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UK Asda under pressure as workers stage nationwide protests over new contract 2019-09-06 [City A.M.]

UK More than 1,800 vote to strike at Wilko 2019-09-06 [GMB]

UK Better perinatal mental health care and to suspend NHS charging for migrant women 2019-09-06 [RCM]

UK Whitehall department strike grows as workers demand living wage 2019-09-06 [Guardian ]

UK 'polfed' - 'surprised that police officers were used as a backdrop for a political speech in this way' 2019-09-06 [Guardian ]

UK Wider societal problems recognised as factor in fatalities 2019-09-06 [polfed]

UK Why I'm talking to white trade unionists about racism 2019-09-06 [Open Democracy]

UK On the trail of a ruthless slavery gang 2019-09-06 [BBC]

UK UK Ryanair pilots announce a further seven days of strikes 2019-09-05 [BALPA]

UK Rebuild unions or return to Poldark working conditions 2019-09-05 [TUC]

UK Scotland Trade Union GMB to protest against new contracts at Glasgow ASDA Govan 2019-09-05 [The Evening Times]

UK Ryanair pilots to strike for further seven days in row over pay 2019-09-05 [Guardian]

UK Northern Ireland Firefighters union in safety warning over job cuts 2019-09-05 [BBC]

UK Britain at risk of slipping back to 19th century working conditions, TUC warns 2019-09-05 [TUC]

UK RMT calls for safe staffing on trains and stations 2019-09-05 [RMT]

UK Big gate meetings to build for Royal Mail strike ballot 2019-09-04 [Socialist Worker]

UK Rolls Royce managers secure landmark agreement with Unite 2019-09-03 [Unite the union]

UK NUJ statement on the Labour Party's refusal to accredit a member for conference 2019-09-03 [NUJ]

UK No deal uncertainty strangling manufacturing warns Unite as output tumbles 2019-09-03 [Unite the union]

UK England 'No Way' To HS2 Delay - Cortes For more info 2019-09-03 [TSSA]

UK England Herts County Council highways workers vote to strike over new contracts 2019-09-03 [Bishop's Stortford Independent]

UK Northern Ireland Why workers seized the shipyard that built the Titanic 2019-09-02 [Now This News]

UK Mental health: a quarter of UK workers may be facing a breakdown 2019-09-02 [Yahoo]

UK England Disruption continues as South Western rail strike enters fourth day 2019-09-02 [The Guardian]

UK Halt move to transfer 1,000 staff at Frimley NHS to hived-off ‘tax avoiding’ company, says Unite 2019-09-02 [Unite the union]

UK Gordon Brown, GMB and food charity demand Govt reveals plans to stop no deal food crisis 2019-09-02 [GMB]

UK RMT justice for Mitie cleaners campaign gains political support 2019-09-02 [RMT]

UK 600 days since Carillion’s collapse hospitals remain unbuilt and guilty unpunished 2019-09-02 [Unite the union]

UK No Deal Travel Chaos Result of 'Economic Idiocy' 2019-09-02 [TSSA]

UK Unite will support Labour MPs who vote for a new Brexit deal 2019-09-02 [The Guardian]

UK British democracy is brought to its knees – cartoon 2019-09-01 [Guardian]

UK Below-inflation pay rises have left staff with 13% real-terms wage cut since 2010, says union 2019-09-01 [Guardian]

UK More trains cancelled as TSSA Industrial Action enters second weekend 2019-09-01 [TSSA]

UK England Greenwich council bosses to downgrade call-out service for vulnerable residents 2019-08-31 [Unite the union]

UK Strike action brewing at Ab-Inbev as workers demand fair share of flowing profits 2019-08-31 [Unite the union]

UK Anti-racism educational charity launches major nationwide fundraising event 2019-08-31 [Unite the union]

UK GMB responds to Health Foundation call for billions to fix social care 2019-08-31 [GMB]

UK The tyranny of hospital car parking charges 2019-08-31 [Unison]

UK England RMT members united and determined to protect passenger safety 2019-08-31 [RCN]

Ireland SMEs advised to prepare staff for Brexit layoffs 2019-08-30 [Irish Examiner]

UK TSSA leader warns of further rail chaos in Scotland this weekend 2019-08-30 [TSSA]

UK England Workers at Heathrow secure inflation beating pay deal 2019-08-29 [Unite the union]

UK Leaked document reveals government ‘concern’ over teaching assistants 2019-08-29 [Unison]

UK No-deal Brexit could 'devastate the NHS', health union leaders warn 2019-08-29 [TUC]

UK BALPA clarifies position following BA's claim of talks 2019-08-29 [BALPA]

UK Proroguing parliament is an attack on democracy 2019-08-29 [PCS]

UK This should send a chill down the spine of everyone who cares for democracy 2019-08-29 [Unison]

UK Gove: give us meeting with PM to protect 2.5m manufacturing jobs 2019-08-29 [GMB]

UK England Central and Victoria Lines strike action by Train Operators suspended 2019-08-29 [RMT]

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