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China Xi stresses importance of employment in poverty alleviation 2020-04-23 [chinadaily]

China Unemployment rate eases slightly in March to 5.9 percent 2020-04-18 [CLB]

China Documentary filmmaker arrested over subversion charges 2020-04-18 [IFJ]

China A spectre is haunting the West – the spectre of authoritarian capitalism 2020-04-16 [Opendemocracy]

China At least 19 killed fighting forest fire in Sichuan 2020-04-07 [CLB]

China Foreign teachers in China struggle to get paid 2020-04-07 [CLB]

China COVID-19 diaries from Wuhan: Looking for human connection in isolation 2020-04-04 [GlobalVoices]

China Chinese forest fire: Firefighters and guide killed in Sichuan blaze 2020-03-31 [BBC]

South Africa KwaZulu-Natal R20,000 bail for businessman who allegedly locked workers in mask factory 2020-03-30 [TimesLIVE]

China 83 major brands implicated in report on forced labour of ethnic minorities from Xinjiang assigned to factories across provinces 2020-03-25 [Business and Human Rights Resource Centre]

China Mission to Cambodia-a Country Fully Integrated by China 2020-03-19 [HKCTU]

China Roughly 5 million people lost their jobs in the first 2 months of 2020 2020-03-17 [CNBC]

China Women workers on the frontline in the battle against the coronavirus 2020-03-13 [CLB]

China Hubei set for a gradual return to work 2020-03-13 [CLB]

China The Bubble Revolution in Chinese Football: Lives at the Bottom of the League 2020-03-09 [HKCTU]

China Persistence under the Political Winter: Xiangzi and Heart Sanitation 2020-03-05 [HKCTU]

China China Labor Watch claims an iPhone worker at a Foxconn Dormitory committed suicide Yesterday, Foxconn refutes the location 2020-03-04 [Patently Apple]

China Think-tank report on Uighur labour in China lists global brands 2020-03-03 [Reuters/Daily Maverick]

China Hubei's labor union invests heavily to care for anti-epidemic personnel 2020-02-27 [Xinhua]

China Three Wall Street Journal reporters expelled 2020-02-24 [IFJ]

China Swedish journalists and publishers petition China for release of Gui Minhai 2020-02-24 [IFJ]

China Country staggers back to work amid continued coronavirus outbreak 2020-02-19 [CLB]

South Africa Post Office workers refuse to touch parcels from China amid coronavirus outbreak 2020-02-13 [Radio 702]

Korea (South) KHMWU in solidarity with Wuhan's health and medical workers 2020-02-11 [CINA]

China Citizen journalist missing in Wuhan after covering coronavirus 2020-02-11 [IFJ]

China Construction workers under pressure as more cities rush to build hospitals 2020-02-08 [CLB]

Hong Kong Medical Workers Stage Protest at Hospital Authority Offices 2020-02-07 [VOA]

Hong Kong 15th person tests positive for Wuhan coronavirus as hospital workers go on strike 2020-02-03 [Coconuts Hong Kong]

Hong Kong Hong Kong union calls strike to demand China border closure 2020-02-01 [Associated Press]

China Coronavirus freezes return of China’s legions of migrant workers 2020-02-01 [Financial Times]

Hong Kong Hong Kong hospital workers to strike in bid for closure of China borders 2020-02-01 [New York Post]

New Zealand E tu: safety of Air NZ Wuhan crew paramount 2020-01-31 [E tu union]

China Calls to set up a professional football players trade union 2020-01-23 [CLB]

China Coal mine accidents and deaths in China decline in 2019 2020-01-23 [CLB]

New Zealand Scammed Chinese workers promised fairness instead told to go-union 2020-01-21 [Radio New Zealand]

China Focus on hospital violence obscures basic problems of pay and working conditions 2020-01-13 [CLB]

UK Unions fear for 4,000 staff if Chinese company buys loss-making steelmaker 2020-01-10 [Guardian]

China China ends forced labour for sex workers 2019-12-29 [BBC]

China They Said #MeToo. Now They Are Being Sued. 2019-12-28 [The Times]

Korea (North) Rights Monitor Group Tracking 60,000 North Korean Workers in Northeastern China 2019-12-24 [Radio Free Asia]

China Tesco Christmas card contains cry for help from China prisoners who made it 2019-12-23 [Deutsche Welle]

China After report prison labour used for Christmas cards, U.K. retailer suspends Chinese supplier 2019-12-23 [CBC]

UK GMB responds to reports British Steel deal 'close to collapse' 2019-12-16 [GMB]

Hong Kong Situation for journalists continues to decline 2019-12-06 [IFJ]

China Shanxi coal mine explosion leaves 15 dead and nine injured 2019-11-25 [CLB]

China Government slams lack of safety training in high-risk industries 2019-11-25 [CLB]

Vietnam Understanding worker protests at Chinese enterprises in Vietnam 2019-11-11 [China Labour Bulletin]

New Zealand CTU concerned with 'upgrade' of China Free Trade Agreement 2019-11-05 [NZCTU-te Kauae Kamahi]

Hong Kong Chinese #MeToo journalist detained for reporting on Hong Kong protests 2019-10-25 [IFJ]

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