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Ukraine Prosecutors and police deliver public update on investigation into murder of journalist 2021-06-23 [IFJ]

Ukraine Ukraine. KVPU warned about adoption of bills undermining workers’ rights 2021-06-03 []

Ukraine Congress of FPU Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine - Speech by Luca Visentini 2021-05-31 [ETUC]

Ukraine Ukraine Mine Workers Successfully Fight Wage Theft For more info 2021-05-17 [Solidarity Center]

Ukraine Miners' protest give positive results 2021-05-13 [KVPU]

Ukraine KVPU warned about adoption of bills undermining workers' rights 2021-04-30 [KVPU]

Ukraine KVPU concerned about bills that undermine workers' rights 2021-04-15 [kvpu]

Ukraine Сourt considered lawful the registration of Wizz Air’s workers trade union For more info 2021-04-08 [KVPU]

Ukraine Podcast: Making the Gig Economy Work for Workers For more info 2021-04-02 [Solidarity Center]

Ukraine No return: precarious delivery workers in Ukraine look to Spain for inspiration 2021-02-14 [OpenDemocracy]

Ukraine WizzAir trade union challenging management actions in court 2021-01-19 [KVPU]

Ukraine These workers have gone unpaid for 3 years. 2021-01-19 [LabourStart]

Ukraine 2020: The year in pictures - Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine 2020-12-31 [KVPU]

Ukraine Workers of coal and uranium mines protesting against wage arrears in Ukraine 2020-12-09 [KVPU]

Ukraine PROFBUD leads workers’ 16 days of anti-VAW activism in Ukraine 2020-12-05 [BWI]

Ukraine How Ukraine’s gender quotas work in practice 2020-11-26 [Opendemocracy ]

Belarus Ukrainian trade unions picketed Embassy of Belarus in Kyiv  ActNOW!  2020-10-26 [KVPU]

Ukraine Employer filed a lawsuit against miners protesting underground for 37 days  ActNOW!  2020-10-09 [KVPU]

Ukraine Oleg Vernik: The Krivoy Rog miners strike  ActNOW!  2020-10-08 [Progressive International]

Ukraine PROFBUD holds Congress, affirms 'power in unity' 2020-10-02 [BWI]

Ukraine Call for action on 20th anniversary of murder of journalist Georgiy Gongadze 2020-09-21 [EFJ]

Ukraine Labour activists speak out about underground miners' protest in Ukraine 2020-09-14 [Opendemocracy]

Ukraine Stop wage drop pandemic 2020-09-13 [BWI]

Ukraine KVPU protested near the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Kyiv  ActNOW!  2020-09-10 [KVPU]

Ukraine Ukrainian miners protest underground 2020-09-08 [IndustriALL]

Ukraine Miners of the ore mine protesting undeground for five days in Kryvyi Rih For more info 2020-09-07 [KVPU]

Ukraine Miners protesting over wage arrears in Nadia mine (video) 2020-08-31 [KVPU]

Ukraine COVID-19 worsens plight of Ukrainian migrant workers 2020-08-26 [BWI]

Belarus KVPU demands release of arrested activists and an immediate end to violence against protesters in Belarus 2020-08-13 [KVPU]

Ukraine Railways workers protest in Kyiv led to negotiations 2020-08-05 [KVPU]

Ukraine NPGU: Miners ended the protest after the reaching agreements with authorities 2020-07-13 [KVPU]

Ukraine PROFBUD challenges IKEA and FSC on Illegally sourced wood 2020-07-11 [BWI]

Ukraine Miners protesting for 9 days in Kyiv 2020-07-09 [KVPU]

Ukraine Donbas: the miners' protest 2020-07-06 [OBCT]

Ukraine After confrontations with police miners continuing protest in Kyiv 2020-07-01 []

Ukraine Trade unions protesting against anti-labor draft laws and wage arrears in Kyiv 2020-06-30 [KVPU]

Ukraine Union secures financial support and offers training for media workers 2020-06-04 [IFJ]

Ukraine Workers of uranium mines and trade unions protested in Kropyvnytskyi 2020-05-28 [KVPU]

Ukraine Ukraine Workers Mobilize Against COVID-19 2020-05-15 [Solidarity Center]

Ukraine COVID-19 Pandemic: News from KVPU 2020-05-13 []

Ukraine Nursing in the Times of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Ukraine 2020-05-12 [KVPU]

Ukraine NPGU calls on to ensure stable work of enterprises and anti-COVID-19 measures 2020-05-07 [KVPU]

Ukraine After entrepreneurs' protest the Government allowed functioning of the agro-food markets 2020-05-05 [KVPU]

Ukraine KVPU and Solidarumas held an online meeting on migrant workers protection 2020-05-05 [KVPU]

Ukraine KVPU Women’s Committee: Promoting Convention 190 and joining work on CEDAW alternative report 2020-04-23 [KVPU]

Ukraine The KVPU calls to respect labour rights and freedoms during curbing COVID-19 spread For more info 2020-04-17 []

Ukraine Journalists demand action and support from the government 2020-04-08 [IFJ]

Ukraine Worker Rights Experts Field COVID-19 Queries in Ukraine For more info 2020-04-01 [Solidarity Center]

Ukraine NPGU Newsletter: Tackling COVID-19 and ensuring labor rights 2020-03-31 []

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