022-06-25 [VOCM]

British Columbia Health care workers transfer from private companies back to the public sector 2022-06-25 [HEU]

Ontario Community convinces school board to stop 80% of cuts, says go for 100% 2022-06-25 [CUPE]

Ontario Education workers deliver 25,000 letters to Premier Ford calling for service improvements for students and better pay 2022-06-25 [CUPE]

CUPE launches survey on worker mental health during COVID 2022-06-25 [CUPE]

 VIDEO Newfoundland and Labrador CUPE public sector workers launch TV ad 2022-06-25 [CUPE]

Ryanair and Brussels Airlines strikes hit European travel 2022-06-25 [Deutsche Welle]

Judges strike for third week after mass sackings 2022-06-25 [Africanews]

RadioLabour World Report - Why the new fascist right is rising 2022-06-25 [RadioLabour]

Adoption of UTAS critical to resolving strike-ASUU 2022-06-25 [Vanguard News]

Nation's largest union of nurses condemns Supreme Court overturn of constitutional right to abortion 2022-06-25 [National Nurses United]

New Biden administration guidelines should prioritize union jobs 2022-06-25 [International Brotherhood of Teamsters]

SAG-AFTRA's statement on the US Supreme Court's decision in the case of Dobbs vs Jackson women's health organization 2022-06-25 [SAG-AFTRA]

Nissan workers fear being displaced as plant introduces new technology 2022-06-25 [The Citizen]

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